Don’t Excuse Your Purpose – Live It!


Do you know how healthy you are? No, that is not turning out as a post about healthy food. What I mean is, do you know how long you will be healthy, strong, able to approach your plans, visions, dreams? Do you know how much time you are given in this lifetime?


There is this touching story about that man who caresses the beautiful silky nightgown of his wife which he just found in a drawer. She kept it untouched for special occasions to surprise him. In the end, she never wore them and he never saw it on her … We don’t know what happens in one year, heck, we don’t even know what happens in the next moment. That doesn’t mean that we need to panic and start hectically to accomplish everything at once. It shall simply say that we need to stop postponing things.

Yes, sometimes there are different priorities. But what I am talking about here are the things we could do but don’t. It is more convenient to find an excuse instead of making the effort to get something started. It can be out of a laziness. Very often it is out of a lack of self-esteem – the fear of failing, the fear of being questioned, the fear of being criticized. We use excuses like I am not smart enough, I am too old, I don’t have the time, I never did it before.


So what? If we never do something we never did before, then we never do anything at all! What is progress? It is evolving into something that wasn’t there before. We are here to evolve. That is the meaning of life. During life our bodies are developing, our minds are developing, our personalities are developing, and so shall develop the life we live!

We all have skills, talents, abilities, dreams. The combination of it all is what waits for you to be brought into the world or be developed within you. You are 70 and always dreamed of learning Mandarin? Do it!!! Don’t say, I am too old. What do you have to lose?


One of those excuses which make the least sense to me is to resign of something out of respectfulness of others. For example, parents who cannot let go of their children: “I cannot travel the world for one year because it would break my mother’s heart when I am gone for so long.” “I cannot accept that job because I had to move to another city which would hurt my parents.” I can get mad when I hear something like that. No parents are entitled to make their children feel guilty for living their own life. From day one on parents need to be aware of the fact that they raise their children in order to prepare them for THEIR life. A child has to be supported in finding its own way in this world.

It is your life. Don’t wait until you look back and realize that you don’t need excuses anymore because the opportunities have already gone. It is the worst thing I can imagine I could do to myself. Because in the end there is no one to blame but I myself.


Don’t be afraid of leaving your comfort zone and breaking out of your old life. You can never fail. Because whatever you do today brings you further than you were yesterday. Every insight is a step on the stairs of your personal evolution.

Wear those silky nightgowns and enjoy them. Make others smile simply with who you are. Enjoy your life in filling it with who you are and in expanding that person you are. You don’t know what the next day brings. Use the time you are given. Make this education, join this class, do something that you always wanted to do and take first steps towards it. Even if you don’t know how to accomplish it. There are people to ask, there are books to read, there is the internet. Rome wasn’t built in a day. There is no deadline. You only need to start and move forward step by step. Some steps are happening faster and easier, some need more time.


Entering this new world within your life will open up new options too. You will find even more fulfillment than you had ever imagined. All the new things you encounter leave something that inspires and shows you more things to explore. You will discover much more about yourself and you will feel as if life had just begun.

You have come into this world to live your purpose – in order to live a fulfilled life and in order to serve others with it at the same time. This life is a giving and receiving. Life is for living! We only live when we feel ourselves. We feel ourselves the best when we dilate our inner world into the outer world.

Fill your life with meaning and start today! 


In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.


When I hear people talk about the death of a friend, relative, neighbor etc., it is really interesting to hear how they are described. Common terms used would seem to be “very special”, “best friend”, “nicest person you could meet”, “would do anything for anybody”, “great role model”, “Great Dad” etc. etc. etc.
The deceased person was clearly appreciated and rightly so. I have to wonder though, how many times that person actually heard those flattering comments when they were alive?

I would like to think that I will be fondly remembered by many people for a variety of reasons, but it means so much more to me to know that I am appreciated now. Expressing those wonderful feelings is very nice at funerals, but they would mean so much more if the recipient of those feelings could have heard them while they were still alive.

In the context of this Post – don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today. Tomorrow may not present the opportunity.

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That is exactyl what I asked myself: How do I want to be remembered? And that are exactly the footprints I want to leave and see as long as I still produce them. I never want to regret a little thing but want to be able to say in every moment that I live!

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What another perfect piece of writing you have given us Erika . So true.. The older we get the more we see how time is rushing past us and our dreams are also rushing on by.

I have often put off things, saying oh we have plenty of time to do this or that.. It is not until something hits home that we come to realise there is no better time than now.. For NOW is all the time we have.

I put off so many things, giving in to excuse after excuse, And this is partly why I have been absent, from WP and the net.. I was spending far too much time on line, while other things I had promised myself took a back burner..

So my mental health came up and stopped me in my tracks for a time.. Rendering me to delve into my emotional self once again to see which layers I needed to remove.

I have never been afraid of moving from my comfort zone, I have done it often in my working career. But I never have put Self first.. I have believe it or not, always put others first, what they want to do and gone along with them..

Stepping back from WP and my blog even for this short time has been another learning curve to let go of guilt and put self-first.

I thought I would use my time to write, put my poems in order for a future publication.. But that got shelved and I painted.. And I slept and I slept..
Sometimes we need to just listen to our bodies and go with the flow.. I listened and just tried to heal a deep seated wound which events had brought to the surface..
I know my self-nurturing has brought me to a stronger brighter place than a few weeks ago..
But I take it one step at a time.. Making myself no promises..

So as your excellent post says, in its closing paragraphs, ” Entering this New World within your life will open up new options too”..
Indeed it has, showing me not to keep to a schedule , and that ‘life is for living’!. And that those friends who are real friends will be there for you come what may..

So My life is focusing more on my everyday world about me, rather than on my online world I enter.. Both are important parts of my life, and I have more real friends online if truth be known, than in my everyday real world.
So I am following my heart.. And going within to fill my life with meaning. As I learn to balance my inner and outer worlds in harmony.

Love and Blessings dearest Erika..
I loved my brief catch up today..
Sending Gratitude for all your wisdom and the help and healing you give out and bring into my own world..
Love Sue ❤ ❤ ❤

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Absolutely, Sue! I am glad you started putting things aside in order to focus more on what you feel has more priority during that time. I know how difficult it is to stop being online once we are so used to it and everybody is used to us, and also since we built up something beautiful we don’t want to see falling apart. But nothing, absolutely nothing, must ever make us a slave to our own creations.
Me separating from my husband which unfortunately includes my (almost all) grownup children has been a huge step out of my comfort zone since I started putting myself not on the end of the chain anymore – even though I might not be understood. Thank God the kids do. That was my only concern. Now that I am living on my own and still see my kids and have a fantastic relationship with them I don’t regret anything!
It was also a question I asked myself: Do you want to resign or do you want to live and what do you think and feel when you look back in 10 or 20 years?
We have a lot in common, don’t we?
Lots of love and hugs to you 💖💖

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