The Freedom to be Me

When I had my blogging break after Christmas, I used the time too for going through old posts and “renovate” them. I came across this one I posted in 2016. When I went through it, I got that feeling that it needs to be shared again. I hope the person(s) it is meant for will find some inspiration:

When we are born our being is so pure and clear. A little child simply is. When I think back I remember it so well that I often did not understand what others wanted from me. I just was. I loved to find out what is around me, getting lost in watching a butterfly or a bee, a flower or just getting lost in daydreams. I couldn’t understand why that was wrong but over time I was taught to be more concentrated on “reality”, not to dream but to get something achieved. And of course, that had to be things that others thought I had to achieve. Over time, I lost the sense of my inner lightness more and more but instead took over a personality I thought I had to have in order to fit into this system and in order to fulfill the high expectations of the people around me.

The voice within spoke to me again and again. It reminded me of the feeling I had and what I actually wanted to have. But I pushed it aside because it was in the way in order to fulfill my daily tasks. Following that voice would have meant breaking out of that all. But I did not consider that I was allowed or even able to change something. I hoped for conditions to change or for people to change in order to be allowed to live the life I want. I was the slave of my surrounding. Waiting for others to change means waiting forever. Because as long as you are fulfilling their expectations all is well for them. You need to change something.

But then there are the explanations why it is not possible: I have a job, I have a family, I have obligations, I have responsibility… Yes, you have! But that is not compulsorily in opposition to what you change. Freedom doesn’t mean not having any responsibility. In fact, it means taking responsibility for your life and not giving the responsibility for your life to other people’s hands. Because as soon as we say: “I cannot, because….” or “I have to, because….” then we shift the responsibility on to that “because”.

But we can change everything. We can! Perhaps we don’t want to or we don’t feel well in doing so, but we basically can! It is about finding ways to change something. Therefore, we need to get this power and confidence in ourselves back. The flame is still there. We only couldn’t see it because we closed the door but the flame has been there all the time.

You may be scared to open that door because you know exactly that getting that power back could mean dramatic changes all over. What we fear more than the gray fog we got stuck in for so long is the brightness and variety of colors we don’t know how to deal with. It is beautiful, something we actually yearn for, that breeze of fresh air but it scares us because it is new and unknown. That is the reason why it is even more important to feel that flame again. Once you feel it, all doubts disappear and you are filled with a power that makes you feel unbreakable, unstoppable, and unlimited. I am sure that you can feel it – maybe even right now. But you also feel it when you are relaxed and get some distance from your daily life. You can feel it when you sit at the ocean, on a mountain, watching a sunset, and your thoughts start to fade away while the flame inside grows higher.

This flame, that inner strong feeling has a creative and healing power. Whatever feeling you radiate has creative power. We are creating constantly through what we radiate. It is not the thoughts that create, it is the feeling. That is why all positive thinking has no effect as long as we don’t feel what we think. However, our thoughts can influence our feelings. A thought long enough thought becomes a belief. A belief often enough practiced and confirmed gets stored in our belief system. Whenever something happens in our life that fits a familiar thought/belief triggers a reflexive feeling. The energy of the feeling we radiate connects with the same energy in the outside world. That is why there needs to happen a conscious change inside in order to provoke constant changes in the outside world, the circumstances, life situations, and relationships, …. Change is a decision!

In order to change something, you need to feel who you want to be. You don’t need to know the whole story or the whole path. Just allow your dreams to surface again and go with them piece by piece, change by change and you will reveal your true self constantly. The more you reveal yourself the more developments will happen, the more motivated you become to stick to your being, the more opportunities you get to see, the more you get encouraged to grab them, the more convinced you become about yourself, and the more and the faster that revealing progresses which again shows more in your life of who you are. The better it gets, the better it gets. Once you made that first step into that colorful world you won’t ever go back anymore.

But you know what? Once you feel that power of yourself pulsing within you, you don’t need to bother about thoughts anymore. Because with every layer you take off of who you are not, you radiate more of who you are, and all that equals that You will connect in the outside world. It is a constant change according to your development that unveils the most beautiful secrets about yourself and life. Again:

The pre-condition for finding the life you want to live is to get to feel who you actually are!
The only person who can take or grant your freedom – are you!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Such a profound post Erika… I am delighted you re-shared this post again.. So much wisdom held here..
This paragraph caught my attention..
” Freedom doesn’t mean not having any responsibility. In fact, it means taking responsibility for your life and not giving the responsibility for your life to other people’s hands. Because as soon as we say: “I cannot, because….” or “I have to, because….” then we shift the responsibility on to that “because”. ”
For the most part Erika… the Human race has given away their freedoms.. by allowing power over them by others, instead of taking their own powerfulness to make their own choices .. We have been subliminally brain washed into thinking we are powerless, so we elect others to do so on our behalf.. Thinking ‘They’ have our best interests at heart. because we put them in those positions of power.. Because we have also been conditioned into the labelling and positions of power, and authority and station in life… Thinking THEY know best.. etc..
When in fact often ‘They’ do not have our best interests, only their own..

