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In Love and Light


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New Beginnings


A new year has begun

And here we stand

Looking into each other’s eyes

Eyes like windows to a new future

We don’t hear the noise around us

Fireworks reflecting in our smiles

An outlook of what we feel about the new year

No words needed

We are writing with invisible inks

The first page just opened up

But we already sign the last one

Because we know

That we will fill the pages together

And here we will stand again

Hand in hand

Thankful for what was

Excited about what is to be

Love knows no time

Love is


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In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

Break out

Visit my Zazzle Shop and get inspired by lots of daily items or gift ideas designed with my quotes!

In Love and Light

Breaking Out and Taking Action – The Later The More Difficult

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Last week I participated in the Three Day Quote Challenge. I picked “New Beginnings” for my challenge theme. It turned out as the inspiration for this post.

We all have times in life when not everything is roses. I always say that in the end, we need to look at the complete package. If it looks and feels good some less convenient parts are bearable or don’t weigh that much. It helps to gain the necessary energy and tolerance for remaining peaceful or for facing single challenges on the road. But if we get used to “overlook” the negative side, that positive attitude can become tricky. Read more ›



And Nothing Stays the Same


Have you ever felt that moment

When you lose connection

To all, you knew before

To all, you called perfection?


Your view on life is changing

The sun appears much brighter

Your problems lose their weight

Your eyes’ range becomes wider


There’s more about this world

There’s more about this life

There’s nothing such as dead ends

There’s only a new path


What makes me smile all day?

What gives my heart this light?

Even to climb a mountain

Seems like a joyful ride


An instant can change all

You thought what life could be

Have you ever felt that moment

When love has set you free?

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In Love and Light

Credits: www.white-ibiza.com|weheartit.com

#Haiku – Analogy of Changing Times


Migratory birds

A sign of confirmation

Follow your own path


Today a flock of 15 to 20 storks appeared from nowhere when I was about to leave my old apartment after I was done with all the cleaning. It was stunning to see those huge birds circling so close above me for at least 10 minutes.What a fitting metaphor at that very moment! Just had to share it.


In Love and Light

Don’t Excuse Your Purpose – Live It!


Do you know how healthy you are? No, that is not turning out as a post about healthy food. What I mean is, do you know how long you will be healthy, strong, able to approach your plans, visions, dreams? Do you know how much time you are given in this lifetime?
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Daily Kind Quote

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Visit my Zazzle Shop and get inspired by lots of daily items or gift ideas designed with my quotes!

In Love and Light

It is New Year’s Day – Every Day 🎆


It’s New Year’s Day and what a time

To think about our lives

To leave the past and pain behind

And for new things to strive


For every dream to realize

Will always be a way

So, don’t forget that you can start

Your life anew each day

In Love and Light!

Happy New Year 🎆


I want to thank you all for the kindness, compassion, support, love, comfort, inspiration, wisdom that is shared every single day. Whatever one of us shares is a blessing for everyone. It makes us think, strikes the necessary cords to stand up and get something going, confirms, or unites in the feeling that is created. We find and develop sides in ourselves we had not thought were there or we dare to open up to aspects of ourselves which were hidden for so long. Read more ›

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