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Lately, I am digging into working myself through karma. There is quite a lot in motion in my life that provokes me to look back in my incarnation history. It is so amazing how many links I can draw to relationships, my own attitudes or blockages, and the karmic laws. I know, this is something many are a bit scared of since they are afraid of what they could find when looking into one of the many previous lives. Yes, I was quite a bad guy but a blessing as well. As I wrote about two weeks ago, we are going through all kinds of roles in our different incarnations. We build up karma, and we solve it again. By going through hard times, suffering from repeated disappointments, humiliation, or resentments can be an indicator that we are about to resolve a not that nice part from a past life.

Although, I have been dealing with many fears and anxieties in my life, I have never been afraid of looking into past lives. Because what can happen? It already did happen anyway! But in seeing and feeling the origin I laid once, I am much more likely to accept the challenges I am going through this time, since I understand where they come from. As I said last week, in accepting we find healing. In looking at the bad things we did, we are going through the feelings of our former victims as well. It can – no – it does cause a few hours or days of inner turmoil, but only because something is rising to the surface to be gone for good. If I keep it inside, it will stay inside.

I am always amazed to realize this amazing love with which each incarnation is orchestrated to perfection. We find the perfect situations and people at the perfect time for our plans to work. And while I am compelled to fulfill my plan, the others are fulfilling their plans as well. I’m sure everyone has noticed once or more often how certain people magically (re)enter their lives. I love looking back and putting together the many little pieces that led to a certain point. Often there is a reason why we meet someone. But after some time, it filters out that the reason for meeting has a different purpose than perhaps first thought. As if a way must be found for these people to meet in the first place so that the program can then begin to work.

We meet our greatest love in one life, who can be our worst tormentor in another. And that’s okay, because from this higher perspective that we take when we are not in a physical body, we know that nothing can ever happen or harm the being in the body. The body is just the vessel, the costume, to allow that being to experience what it is meant to experience. I am not saying that it is okay to do bad things, to hurt, oppress, kill or torture others. Not at all! But that’s exactly what we are learning. By understanding the difference between good and evil, we evolve do the light we have been made of. But still, only because I was the perpetrator, I was put in the opposite position of the victim, which allowed me to develop a sense of compassion. By being compassionate, I show understanding for other victims and they can feel a kind of forgiveness, even if it is all unconscious. We learn how important love is in experiencing what love is not. And to experience this through karma we needed to act in non-loving ways.

I see only a tiny little section of what life and its larger context could be. It is as if I was removing individual bricks from a wall through which I can look into a huge garden, but still I see only a section. With each brick I remove, I see how much larger this garden is than I thought, and how little I still might know about it. But to experience the grace of being able, willing, and supported to remove those bricks, and how to remove them, is an overwhelming feeling. Billions of people (only on this planet) are given the grace to carry out their program and also fulfill a collective program at the same time. How much love there must be.

So whenever you feel that you are being forgotten or mistreated,
try to remember that it is a loving universe
that is helping you to remove distorting layers of unconsciousness.
Try to remember that love has never been closer to you
than at these times to ensure that you find your way back home.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


We are a culmination of many lifetimes, Erika, and have much to learn from each. And yes, Karma to complete or fix from each. What a fascinating journey! I love the meme above about having to be made uncomfortable before we move. It’s so true. Thank you for sharing and here’s to healing and forgiving!

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Thank you for taking the time to visit, Jan. I know you are enjoying your grandkids. So, I appreciate it a lot. Although for many it may sound controversial but what makes us feel uncomfortable is something we need to pay even more attention to.
Yes, healing and forgiving!! Yay!!πŸ₯‚

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I am practicing regressions. I used to do it years ago. Lately, I met a former school mate who is practicing it for decades. We talked a lot and I got into it again. Amazing how much revealed from it and how much more sense many constellations, conditions, and my emotionally reactions are making. It is not meant to be a fun ride but a very and profoundly healing one.


Again, bridging the past to the present and unearthing the experiences (negative or positive) that comprise the framework of who we are today and those character traits that compose us. Healing begins inside breaking down those programmed traits (fear, anxiety, low self-esteem) that have been reinforced knowingly and unknowingly across time. I’m enjoying these posts and the depth of your insights. Have a wonderful week, Erika!

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There is so much about healing and how to achieve it. I get more and more to the conclusion that healing can only happen when we embrace the whole of us everything that we feel, are, do, didn’t do, our lows, our highs, our guilt and the angel in us, everything equally and whole-heartedly. But therefore we need to feel not only understand the insight. It is a huge process after which life can never be the same anymore. Thank you very much for your wonderful comment, Sylvester!

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That’s why acceptance is so important. All that we feel, think and do plays a part in the greater whole of our existence. It is a huge process like you stated. You’re very welcome always, Erika!

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Absolutely, Keith! I think it is the key insight to let healing happen. We cannot and must not erase those wounds since they are the path to healing itself, to the realization that we are everything, the pain and the joy, the healer and the violater. We are it all and in the end, the experience of everything makes us whole. Thank you for your inspiring sentence, Keith!

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This post radiates love and truth. Yes, we are meant to become uncomfortable, otherwise change wouldn’t become an option that we take action in! Over this past year, I too have driven deep into my soul’s contract and karma. This type of sleuth work hoes hand in hand with becoming a master shaman. So much has been revealed to me and I brought many lifetimes of contracts in this lifetime. It’s so incredibly humbling and uniquely fascinating to be shown the many paths my soul has encountered for its lessons. Here’s to the continued journey sister. May you continue to investigate and heal, shining love and light. Namaste πŸ™ πŸ’—πŸŒ 

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Yes, Maria! We only resolve the blockings in our current life when we understand where they come from. Only then we can work them out constructively. One way is to dig into the past(s). It is such an amazing feeling to understand which results in acceptance and the clear feeling of being loved. That again, makes us understand what love really is. Awesome comment, Maria! Thank you so much!πŸ’–

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