And when we suddenly wake up to that fact.. and desire our inherent rights of the freedom to be ourselves, with our own choices and values.. We suddenly find that those we put into those positions think they KNOW what is in our Interests, and make decisions on our behalf..

The moment we demand to make our own free choices,, we are suddenly their enemy, because they now have got used to Feeling so powerful they can do anything They wish..

This post is very relevant right now as we see the ordinary little ME.. suddenly realising that they have a Right to the Freedom To BE themselves…
Loads of gems within this post Erika…
Thank you ❤
Have a wonderful week my friend ❤
Much love and hugs ❤

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What you said here is so close to how I experienced the first four decades of my life. As long as I did what others expected me to do, and lived their opinions, and convictions, I thought I was respected. But actually, I was used for their own interests and to support their ego. Only when I began to distance myself from that attitude and dared to speak out my own opinion (which was a repeated act of immense courage after so many years of being taught differently), I received their respect. Then I radiated power and strength and without saying anything I was taken seriously for who I am.
Yes, this little ME that only knew to obey and please needed to reach its limits, stand with the back at the wall until only one way was left… forward. That’s when freedom begins…

Thank you so much for your amazing words, Sue. You don’t know how deep they reached. Sending you much love, my dear friend 💖

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Yes often when that Little ME stands in their own power and stands up for themselves.. its a shock to the system to those who have continually used their power to keep the Little ME down trodden to do their bidding…

It is time for the Little ME to return Erika… and many are now finding their feet and their voices and are beginning to discover their own inner strengths, as no longer are they willing to be Told what to do or over ridden in the process..
Interesting times… we are about to experience.. ❤ 🙂

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Those MEs are gathering more and more. The awakeing process is progressing. And, at least how I see and feel it, that is the reason why so many others are scared and use violence and destrction to keep their postion desperately… they know that the inevitable change is already happening 💖

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Goodness! I truly needed to read this post today. I have two words this year: Destinations, and Illumination. Each time I say them, I get this sense of change, peace, and coming home to me! I’m going to continue to peel back the layers. Thank you, Erika. Your post resonated deeply with me.

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And now I know why it was this one I had to share again…
Your intention is clear and straight. No matter what obstacles may show up to prove your direction, as long as you keep the path illuminated with your beautiful light, any destination will be a blessing. Much love to you, Mary 💖


Beautifully written Erika, a post from the heart, one that time will attest in our journey as we do dare to stand in our dreams and create those very steps. And we will dare those steps because that inner love sings those notes we want to follow, to find that place where our love awaits. It may feel daunting, it may feel hopeless, and on some days the sun shines even on cloudy days. But on that path something wonderful does happen, in understanding we let go so much, bit by bit gaining that understanding of which you speak, and slowly building those wings of freedom.
Great post dear lady, just as beautiful then as now. Always spreading your wings to show us the way home. Thank you for sharing 😀❤️🙏🏽

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Most of us tend to forget that freedom is not bound to places or people. It is an attitude, an understanding of the magnificence, uniquness, and power that we are following this life’s path to reach our personal targets.
Thank you so much for your comment, Mark. As always, I appreciate your deep thoughts a lot!

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I couldn’t agree more, dear Sis! We need to remind ourselves most of all when we think we are the least capable of feeling our inner universe 💖


Free spirited nature is the essence that runs through my veins and allows me to be who I am in my core. The more of us who can embrace this acceptance of ourselves the better our world can be, for everyone to share the love we hold inside. The ability to create, awakens the desire to embody experience which is how we remember who we truly are ❤️ dancing to this mantra today and always 💃🌠😊

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I am so delighted to see you coming over for reading this one. You are an example of self-liberation, Maria. And you know from your deepest core that freedom is a choice and decision one makes for themselves. Thank you so much for leaving such inspiring words that will encourage others to open up to themselves a bit more💖

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I absolutely do know this and it’s always a pleasure to share on your platform my dear❤️ May we all live our truth and be as free as can be✨️✨️✨️


I agree, even those who are aware of the fact that we are constantly creating are often caught in their own bubble until they wake up and burst it. Have a fantastic day, dear Jan 😃

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