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Your thoughts are an amazing tool to navigate your life. They are responsible for the way you perceive life, for your convictions, and the actions you take as a result. Your thoughts decide about peace or war, empathy or ignorance, about willingness or resistance. But the wonderful thing about thoughts is, that they are not self-acting. They are not independent personality that does what it wants. They are a part of your system and the ruler of that system are you! We are thinking thousands of thoughts every day. They come and go. They simply appear as a reflex.

During our busy days, we are not aware of what we are thinking. The thinking seems to simply happen and that makes us believe that our thoughts are a part of ourselves that we cannot control.

A little child is very aware of what it is thinking. It actually is only building up a thought frame. It is looking for truth, observes its surroundings, and mostly trusts what the most important persons in its surrounding tell it. Whatever it is that it is told will be stored in its system and combined with its observations and experiences. This way the child develops their own thinking pattern over time. The more it hears the same the deeper the thought sinks into its system. And when it sinks deep enough it is becoming a part of its belief system. Once we have stored something in our belief system it is like an automatic reminder. Whatever repeats in our life or when there are even signs of a repetition our belief system sends thoughts in a reflex that matches former experienced events in our life. This automatic system is responsible for repetitions in our life since we always think the same and act according to it. This again feeds our belief system. We think that we get confirmed for our beliefs but actually, we only feel the consequences of what we believe in. This is why some people are always victims, always get abused, and always complain to find the “wrong” spouse.

But the great thing about feeding our belief system is, that you can feed it with whatever YOU want. Whatever you store in there has been put in by YOU – consciously or unconsciously! The more conscious you choose your thoughts the more you are aware of the reflex of your thoughts.

I want to tell you an example of how I talked myself into a destructive characteristic. If you read my book I’m Free you already know that I have been full of fears and self-doubts. When I was 14 or 15 years old I was fostering those fears and doubts about myself. Since they showed up reflexively I believed even more what those thoughts told me. In my anxieties, I started to hide. I was also scared of talking about myself or saying something since I was afraid of being laughed at. I found a very “effective” tool. I pretended to be shy. I thought that when people notice that I am shy they leave me alone, might find it even cute, and respect that shyness. So I was hiding behind that shy profile. It worked well. It worked so well, that after a little while, I was so shy and even more scared than before. I believed that I was shy because I told myself long enough that I was. Later it was in the way of my social development and isolated me. It accompanied me for 25 years until I found out that I can choose the thoughts I want. I consciously changed my thoughts. This broke my thought patterns and resulted in a changed belief system.

Today I speak in front of audiences. I give interviews and travel around half of the globe by myself and I LOVE to communicate with others. Through transforming my belief system I got aware of the great value of the connection with the uniqueness of everyone.

I changed my thoughts and changes my perception. You look differently at people, situations, and circumstances. A changed perception – and if it is only one little aspect – makes you see something you did not see before. This leads to insights. You will start to review your attitudes (and therefore thoughts) to many other aspects of your life and your perception will change again. When you see more in life you all of a sudden have more choices and life becomes a supermarket of possibilities. You get the proof over and over again that life is ALWAYS more than you might think at the moment. Your belief system opens up to basically unlimited spaces because you know: Everything is possible!

Wherever you are at the moment; you can go wherever you want in the next one. Just observe your thoughts. Choose thoughts that match what you want and not what you don’t want. Jump off the train of stereotype thinking and create your individual trail by deliberately choosing what YOU want to think. You can do this at any moment and you can start right now!

In Love and Light!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Now I really feel inspired! What a splendid piece of writing. I felt like you were speaking to me directly! I still have those fears. I deal with them and move on. Little by little they are not as bad as they once were. Thank you, Erika.

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I am glad it went straight to your inside, Colleen. I think we all deal with those fears – at least at times, even when we are aware of it. Every situation is a new challenge and a possibility to apply what we might have learned and/or a way of learning.

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That is true. The more we experience the more confidence we gain. Your writing just spoke to me so much today. Thank you. ❤

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I am looking so forward to our time together… you have no idea! At the moment I am thinking about flying October 24th. But it is not scheduled yet. We will email when time gets closer.

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Love this post. It reflects the sincere and insightful thoughts. Whatever passes to our life, don’t reject. Accept it. Accept everything and every feeling. Allow yourself to be the home with the door opening :))

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Like you Erika, I have overcome many negatives/insecurities, a primary one being a stammer in which a “hard C” sound (as in carrot) could not easily be created. With a name like Colin, the issue is hopefully obvious.
The were other factors that were low self-esteem origin however, taking control of my thoughts (using talk-back/self-talk) and stepping outside my comfort zone helped.
Another big factor was simply acknowledging fallibility. I do make mistakes, but hopefully I learn from them. I do try pretty much anything once. If it works (like creating a Blog) it makes me happy and if it doesn’t work? Perhaps I should try again…. or perhaps there are some things that I simply cannot do (or do not have sufficient time to give it a chance =play piano!).
Any decision is followed by 120% effort! A good decision may end up amazing. A fair decision may end up good, and a questionable decision might just work.
I am in control of my emotions so I can choose to be happy … or not. I will never, ever, understand blaming the weather for a bad day. To start with the weather cannot accept responsibility, and we have no control over it. On a rainy, dismal, drizzly day, I can choose to be happy or I can choose to be miserable ……. it becomes my choice. It’s really not complicated but to be miserable because of something you have no control over seems rather pointless 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Don’t you want to take this comment and make a post of it? That’s amazing, what you wrote! It is all said! We need to take responsibility for our lives. We cannot blame anyone for how we feel because it is up to us what we let in and what we believe. Actually all of what you mentioned in your comment are chapters in my book. I was stunning reading your comment. Really, amazing. “We don’t fail, we make experiences” for example. I loved to read your comment. Thank you so much. It’s such a blessing to have you here, Collin.

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Yes, it really is amazing. We are having such a powerful tool at hands and mostly are not aware that we are able to direct it. The tought is the beginning. Thoughts affect feelings and emotions and they are moving us in the end.

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