It’s Not In Wanting But In Feeling

Lately, I read this quote on Instagram. There is often a big misunderstanding of how the Law of attraction works since it runs contrary to rational thought. It means that you can have, do or be anything you want if you only imagine it. But there is one small point that can make all the difference. You got to keep your head out of the process. Or rather, you need to control the thinker. Because as long as you want something, you feel like not having it.

What we feel is a reaction to what we think. Often we are not aware that we think before we feel, but this is the case. Reactions to memories, to repetitive, familiar, or even new situations, are usually reflexive because of a pre-existing data storage in the brain. Those data are saved from former experiences, their consequences, and how we have incorporated them into our belief system. But it is the feeling that sends out the vibrations. These vibrations that we send out are most authentic because they reflect what we truly believe and are convinced of. Years ago, my best friend was in a significant transformation process. He was tired of his old life, struggling with anxiety, depression, and arguments with his ex-wife. He believed in the Law of Attraction, went to Jerry and Esther Hicks channeling Abraham, attended lectures by Wayne Dyer, and read countless books. But nothing changed. Actually, he kept getting confronted with the same things he no longer wanted in his life. That was because his thoughts were not open and inviting to what he wanted to attract, but were stubborn and forced. He was sending out vibes of lack instead of sending out the energy of the situation he wanted. He was impatient, which also blocked the flow of conditions to rearrange. And this is what Murphy is talking about in the quote in the headline. His desire was not a part of him, but something he wanted to achieve desperately. So he resonated with the belief that “he doesn’t have.” He was ready to give up on this whole idea of LoA and distanced himself from the exhausting pressure he put on himself. When that happened, he relaxed and let go of the compulsion. He became rather grateful for the life he already had and opened up more to life. It wasn’t long before the first signs of his dream still being alive began to sprout.

“Fake it till you make it” is a good way to achieve your goal, but it can be done slightly differently and even simplified. For example, think about planning your vacation. First, you know the destination (and you’re already excited about it). Then you go step by step forward. You plan how to get there and the route. You feel the joy of going there, and you begin to imagine all the things you would like to do there. Joy and anticipation increase even more. And that’s the crucial point. It’s as simple as this: Feel the anticipation. Then there is no doubt about the realization. Then you are vibrating in the desire that is no longer even a desire. When you are in anticipation, you are aware that something is about to happen that you are looking forward to. Being in anticipation aligns your mind and heart, making them go strong in the same direction. Then you combine conviction and enthusiasm that only sees the manifestation already realized.

So far, I’ve manifested a TV, unexpected gifts, supportive people, and even better eyesight by connecting with the joy of the end result. It’s just been fun to play with this newfound power. Still, I’m amazed every time I realize it has worked again. Of course, I’m not constantly running around thinking about manifesting this or that. In fact, I am more of a head person. So I often forget the power of active creation when I allow my busy life to take over. But when I am reminded of this power again, I am immediately attuned to the energy. So even though I am not consciously creating all the time, I still experience delightful things happening. Often, it is only in retrospect that I realize it was a strong desire somewhere in my heart that just found me. Since I have experienced the Law of Attraction working so often, I must have lost the inner conviction that something cannot happen. I must have lost the grip of doubt that created space for a free flow of anything good to come into my life. I open my arms and welcome all the blessings without any pressure, but (and here we are again) with patience. That must be why I win a lot more in raffles because I consider a win rather than being afraid of not winning or not believing in it at all. I have become a magnet for kindness and blessings to come my way. I am convinced it’s the openness that also lets me see possibilities and opportunities that were hidden before.

Absolutely nothing is impossible!
It is not more difficult to attract what we want than what we don’t want.
It just needs some adjustment of the inner compass
and the feeling of anticipation of the fulfillment of the desire.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.




That’s often the problem. The rational mind can be supportive up to a certain degree but at one point there is the risk of blockage. Thank you, Simon. I am glad it spoke to you.

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You always have great thought aboard, Erika! 😉 I fully agree with your explaination. I think the first important thing is to be content with what you have. Because you mention Instagram. This is arguably more of a grand dystopia. As I had read, many young people fall into misfortune because they believe what pictures pretend to be real. xx Michael

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That’s right, you can pretend to look like any way with the help of filters for example. Conentment is definitely THE foundation to let more flow into your life that you are content with. A good way to get there is gratitude. When you are grateful for whar you have you become content, and open up the gate for more things to be grateful for. Thank you for this thought, Michael!

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