In The End, We Are Doing It For Us Anyway…

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It is often said – and I said it too – that we should not do what we do in order to impress others or in order to prove something to others but we should do it because WE want it. The other day, I heard an interesting interview with a very successful Austrian children-book author who sold over 40 millions of books worldwide. He said when he started his career his motivation to succeed was on one hand to manifest his vision but the motivation to do it was to prove the skeptics wrong. Once that was done he only did it because he wanted it to do. That made me rethink my former opinion.


Each one of us has an individual program for their lifetime. There are those specific stations we will pass, specific experiences we will make, particular people we will meet, and there are tasks we are supposed to fulfill. We will reach some of those stations at a specific time and some once we are ready for them due to life’s preparations and how we go along with its challenges and lessons. (Here I could continue again with the difference between fate and destiny. Just in a nutshell: fate is what we are meant to experience, encounter, achieve (good or bad) as the pillars of this life program and destiny is the way we create to get from one to the other and how we deal with them.) That means that when I have it in my plan, I will become an author and due to my lifestyle and the composition of my being, I will receive the impulses and the corresponding support (challenges, hints, pushes,…) to keep up the direction and definitely reach my goal.


No child likes going to the doctor’s. So what if it fights it tooth and nail to come along or when it is obviously full of fear? It will be promised a treat after all is done even if that treat has nothing to do with the appointment. In that moment it doesn’t matter because the priority is in passing that examination – whatever motivation helps. The mother knows the importance of the visit and that nothing bad will happen to the child but the child doesn’t. Hopefully, the experience was a good one and the doctor was nice and the child saw that it worried about nothing which helps for the next appointment. Later, when the child has gotten older and understands the reason behind those doctor visits, it may still don’t like going there but it does it because of its real purpose behind.


I think we all experienced that we were forced to do things we actually didn’t feel like doing when we were called to. Even though we did not understand the purpose behind there was a motivation that kept us going. Sometimes it was in order to impress others or it was to do someone a favor or it was to prove that you can even though everyone disagreed. I believe that no matter why you did it there was a reason that you needed to do it in order to learn something important for later. It can even be that you were behind your life plan’s schedule and you needed a crash course…. lol! Sometimes we don’t even notice that some abilities we gained that way are flowing into what we are doing naturally today. But in reflecting where we are today and what brought us here we will realize it.


Yes, I think that whatever is the motivation which gets you going to make more of your life and to extend your own field doesn’t matter since all you do are steps to fulfill your personal life’s picture. And even if you have to do something you cannot avoid, find something that gives you the necessary kick to hang in. Once you are through you might stand at the threshold of a big insight. Maybe only then, you find your purpose or all of a sudden you lost your fear to go for it because you already proved (yourself) that you can! Sometimes the help of the ego’s stubbornness can be a powerful tool 😉

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This is so true – Perhaps we don’t always see the reason why which blinds us to be thankful and accept where we are at the moment. In retrospective though, we will never change it. Thank you for this thoughtful post 🙂

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I like that you said this “we don’t always see the reason why which blinds us to be thankful and accept where we are at the moment.” Realizing that is such a deep insight that helps us experiencing future challenges in a different way! Thank you very much, Prajakta. I always appreciate your comments a lot!


Interesting thoughts here, Erika. If we are not driven by our own motivation, we will never get the desired results. We can start out by caring about other opinions, driven by skepticism, or proving our value to someone we respect, but that will only take us so far. To get what is right for us, we need to be our own driving force. Another valuable Monday post. You are good at this !

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Great quote and very good illustrated – i like the last picture. In many situation the (self)motivation is the power to step up, it doesn’t matter which initial spark lighted the fire.

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