Would I do it again?


Sharing a post from two years ago today:

I am at a point in my life where I find myself at the best place I have ever been. But that is not everything. I find myself at a place where I see that what I believed about life, what I felt for decades in my heart is about to manifest. I perceive myself as a wanderer who lost the compass, then after a while found her direction, and is now standing in front of that path again she recognizes as the path she knew all her life. Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

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In Love and Light


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The Love Planner


The moment when we met

I felt there’s something in the air

It took me long to understand

That it was love, already shared Read more ›


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Together again


There must have been some magic

Or was it simply fate?

Did someone up above

In the past make a mistake?

  Read more ›



And Now There’s You


For years I waited for someone

To share my heart and soul

To feel the love, I have to give,

Will make that someone whole Read more ›



A Moment Can Change Everything


When love happens

Love happens, they say

A look in your eyes

And my heart knew right away Read more ›

In The End, We Are Doing It For Us Anyway…

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It is often said – and I said it too – that we should not do what we do in order to impress others or in order to prove something to others but we should do it because WE want it. The other day, I heard an interesting interview with a very successful Austrian children-book author who sold over 40 millions of books worldwide. He said when he started his career his motivation to succeed was on one hand to manifest his vision but the motivation to do it was to prove the skeptics wrong. Once that was done he only did it because he wanted it to do. That made me rethink my former opinion. Read more ›



The Rose


She is like a rose

For too long her buds were tightly closed

Protecting the vulnerable petals

From hurting, humiliation, offending

No one could see the rivers flowing inside

Which she cried in many lonely hours Read more ›



Somewhere out there


I had a dream, I met you there

Not knowing who you are

But felt your soul so evident

A feeling so familiar Read more ›



Incarnate Dream


From that moment we got in touch

A voice inside me said

He feels familiar, don’t be afraid!

It was the voice of fate Read more ›

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