Love – More Than Just A Feeling!

The first thing when we hear the word Love may be this most fulfilling relationship between two people, feeling butterflies, romance, holding hands, kissing, thinking about creating a life together and perhaps doing it, being there for each other no matter what, one mind, one heart, one soul… To me, this is still the highest level of love we can experience when two people are giving their all for each other. But there is so much more about love.

When I started writing this post I received a picture of a pyramid. We started at the peak with the “lovebirds” but that is not the base of what love is. There is something very very big far beneath which gives those lovebirds the necessary boost to fly. Let’s go down to the foundation in 5 more steps. For a better understanding: When I describe love in different relationships I am talking about the ideal/common way. I try to keep it short in order to not exceed your patience with reading. But I would love to write more about the different subjects if you would like me to.

The Lovebirds
So we have this love between two people on top. This kind of love relationship is freely chosen. We meet someone and feel a strong bond. Perhaps we have never seen them before or never really talked to one another and all of a sudden we realize that we are in love with them. In many cases, the two people feel like known each other for a long time even though they just met. But it can be delicate. Here we can find the most expectations and the biggest hurt as well as the biggest happiness, comfort, and source of support and development.

Friendship Love

Then there are our friends. Friendships are also chosen relationships. The expectations are a lot lower and it feels more unconditional. We mostly accept them easier the way they are. Right because of that the bond can be rock solid for a lifetime. There is this saying about love and friendship…

Family Love
Let’s go another level deeper. There is this love for our family, for our children, parents, grandparents. They are just there. We don’t choose to have them in our lives (yes, we did before we came into this body but that is another topic for a post). The bond we feel there is something we feel as given. There is an automatic connection between siblings, between parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, and so on. It mostly has a solid foundation into which we are born or into which we welcome the new members. Simply family!

Now we are getting to the basis of the pyramid.

Perhaps we are not best friends with our neighbor or we don’t like a certain mentality of people. But when something in this world happens the world gathers – no matter what. As we experienced it during all the tragic happenings of the past months we feel the pain the victims feel. We feel the need to help. We feel love for them although we have no idea who they are but we feel a strong bond of solidarity and yes, of love! It is a certain feeling of oneness. This love connects us all. It doesn’t ask but is just there. It is like a basic feeling that gets triggered when one of us gets harmed or when one of us harms! It feels like we all seem to have it within and which makes us equal. That is when any outer appearances, language or cultural differences disappear and when only the well-being of the being counts. What an amazing and strong love must it be when we feel this bonding connection to people on the other side of the globe although we don’t know them at all. A basic love that carries this world. A basic love that is spun like an energetic net around this planet.

Imagine a chain of light bulbs. Each light is a soul on this planet. Even when one of the bulbs decides to disconnect (brings pain) and stops working the rest is still connected through the wire and shines (through the invisible chain of love) – from the first bulb to the last one. This chain of love gets loaded by Love itself.

The Source of LoveHere we are at the base of our pyramid, the solid foundation from which all creation originates, the center of life’s power. That love that created us. That love which implanted a spark of itself (our souls) in our bodies to bring them to life. That love that is surrounding everything like an invisible net. That all-encompassing energy called Universe, God, Spirit, Higher Force, Source, … Love as the origin, the path, and the destination. The purest form of unconditional love. Love is life’s energy, as the Creator and the creation, and again the creation as the creator. Love is all that has ever been. And even when this world may perish love is the only thing that will remain. Because love multiplies but hatred, greed, resentments limits and divides. Who we really are is pure love! That is the reason why we are immortal.

The Source of Love is always unconditional. So we are unconditional love ourselves. The more we climb the pyramid and the more this love surfaces the more it can be covered with the ego which makes it more conditional the higher we get. If we really want to feel this pure and strong power that love is – that we are – then we need to dare to love ourselves. If we love ourselves, accept ourselves, our flaws, our seeming imperfections, and treasure ourselves for everything only we can offer or have or look like then we are automatically connected with the Source itself. That way we become unconditional ourselves and that energy flows into each and every relationship and into all our actions. We become a channel of love, a channel of our source. In the end, the answer alway lies within ourselves. Be you, be love, and you will change the world a bit more!

Love is the foundation of all that flows inside, though, and to everyone and everything and climaxes in the ultimate expression of two individuals. It is what connects this world and what makes it go around. Love is what inspires our visions and what brings them to life.

Love is more than just a feeling. Love is the evolution of life! Love is all there is!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


What a beautiful post describing all those different stages of love. I love the quote about love and friendship. And I love what you are saying and your description of a very strong feeling, a bond, something we all carry deep inside. xxx

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Yes, we are all one! There is nothing else that the energy that we are and that we are part of, no matter in which form it may appear. Love is what connects us time and time again. I am happy you liked it, Sandra, and thank you for taking the time for reading and commenting! Have a lovely day 💖

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