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Did you ever watch the movie Matrix Reloaded? I watched it twice. But I did not get the meaning both times. Lately, it came up on television again. Next to talking to my son, him explaining to me some things about our world history (he is amazing at that), checking my phone for some comments, and other things around, I was not very focused on the movie… until Neo met the oracle. 

I started to get glued to the movie when he was led to the oracle, passing one world and emerging in a different world in order to meet that oracle. On their way, they were talking about all beings as programs, not as real existences. Then Neo met the oracle. After some conversation about choices, she offered him candy, and a little confused he asked: “Do I even have a choice?” She answered: “You already made your choice. You have come here to understand the choices you already made.”

Wow! I did not continue watching the movie. My mind started spinning. That statement blew me away. I began to link to what I believed in and questions came up like if we already made our choices, then what about our free will? But pretty quickly all the puzzle pieces fell into place.

“The program” is our life plan. It is the manuscript we chose for this lifetime. It contains how we look like, how our bodies are created, our limitations, our skills, our dreams, and our personalities. All are put together in order to make us walk one certain path which we did choose as an agreement for this incarnation. And yes, it is a program we are running. Since your real existence is spirit, what we see is part of the program which expires one day, but the spirit doesn’t.

I recently won a numerology reading on Hugh’s blog by the fantastic Beverley A. Young. I got her reading and I was blown away. I already knew about numerology but I was totally amazed at how exactly she could describe my being, my challenges, my dreams, and my path… really amazing. While reading it again, I thought again of “The Program”. It makes complete sense that the numbers and dates in our lives are codes written for our life’s program. When certain dates or data are reached things happen. Some people (other programs) are having access to your program. You can grant them access or even deny them. You can block them actually with your thoughts (settings). I think the only thing you cannot do, is empty the trash.

Now I come to that crucial subject: our choices and our free will. Is that opposing each other? No, not at all! It immediately was clear to me that this is about the difference and at the same time about the cooperation of Fate and Destiny. I wrote about it in my post Reincarnation and Karma. 

FATE is the choices we already made about the things we want to experience within this lifetime. Or it is what leads to reaching those experiences.  We don’t have a choice about them anymore. It makes the frame around our lives which keeps us on track.  It is the inevitable happenings, encounters, and developments we are passing. And yes, we wanted that before we incarnated. We saw this all from a much higher perspective before we came into this body. That is why we don’t understand so often why things happen to us or why we have to go through changes and challenges. That is what the oracle in the movie said about what we want to learn here: Understanding the choices (fate) we made.

We think life just happens but actually, it only delivers what we ordered. In our lives, we go from one choice to another and learn to understand them. At last, is about the journey not about the destination. The journey is what we can still choose. It is our decision how we walk from one choice to the other and the more we understand the smoother the journey will be. We might not understand all the choices immediately. But knowing about fate and the journey makes us accept that we don’t understand them right away and that there is an insight at the end. The journey will lead us there.

We stop refusing to move toward our choices. We stop cursing them. We start taking responsibility. This all makes the ride not only smoother but also brighter. We see more and want to see more. We get aligned with our program and go with it. And for sure, the path will be easier and less painful because we are not standing in the way anymore. The journey we walk and which we can choose freely is our DESTINY.

We all made choices, great choices. Choices for ourselves but also for others and all the choices are linked and perfectly programmed to show up at the perfect time. It confirms to me again that there are no coincidences in this perfectly organized universe. And it confirms to me that we mustn’t judge. We all have our programs and one program is never fully able to understand another program. But we can understand that it is that way and accept that fact. No program is more or less right or wrong. They all have their authorization and are needed to keep the system complete and working. And all the programs are coming from and returning to the same source.

Of course, there is a lot more about the movie Matrix Reloaded. I just wanted to point out that one subject. We have come here to understand the choices we already made. This sentence simply says it all. It totally makes sense to me and confirms what I believed about it and what I already wrote in my book and in my posts.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


I like the thinking here. Kinda funny to be thinking like it as it’s very similar to the belief in pre-destination. But of course it’s gaain all about perspectives.
This messes with my brain Erika x

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Great post, Erika! This post made me put on my thinking cap. I read a quote sometime back that said we wanted everything we decided on at one point. I guess this also means we’ve subconsciously thought or wanted things too? I believe that thoughts become things. That’s why you’re supposed to think and believe in positive things. They say bad things happen because you’re focused on those thoughts more. I don’t know maybe I’m not on the same subject as you. I really like the Nelson Mandela quote you included.

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In the end it is all connected. I believe that our destiny (the way towards our already made choices – fate) is depending on how we look at life, at others, at ourselves – ast you say, the way we think. How open are we to go with life, to take chances, to see the chances, to see the blessings… that is what I would label as the free will. Since our fate is defined it is all the same which decisions we make when we have to make any. Because this or that way we will arrive at our destination. The question again is only which path we choose to get there. Yes, I believe that the way we think defines how hard or smooth the path will appear to us. Great thoughts, Lisa! Thank you very much for taking the time in the middle of the night! 😘

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Wow this is so deep, I love it! I love to read stuff like this sometimes, it’s interesting! Today was a perfect time to read it! I have a lot of things on my mind! My problem is that I sometimes think too much and I can’t shut down my brain! Lol. It’s almost 1 a.m. here. Good morning! 😊 Thank you for sharing this post, Erika! I also think a big part of our life journey are the people in our lives. Every person in your life is or was there for a reason/chapter in your life. As we all know, some are meant to stay while others aren’t. This is one of the hardest lessons to learn in my opinion.

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Yes, exactly! All the life plans are connected. It is one amazing plan. There are no accidents. Each encounter has its meaning! Some we understand, some we don’t. But there are no accidents. Also the most loving souls so often provide themselves for our hardest lessons. Not beause they are mean, but because the love is so huge to grant us the experience.
I totally get you with not being able to stop thinking… same over here…. lol. The maze of thouths… haha! I hope you cans sleep soon, Lisa! I appreciate your comment so much. What fantastic adds!

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You’re right about the loving souls. I think it finally makes sense on why my ex best friend didn’t stay in my life. Also, why I didn’t end up with someone else. I’m trying not to blame myself too much. I know some but not all was my fault. I’ve accepted that they aren’t coming back. I cherish the good memories from time to time. I’m starting to forget who they were.

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I haven’t seen that movie and you have given me one beautiful sentiment which is enticing me into watching it (and Reeves is easy on the eye). And this is strange… I have been looking at some of my major milestones and cannot help thinking that there is a common link of fate to all of them. They are related even when they are not. I cannot explain… maybe I will try writing about it in detail in a post.

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When we step back and look at our life or what lies behind, so much of the journey makes sense and so much simply feels like a memory. I had a huge reminder last year of what I choose for this life. It was like a memory of a long forgotten plan when it happened. Awesome! Oh, and yes….. I love Keanu Reeves…. 😍

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