Suffering Part 2 – What’s the Use?

Last week I re-posted Suffering Part 1 – The Torture In Our Head. I wrote that this kind of suffering has its origin in the way we think, that we interpret things in our own way, and hurt ourselves with truths which only exist in our heads. I also talked about the magic tool of getting still, listening to the wisdom of our hearts, and then align our thoughts with this inner knowing.

Actually, as children, we were used to listening to our hearts first and our thoughts did not really play an important role in that game. We perceived without judging anything and stored it in our minds. But when time went on we were taught HOW we had to perceive things, persons, happenings, ourselves, our life, our future. We were taught to be this or that way, behave this or that way, what is good or bad, and even what we prefer or dislike! But would have been within us already.

Over time, of course, we take those teachings over. We believe the more experienced people who mostly teach us that way out of their own conviction and in good faith. But it is their convictions, their beliefs, and part of their paths. I have children myself and I truly know how fast it happens that you put your own beliefs into your children in order to seemingly prepare them for life. So I don’t judge anybody about that. It is not easy when you are responsible for a little person you love with all your heart.

It even makes sense that we have to store some misunderstandings in order to discover our own truth. It is interesting that we don’t take over everything we are told. We are receptive to some teachings but resistant for others. To me, it is a proof that we only take what we need for our life’s path.

The things we take over but are not really fitting us will become a challenge over time. If we force ourselves to keep up something within us which actually works against us will cause dilemmas. Like I listed in part one we feel sadness, pain, fearful, torn apart, helpless, lost, ignored, dependent, punished, frustrated, depressed, physically ill,… We are suffering! And often we simply don’t know why. Because we think we do everything we are supposed to. Yes, perhaps supposed in the eyes of others but not in the way we are “constructed”.

Why do we suffer? Because (often unconsciously) we cannot agree inside with what is going on outside! Therefore when we suffer or simply feel a tension or resistance within us it shows that there is something we need to solve. If we did not feel a tension we would not notice that something isn’t well and therefore would get stuck in our development.  But the world keeps on turning whether we want it or not!

What’s the use now?

  • Discovering new aspects of ourselves.
  • Developing something new or improving something we would not have without the challenge.
  • Getting insights and a higher awareness of life and ourselves.
  • Walking our path the way we are supposed to in order to grow out of the old self and get ready for the next development.

In looking back we mostly understand why things happened. We comprehend the greater context and develop a belief that nothing is in vain, that everything is in perfect order, and whatever happens has the reason to create something new. We also understand that the solution always shows up when the time is ready. If we found out too early the effect of the lesson might get lost.

We have only learned something when we can feel it. It is not enough to know it in our heads. When we can feel it then it has become a part of our system. With this knowledge, we have gained awareness and live life with a higher awareness from that moment on. Things will change around us, develop new, lead to new connections, new situations, new circumstances which again result in new challenges. We are constantly growing. And our growing causes situations which support our growth.

Knowing about that makes us not turn away from our inner conflicts anymore but look at them and work them out. We know that we can never escape them. The sooner we face them the shorter the suffering and the faster the relief and insight.

In Love and Light!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Such wisdom.. Yes in hindsight looking back we often then come to understand the reasons for our hurdles and the lessons we gained on how we negotiated them ..
its hard.. given the tools we are brought up with, within our human mind set.. We are conditioned to see within a set of boxes.. and when they do not fit we dismiss them, or we challenge them because they do not conform within the corners of our thinking..
When you step outside the box.. And you go with the flow, seeing all things are related.. You then begin to see via a different perspective.. All things are in constant change.. Humans do not like change.. it makes them insecure.. we resist.. fear.. and this then restricts our growth..
So the challenges repeats.. The patterns like your image.. mirroring, reflecting, staring us in the face.. Yet we humans do not see..

The world at large is in repeat mode at the moment.. If we give way to our fears.. the repeats will keep the pattern in motion a while longer.. Yet in the future we will see why these challenges were needed to be faced..
I am seeing so many things much more clearer these days Erika.. And I keep meditating.. breathing deeper knowing this last act has to play itself out..

A wonderful piece of writing again my friend… thank you for sharing such wisdom through your thoughts..
I hope more read and come to understand.. The choice is all held within.. and its how we choose that stops the suffering.. ❤ xxx ❤

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You know, I appreciate your comment a lot, Sue! You have a way to let insights and wisdom just flow from heart to heart. Thank you so much for this profound and important comment. Yes, fighting the box does not help anyhing. Life happens outside the box and life is change. The challenge we chose to come here. I see what you mean when you say “repeat mode”. Yes, it feels like the needle got stuck in the record and it only needs a little impulse to get the song going! It is a paradox. We want to develop and we want to have diversification but we don’t want to change for it. Life around us shall do that for us… and that’s the lesson we need to learn that we need to change for the change we want to experience. And everyone needs to in their own way. A wondeful task we can fulfill together!
As you said, it is the path each one chooses that stops suffering. Thank you so much!! Lots of love to you, Sue 💖

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