Sequels and Progress

Lately, I am digging into working myself through karma. There is quite a lot in motion in my life that provokes me to look back in my incarnation history. It is so amazing how many links I can draw to relationships, my own attitudes or blockages, and the karmic laws. I know, this is something many are a bit scared of since they are afraid of what they could find when looking into one of the many previous lives. Yes, I was quite a bad guy but a blessing as well. As I wrote about two weeks ago, we are going through all kinds of roles in our different incarnations. We build up karma, and we solve it again. By going through hard times, suffering from repeated disappointments, humiliation, or resentments can be an indicator that we are about to resolve a not that nice part from a past life.

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Acceptance is the Way to Healing

Life is amazing. All life is amazing. All lives in all lives are amazing. Last week I touched on the great field of karma. It forces us to clean out the attic of our soul and leads us to the awareness of who we are. When we understand the principle of karma, it is not even that necessary to know the origin of blocking feelings within us or the burdening circumstances around us. Just perceiving what triggers the feelings over and over again is the clue that we may need to experience what we once did and what we need to balance and resolve by living through the emotions we once may have caused in others. Knowing this helps to accept. Acceptance removes the resistance. We allow the pain to surface, look at it, and then let it go.

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