Breaking Out and Taking Action – The Later The More Difficult

Bildergebnis für moving on quote

Last week I participated in the Three Day Quote Challenge. I picked “New Beginnings” for my challenge theme. It turned out as the inspiration for this post.

We all have times in life when not everything is roses. I always say that in the end, we need to look at the complete package. If it looks and feels good some less convenient parts are bearable or don’t weigh that much. It helps to gain the necessary energy and tolerance for remaining peaceful or for facing single challenges on the road. But if we get used to “overlook” the negative side, that positive attitude can become tricky.

Bildergebnis für being misunderstood quote

It is good to have a positive view on life, on relationships, on the world. But that positive outlook can also be misinterpreted by others. Over time, stepping back and thinking that it is not worth the fight or resigning after you were not understood and not heard can make others think that you agree with their behavior. Even if you told them that you are not fine with how they are treating you, if you conform later anyway then it appears as if you confessed wordlessly that you were wrong. Although in reality, you only helped yourself and the whole situation by looking at everything from a higher perspective.

Bildergebnis für moving on quote

The tricky thing about this all is when it becomes a habit. The situations repeat, you speak up, you are not granted an ear or the effort to be understood, and in order to end the pain and lonely feeling of isolation, you step back again, look at the whole package and oppress your crying heart… over and over again. Until one day, you find out that the whole package has been withering for a long time already and you only painted over it in order to make yourself believe that all is well or that this is just a period after which all will change for the better. After a while the new color cannot cover the cracks of the old paint anymore and so you look closer.

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I would never change my positive outlook and rather risk to be hurt. Because even if hurt, I can still recognize the light at the end of the tunnel when even the tunnel leads in a different direction. So, the important thing is that once you notice the rotten smell you need to become aware of the fact that something has to change. When the sadness or stress about certain repeating incidents begin to influence your relationships, job, projects, daily life then don’t try to still cover them with beautiful colors or it will be even more difficult to see what really happens underneath the surface and you are not taken serious either.

Bildergebnis für being misunderstood quote

It can be a long way to understand that your will to co-operate was not appreciated but taken for granted. And the longer something went the more difficult it can be to realize this all and even to admit it to yourself. Some people know exactly what to do and take action right away. But to end something we put all our love, effort, and passion in it mostly needs a little. We are all individuals and so are our paths and the ways we walk our paths. So, if it is possible we should take the time we need. Rome wasn’t built in a day either. Small steps make it easier to know where and how far we want to go. Perhaps the first small steps already bring enough awareness and the direction of the path changes again or perhaps the direction gets confirmed. Don’t allow others to set you under pressure. If you are too slow for them, then it is up to them to take action themselves.

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Go with the flow, keep up your positive outlook, and know that you will arrive safely. Because every ending is also a new beginning. Whatever comes next can only improve the life you lived by then. You are wiser and with the steps you dared to take, you become stronger too. Nothing can hold you back from living the happiness you have always seen when you were taking a higher perspective. And nothing and no one is entitled to make you feel unhappy or guilty. Follow the light which can never extinguish as long as you keep the fire of your positive view burning.


In Love and Light



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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.


This is a very interesting set of thoughts and quotes, Erika. It is very true that you should not ignore the obvious and put yourself and your position in life in jeopardy by being over optimistic. Strangely enough, I posted a tanka poem for Colleen’s poetry challenge along these same lines just today.

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Erika, truly meaningful quotes. They each resonate. The MLK one reminds me of a Churchill one, “when walking through hell, the key is keep walking.” Have a great week. Keith

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