Acceptance is the Way to Healing

Life is amazing. All life is amazing. All lives in all lives are amazing. Last week I touched on the great field of karma. It forces us to clean out the attic of our soul and leads us to the awareness of who we are. When we understand the principle of karma, it is not even that necessary to know the origin of blocking feelings within us or the burdening circumstances around us. Just perceiving what triggers the feelings over and over again is the clue that we may need to experience what we once did and what we need to balance and resolve by living through the emotions we once may have caused in others. Knowing this helps to accept. Acceptance removes the resistance. We allow the pain to surface, look at it, and then let it go.

Acceptance is not to mix up with resignation. Resignation is going in the opposite direction. Acceptance is an active action of saying: “Yes, I will!” But resignation is a passive action of saying: “I am helpless.” In acceptance lies the power of intention and of taking responsibility. In resignation lies … no power at all. We only lose ourselves even more.

We do have all the knowledge we need for this incarnation inside of us. So, it is not absolutely necessary to go back in our history to find the origin of the demons that are haunting us. But it can help to realize that we might have done the same thing or something even worse than we experience today that makes us humble. Whatever way ever, recognizing that we only experience pain to free ourselves is the most loving way orchestrated by the universe to guide us to enlightenment – step by step. Once I got this, I lost a lot of fear and resistance (not all of them, of course) but gained so much gratitude for the chance to get closer to who I am. And with every demon I encounter, I already feel the light stronger that guides me through it. I see more of the context that leads me to people and happenings to make me see the way out of my homemade maze – and my gratitude only grows, as does my faith and confidence.

Again, love is the great, magical tool. By being compassionate, thoughtful, mindful, respectful, and helpful, we allow this love to grow within ourselves. A wonderful side effect is that we recognize the light in everyone. In this awareness, any challenging circumstance can not only be resolved within us, but we even proactively turn the tide. On the one hand, we resolve karma and on the other hand, we create much less new karma by not falling back into the dark energies. We can make this incarnation one of the most productive just by being aware that everything that happens to us is sent for our salvation.

Acceptance is practiced awareness.
Awareness reveals the light.
Acceptance is the path to deep healing.

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Yes, that’s so right, Jan! We think we need to avoid pain until we understand that the healing already lies in the pain. In going through it, we can let it go. Otherwise we will hit that wall of pain over and over again. It is a process until we know that we can walk though walls.
Thank you, Jan!


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