Be The Wind And Not The Boat!

It is five years ago that I wrote the following post. I think, reminding ourselves that it is in our own hands to direct our destiny fits well for the first Monday post of this new year. 

Lately, I had a discussion with my youngest son about receiving respect and being taken seriously by others regarding the constant competition between him and his older brother. For a teenager, there is a lot to cope with, for example, the changes that happen to your body, and at the same time to your developing confused mind. Then there is the pressure of school and the decisions about what to do after (another school, apprenticeship,…) which goes along with the challenge of getting an apprenticeship place. A lot to deal with that life brings naturally.

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Daily Kind Quote – 5071

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In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote – 5036

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In Love and Light

Life is for the Living

Today I am addressing a topic I recently discussed with a friend. Some people celebrate life, and some almost feel guilty for doing it. Feeling guilty about enjoying life can be for various reasons, such as having someone close taken from them, having caused unhappiness, pain, or loss to others (even if it wasn’t intentional), having failed, and feeling ashamed.

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Daily Kind Quote

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In Love and Light

The Brighter The Light – The Darker The Shadows

We all have our dark spots, subtle emotions that show up in certain situations, inner resistance, old wounds that reopen, scars that keep us stuck in a past situation. As I said before, we absolutely cannot ignore them and sweep them under the rug. Just because I don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t still there. But we must be careful not to look only into the abyss of the soul. That is the same misunderstanding as ignoring them.

There may be times, when the past catches up with us, and it seems that for a long time, we have only these dark shadows around us. We can’t see the light. But the explanation is actually quite simple. Imagine taking a photo of an object that is in front of the sun. It will appear completely dark because of the backlight. You are actually taking a picture of its shadow. If we focus only on the shadows, we miss the fact that there must be a lot of light behind them. The darker these shadows appear, the brighter the light behind them.

As soon as you realize that you ARE the light, the obstacles you are working through lose their dark color because you shine ON them. Then they are just obstacles to be overcome. With this attitude, you begin to see them as tasks on the journey, but not as obstacles that keep you from your journey. Again, you stop resisting and start accepting. You go from “Why me?” to “Let’s go!”.

Keep in mind that no matter how many dark potholes you may fall into, you will always be caught by the power of your soul. It knows the way, and its light will let you find the way to get back to the surface, just as you need it. Your life is not meant to be dark, and you are not meant to believe that. It is your strong soul that is determined to resolve as much of the past as possible. Only the strongest are confronted with the darkest shadows. There is so much love in them that keeps them going, that makes them stand up and gives them the courage and determination to go on. And those are the ones who encourage so many others to do the same. Beceause we can!

When you feel like looking into a dark hole
then remember that your light must shine the brightest.

Continue the journey and know
that your light will always attract light
to accompany you on the way.
I honor you for the wonderful soul you are.

In Love and Light

Sequels and Progress

Lately, I am digging into working myself through karma. There is quite a lot in motion in my life that provokes me to look back in my incarnation history. It is so amazing how many links I can draw to relationships, my own attitudes or blockages, and the karmic laws. I know, this is something many are a bit scared of since they are afraid of what they could find when looking into one of the many previous lives. Yes, I was quite a bad guy but a blessing as well. As I wrote about two weeks ago, we are going through all kinds of roles in our different incarnations. We build up karma, and we solve it again. By going through hard times, suffering from repeated disappointments, humiliation, or resentments can be an indicator that we are about to resolve a not that nice part from a past life.

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Acceptance is the Way to Healing

Life is amazing. All life is amazing. All lives in all lives are amazing. Last week I touched on the great field of karma. It forces us to clean out the attic of our soul and leads us to the awareness of who we are. When we understand the principle of karma, it is not even that necessary to know the origin of blocking feelings within us or the burdening circumstances around us. Just perceiving what triggers the feelings over and over again is the clue that we may need to experience what we once did and what we need to balance and resolve by living through the emotions we once may have caused in others. Knowing this helps to accept. Acceptance removes the resistance. We allow the pain to surface, look at it, and then let it go.

