The Magic of a Changed Perspective!

Lately, while mowing the lawn all of a sudden the engine of the mower started to sputter. I stopped and after seconds, it died. Great! I stand in the midst of the lawn not even done with half of it and my mower refuses to work. Now what to do, I am not an engineer. Trying to start it again failed. What could it be? Perhaps the spark plug. That was always the first thing I checked on my moped. I was used to cleaning or exchanging it and had no problem doing it by myself. OK, so I left the spot behind the mower and walked to the front seeing that the spark plug hung down loosely. No wonder, that the mower did not work and it was an easy task to simply plug it in. All worked perfectly again!

That made me think because it is such a perfect example of perspective. I could not see the loosened spark plug from the place where I am pushing the mower. I was only able to see it when I walked around. I did not even have to look beneath it. Walking around sufficed.

How often are we struggling with problems and looking out for a solution? But we don’t leave the place where we noticed the problem. We still look at the situation from the same perspective and only find the problem but nothing that could help us solve it. Only when we leave the position we are in and detach from the place where it occurred we can find inputs or even solutions.

I know, I used that quote quite some time already but it holds such a deep truth. As long as we are stuck with a view that only sees the problem we cannot see anything else. We need to detach from it, back off a bit, or walk around it. That not only shows so many more details about the situation itself but also liberates us from that chaining feeling of identifying with the problem. The problem may be part of your current life situation. But you are not the problem.

Actually, there isn’t even a problem. What makes a problem a problem? The label! We are quick in labeling things as a problem that don’t work out smoothly. But then again those are only happenings. We would never label something a problem that happens unexpectedly but brings joy. It is only the things that force us to step out of our comfort zone, right? But right those are the things that help us to not get stuck in our development. Those things keep us in motion and gain a lot of insights which in the end prepare us for the blessings in life. Blessings we couldn’t welcome without that preparation.

Perhaps it would even help when we stop calling things problems but for example Mind-Expander, Trailblazer, Life-Preparer… However you may call it, it causes a different power within you in order to take the challenge. When we call something a problem we see that big mountain rising in front of us. But when we call it a Tool to Success it makes us the mountain! 

I understand that sometimes it is not easy to see it that way when life really throws you off your feet. But then again, it doesn’t solve anything. It makes things even worse because you sink deeper and deeper into the problem. Even when you are not able to walk around it by yourself ask someone to guide you or at least to walk with you in asking them about their perspective. There are always ways to overcome it, to go through it, or to even dissolve it. You only might have not looked in that direction yet.

Sometimes issues don’t even exist. It is all a misunderstanding. But in keeping up our point of view, not trying to find out and getting stuck in our own opinion without knowing any further details only create issues. We can only find that out by leaving the place where we spotted the problem and walking around it. We need to leave the heavy energy of the problem and connect with the solution in order to be open to the solution. As soon as we detached from the problem the solution may appear quickly due to a changed perspective.

You are the mountain!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


“The problem may be part of your current life situation. But you are not the problem.” This is such a profound statement. Obviously, the real point followed with not labeling and the error in thinking when we do label things. However, this was the strongest statement to me, because I think it is easy to be hard on ourselves and take the blame for things, when sometimes or often, it is the situation – not the person. It is true, that a lot of situations we are in, can be looked at differently, and if we focus on the solution instead of the “problem”, only then can we step aside from our emotions and perspective to look at it more objectively. I’ve missed your blog, Erika. I’m happy to be back.

~ Karen

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Oh, Karen, welcome back! When I saw your water lily showing up, I smiled! It is so good to see you again. I agree, to me it is a very profound insight to understand that we are not our circumstances, we are only dealing with them. Cause if we were our circumstances then nothing would ever change, but it does. This insight stops identifying with – as you said it so well – our emotions and change the perspective. That was such an awesome comment, Karen! Feel strongly hugged 💖

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I will have to try this Erika, change my perspective on a number of things, take a new look, you are an inspiration! BTW, I have to wait to find you on someones post cause your address is not on your avatar and you dont come up in my reader or mail though I am following you. I am sorry if I come late to you! I adore your blog and always leave a bit happier than when I came. ❤

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Hmmm…. that is not funny, that my posts are not showing up on your reader. But such issues happen so often. There is a blog that doesn’t show up on my reader too. Don’t know what the cause is. Thank you for letting me know. And thank you so much for you kind words. In the end that is what I try to achieve that people are leaving a bit happier then when they came….. you saying this makes my day, Holly! Thank you so much…. same effect over here now 😊💖

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Wow, I feel honored that this means you consider my blog as popular! You made my day again! 😁 Thank you!
Yes, WP is challenging us over and over again. The thing is that there is no explanation for some issues!

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