Mind And Soul – Buddies For A Lifetime

Lately, I read a post of Amanda’s. She wrote a letter to a close friend who is distancing from her while in serious struggles. Amanda reached a point where she needed to let her friend just go her way which is a big insight to accept. At times we simply have to let others find their way even when we see that they are hitting the wall again and again. What are words of use when they are not heard? And what is heard words of use when they are not felt?

Sure, we want to protect our loved ones and see them happy and smiling. But everybody stands in their own shoes and nobody knows about another one why they walk in this or that direction. Often we can simply be there, waiting in the background with open arms.

We all have a red line that leads us from birth to death. It leads us along all the experiences and encounters and is the program for our unique life. How we follow that red line is up to us. But life will always take care that we don’t leave that line. The more we struggle with something the more we are distancing ourselves from that red line. Our self, our heart, our soul – however you want to name it – is in tune with that life plan. It knows exactly where the path leads. It is that inner knowing or that gut feeling we cannot prove. Our minds will call us irrational. But some things in life are simply impossible for the mind to judge or to know because it only has its wisdom from past experiences in this lifetime. But the soul always sees the bigger picture.

One of the lessons to learn in this physical life is to understand that there are two forces at work: The mind and the soul. Feelings are the crucial factor that eventually defines the way we move through life and how we perceive it. As long as we just let the feelings flow without judging them we are in tune and in communication with our soul. But our feelings are influenced by the voice of our mind: The thoughts. Our thoughts are mostly reflexes of our belief system. It is nurtured from repeated thoughts in the past, put together with influences from outside, our experiences, and how we perceived them (based on a former belief system). So our belief system is uniquely subjective. It can impossibly see the bigger picture as long as it claims to be omniscient.

The soul alone is not able to make it through this physical lifetime without the mind either. Where would be the use of incarnating? We want to experience ourselves, we want to learn from the laws of duality. We want to feel life in its depth – at least we did want it before we came here. Now we need to let loose of clinging to the mind’s wisdom when it comes to our life plan, to major decisions. That is why it is often said that the right path is not always the easier one. The soul knows where we planned to arrive. Our own development and the changes in our personal and in our perception are necessary to keep up with that plan. That comes along with inevitable changes. We often don’t understand why because many changes happen out of the blue and feel not only confusing but heavily challenging. They can bring us to our limits but only in order to learn or develop something that keeps us on track or leads us back to the path.

Knowing about this we need to silence the mind in order to feel our soul, to hear the voice of our Self. It is the feeling that empowers and motivates me to hang in and move on. It is now to align our thoughts with this feeling. The power of our thoughts combined with the wisdom of our soul is an unstoppable team. It makes it through all the thorn bushes we might have gotten stuck when lost the path. It makes it through all the changes much quicker and smoother and with a higher perspective. It makes it through life with the power of love and the strength of a peaceful warrior. It is a step-by-step walk in a state of awareness. There is a word for that:

Of course, barely anyone is constantly in that state. When life happens we are often thrown into a black hole first. It is then to remember and to realign when noticed that we lost ground.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Yes, exactly! We all have a connection that encompasses us all and I agree that humanity is that link to one another. Thank you very much, Kim! I appreciate it a lot that you read that post! Big hugs πŸ’–

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Some choice lines that hit home Erika! I have often been lost in such relationships always unsure, always second guessing. I am nowhere close to home, but well I know how it looks like. And it is enough for now.

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It can be frustrating when it breaks the heart watching others suffer but always hitting a wall. At one point it simply needs acceptance that it is the path they chose and it is a great lesson learned too to let them walk it. That is what unconditinal love is about. Thank you very much, Prajakta πŸ’–

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