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Karmic Revelation

Only one embrace
Lasted a little too long
Energies merged

Memories and feelings return
Feels like coming home

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What Goes Around Comes Around

I don’t think there is anyone who has never faced challenges, whether they were self-imposed or triggered by something or someone outside – actually, they are always self-imposed, but we’ll get to that later. Also, a challenge to me does not equal a challenge to you. If I’ve ordered a meal and it’s only lukewarm when it’s served, I can make a big drama out of it, politely ask for it to be warmed up, or I can just think, “So what.” A problem is only a problem if I call it a problem. It’s subjective. So, when something is triggered in me to create the image of a problem, it always has to do with me.

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Who But I Is Entitled To Tell Me Who To Be?

waynedyer1-2x.jpgEverybody has their dark spots, their quirks, their challenges, their achievements, their successes, their joys, and their weak spots. Some people act in their quirks and with that can hit another person’s weak spot. Sometimes it is not even easy to say what exactly it was that brought inner turmoil to the other one. It may be a change in the energy of the counterpart which makes the said things feel differently. And maybe only those two persons feel it. Now, what to do? Read more ›

Be The Wind And Not The Boat!


I often wrote about the fact that how we present ourselves our surrounding will answer. Lately, I had a discussion with my youngest son about receiving respect and being taken serious by others. As teenagers, there is a lot to cope with, like the changes that happen to your body and at the same time to your developing confused mind. Then there is the growing pressure of school and the decisions what to do after (school, apprenticeship,…) which goes along with the challenge of getting a place. A lot of pressure that life brings naturally.


And then there is the homemade pressure like the competition under each other: who is the coolest, who is the smartest? This again results in offending each other. At one point, it was one offense too much and the one who is not able to bear it anymore freaks out or is deeply hurt. On the outside, they appear cool and sublime but in fact, it is very painful for and still, they try to stand tall and keep trying to top their counterpart… until that last straw breaks the camel’s back. Crazy how we torture ourselves!

quote-posters_16561-1.pngThis is definitely not a particular teenager problem. Don’t we all want to be respected for who we are? Don’t we all want to be taken serious without fighting for it? Often it seems impossible when we have to deal with people in our family or at work who don’t care about that need but only enjoy being on top of everyone and making others feel smaller just because they can! I even dare to say that they mostly don’t do it on purpose. It happens naturally because the others try to get more respect in joining the game of the dominant persons which provokes them to keep up their behavior.


If we want respect we need to play our own game. Every action causes a reaction. If we are not happy with the reaction of our counterpart we need to change our own actions and reactions. I said to my son, if you want to stop your brother in telling you how dumb you are, then stop telling him how dumb he is or he will keep up proving that you are dumber! And unfortunately, rhetoric and finding arguments are his strength. So you won’t win that battle. Instead, make him a compliment and see what happens next. There is nothing he will say against it AND why should he say something mean to you since you said something honestly nice to him? That way you take the wind out of his sails.


If you want to be respected, then respect others. If you want to be taken serious, then take others serious. When everyone is used to those “games” for a long time already and they happen reflexively, it might take a little. But it has an effect from the first moment on. When we keep up our changed attitude and react differently or don’t react at all a change will happen. The funny thing is that the other one might not even notice that the wind blows fchange.


If we notice people bothering us over and over again, it doesn’t make sense to act like they do and at the same time hope that they will stop their behavior. Either we tell them (as I said, often they don’t mean it because they didn’t notice that their behavior is offending) and/or we work the switches in sending out different signals. In the end, who is the winner? The one who adjusts the sails or the one who blows into them?


In Love and Light

Reincarnation and Karma

Whenever people talk about karma they usually mean something bad, that follows and bothers them. If someone has to suffer from a bad disease, is bad lucky all the time or even “struck by fate” some people explain it with “bad karma”. They see it like a punishment of something caused in a former life and now the person has to face it again and again. Some also talk about “good karma” which means you get rewarded for the good things you did in a former life. Read more ›

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