The Blessing Of The Rabbit Hole

This post is inspired by a discussion I had going with Carisa of Sometimes Silver Linings Are Blue about the rabbit hole. Actually, it was more about the positive effects of that rabbit hole experience. Carisa thought it would make a topic for a post. I always love to discuss things with her. Carisa is a treasure box of experience and I honor and appreciate her a lot.


When we are falling down that proverbial rabbit hole we feel lost and helpless. It seems we cannot do anything about what happens in a particular situation. No control to keep things together or let them develop into the direction we wished. There are situations when we try desperately to keep the crumbling walls together. We try to glue together what we can but the crumbling happens much faster than we are gluing and what is meant to fall apart or to not happen will definitely fall apart. The only thing we can do is watching things happen.


I don’t say, we shall give up on something we believe in. But there comes the point when we simply accept that something is not meant to work out or to persist. That is the moment when we realize that we have no power over the happening. Maybe desperation or fear set in and…. we are falling down the rabbit hole.


But that rabbit hole is actually only the tunnel of awareness we have to cross. While we are falling deeper and deeper we are also sinking deeper into ourselves  – finally! We sink deeper into our own feelings. We are bathing within our sadness and just let it flow. It is dark down there. We feel lost and forgotten, misunderstood or as I said, helpless. We gave up trying to glue the ruins but sit crying between them. We are getting still.


In this state, we are more receptive to listen and to see for what we were blind and deaf before. We see helping hands which are reached out to us and we take them. Pride disappears and we appreciate it to be consoled. We experience compassion and that we matter. We hear words we did not hear before. Only in the darkness of that hole, we see the lights, which we did not realize before. Those are the moments when our perception changes and our horizon gets wider. Sometimes we even need to fall into the hole in order to meet and recognize people (or certain facets of them) we would not have met or recognized otherwise.


Those compassionate hands we meet might have experienced the same or similar things before. That’s why they understand. That’s why they reach out. That’s why they can give us the feeling of being not alone which mostly already stops our fall. We see that we are not the only ones struggling. We see that others made it through and that brings the belief back that we can make it too.

In such situations, we often find kindred spirits and make special friendships, connected through life’s magical paths. Mostly those encounters have a much deeper meaning and a greater purpose than we would expect in the beginning.


Think back in your life. The worst situations, the saddest time in your life, whom did you meet and what has arisen from it? When you feel yourself falling down that rabbit hole then try to be curious and aware. Whom will you meet? What solution will you find down there? What will you be given? For sure something profound will happen. There are no accidents in this perfectly organized universe!

Sometimes the cause for falling down that rabbit hole is only the crucial moment to make the fateful encounters or developments in our lives.


I thought this photo was so lovely since Carisa inspired and motivated me to that post.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.


Beautiful and Inspiring….you took me on a journey of awareness through your “Tunnel of Awareness”! It’s words like these that will be close when a rabbit hole appears…a nudge perhaps when I need it most. Appreciate!! xo

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Hi, Denise! These signs are appearing always at just the right moment. Although I already excpect it, it still amazes me how perfect this all works together. It means the most to me when I was allowed to be a messenger for such a sign. Thank you so much for telling me, Denise! Big hugs to you 💖


Thanks Erika….my propensity is to not trust…and I tend to ‘see’ afterwards so the little nudges help in allowing the signs and bringing more intent and awareness and it keeps me in the game and I find more compassion in the moment…I find it amazing too! Clearly your writing leads! Hugs back! Denise

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I understand. I think everybody has their own ways of dealing with that rabbit hole. It is about to learn what way works best for the individual. It is great how you explained your way. Wow, thank you, Denise! I appreciate that a lot! 💖


Hi, Kerry! Nice to meet you. Thank you for leaving your comment and sharing your experience. If you are already down there look around what you find. There is something! Something that is only found down there. I send you a big hug, Kerry 💖

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