Reincarnation and Karma

Whenever people talk about karma they usually mean something bad, that follows and bothers them. If someone has to suffer from a bad disease, is bad lucky all the time or even “struck by fate” some people explain it with “bad karma”. They see it like a punishment of something caused in a former life and now the person has to face it again and again. Some also talk about “good karma” which means you get rewarded for the good things you did in a former life.


I believe neither in good nor in bad karma. And neither are we punished in any life for anything we did in a former life. As I wrote in my former post “What is the reason we incarnate?”, we incarnate because we want to experience ourselves in a physical body with all it comes with. We learn much better in the world of opposites and we want to practice what we already know in theory. That’s why we come here. For each lifetime we set some certain goals we want to achieve, certain experiences we want to make, and certain lessons we want to learn. If we did not finish something in one incarnation it is still on our To-Do-list. But what we want to check off from our list is always up to us. When we plan our next incarnation we chose what we want to deal with from that list, what we want to experience new, and what we postpone for another incarnation. We already had so many life times. We can impossibly include all unfinished or unsatisfying projects in one single life time.


Whatever we have to go through in a physical life is our choice. I have to be more specific here: We choose the goal and the experience. But how we reach these goals and experiences is up to us and depends on how we walk through life. This is also my way of explaining fate and destiny:

Fate is the  goal or experience we set for an incarnation. It will happen and everything will be done and provided for us to accomplish it – we cannot change fate, once incarnated. Destiny is the path to fate. It is the way we deal with life and our experiences, and how we reach our goals. Destiny the result of how we look at life and therefore up to us. It’s part of our life’s journey.


For our incarnation we also chose our parents, children, our friends and all the people who play important roles. Although we don’t chose everything that happens in our lives deliberately it is a part of the support for achieving our goals. Everything is put in a perfect order and therefore one event is serving several incarnated souls.


On example for that is the sudden death of my father. My father died unexpectedly at the age of 65. My mom has had to deal with the loss, to get her life reorganized and everything he left back. My sisters and I lost our father, his grandkids lost their grandpa. It influenced the employees of his company. Some had to look for another job while others had to deal with a different leadership. It influenced everybody my father was in touch with and all of them had to deal with his death in a different way in their lives. But everybody learned and developed something of it which was meant right for this person. We don’t have control over anything outside of us. We only have control over our thoughts and feelings which make us act and react in a certain way. Therefore we need happenings which we cannot control. They are keeping our development in motion. Without them we would get stuck and not be able to develop certain abilities or characteristics which are necessary to reach the goals on behalf of which we have incarnated. We don’t want to understand it when life is challenging us. But knowing that everything happens for a reason makes it easier to face and walk through the situation in order to find out what’s the blessing behind.


Being here is not a punishment. It is the opportunity to experience a physical life. We only have problems to accept it once we are in this physical body. But before and after we realize that it is not our real existence and that nothing can ever harm us. We even get the opportunity to come back again and again – and we do it! When a woman wants children, her focus lies on the child in first place and not on the pregnancy or birth. When it comes to birth of course she thinks she would never ever get pregnant anymore. But once the child is born and some time has passed, labor pain is not the central subject anymore but the joy of the new family member. It is the same when we plan another incarnation. It is about the greater context, the experience, the high after the low, the light after the dark, the love after the isolation.

I am so happy to be here and I enjoy every moment in its being. I am happy that I have the chance to make this my best life ever!

In Love and Light!


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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.


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A thought provoking post, Erika !!! We believe in Karma the most .As per Hindu Philosophy, the term Karma means “Action.” Any action that we commit is called Karma.The word “Karma” has a much greater significance as per Hindu Philosophy. All the sorrows and happiness are a result of our karma in our past life. There are three types of karma: karma from past lives that may or may not be experienced in the present lifetime, karma currently being created, and future karma or karmic experiences saved for a future lifetime. We can speak more about it. But it is to be realized than to be explained. Thanks for reminding my birth purpose and wish to dissolve all my Karmas in this birth itself.


Karma is thought of by different people in different ways… I’m not sure how much I believe in it, as a ‘karma will come back and bite you in the butt’ kinda way but I do believe in ‘as your sow, so shall you reap’ so I always try n do right!!!!!!

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In my opinion, karma is the ancient strategy for people who can accuse of karma as the cause of all things happening to them. Again, they have thrown the responsibility to Karma for long times. We could stop this and bring ourselves back to the present.

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You have touched and shaken the stillness of the water.
How the water reacts we know.
It goes whirling, it tends to come back, it goes away, it makes multiple designs all that is very interesting to see.
The same way the subject you have tackled is Interesting, Controversial and Contradictory.
These are things which are so in itself.
So whatever you have felt and written is correct and needs to be done some spade work.
The spade work is again individual skill.
This much I can say for now!
Love to You!

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Erika, I have been a believer that Karma is a way to describe enhanced awareness. People who are in tune with what is going on around them will see more opportunities to investigate than others who don’t. A good example is people who engage in conversation with strangers while waiting will learn more things than someone who does not. They will seize upon this new knowledge and their Karma will lead them to a new path of discovery. At least that is what makes it understandable to me. May we all shine on, Keith

PS – my closing comment come from a apropos John Lennon song.

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That is a very good description about “Karma”. I just don’t call this Karma anymore. As you say: Enhanced awareness. Learning from life through cause and effect. I see it that way.
I will keep on shining…. no other way… haha! Thank you, Keith! Have a wonderful day 🙂


Sis awesome post. What is karma but luck. What is luck but fate. What is fate but a product of destiny and what is destiny but the path we chose to follow☺

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