The Chain of Light

Last week I wrote about love as so much more than only a feeling. I was most inspired by the Charity point and my thoughts went with a particular aspect of that love that connects us and everything in a magical yet natural way. This connection has much more meaning than we might think and we often underestimate the advantage, the obligations, and the responsibility that comes with the decision of being part of this global community.

Often the question comes up: “Where was God when this attack happened? Why did he let it happen? What kind of God is that?” What we often forget is that not God is doing terrible things but we do! We forget that we asked for free will to make our most profound experiences here in order to gain all the insights we wished to get. And we also forget that whatever someone does influences the rest of us. Each action whether positive or negative affects more or fewer people faster or as a chain reaction. Whatever happens, makes the affected people react to it. It causes new actions, reactions, situations, issues, or blessings. And it all leads us on our paths of life in exactly the way we need it in order to find what we are seeking. There are no accidents in this perfectly organized universe.

But back to God. He took a spark of Himself and called it a soul. He put it into the body you live in for this lifetime in order to experience yourself in exactly the way you wanted. God granted you the full range of this life experience with all its consequences. Earth is one of the playgrounds for souls to act as the director, the actor, and in a supporting role at the same time. He lets you do whatever you want to do because He knows that nothing can ever harm YOU. Because even when the body dies YOU will live on and see the purpose of this physical life clearer than ever. You are not your body. The body has high priority down here. But not from that higher perspective of eternity. It is a vessel that makes this human experience possible.

So we wanted to get here with our free will which is signed and sealed and God will not break the contract. Even though we are so unaware of it and don’t understand He won’t take action unless it was part of the deal. But he will support you in every possible way and provide the necessary conditions to get the insights and experiences you wished for before you came into this body. He won’t solve your problems but he will help you to find out how to solve them. We came here to find out. So where would be the purpose if God did it all in the end? There is this magical insight many of us may have had at one point in our lives. From the moment on that we open up towards the Source we carry within we feel power, happiness, comfort, and security within that we cannot explain – just feel. But we know what it is. It is the free flow of our origin without any restriction of beliefs and we start feeling the truth that we are. We are feeling ourselves in all its magnificence and fullness – the unlimited being, the love we are!

Now back to the issues we have down here. What do we need to learn in order to make this place a better place? Actually only we are spiritual beings making a human experience – and not the other way around. This insight makes us feel the spark of God, that love that we are. And we do feel it even unconsciously. Whenever something tragic happens in this world, we feel the connection through that spark within. When one of us gets hurt something within us happens. We feel compassion. We feel with them. We feel love. We simply need to become aware that this feeling is the connecting link between all of us. The more love we feel the more we pass it on. We can pass it on each day. It doesn’t matter how big or small our actions may appear, it only matters that every action is coming from that place of love within us. Whatever we do, good or bad has an effect! A single thought has its creative energy. We are all lights in God’s divine chain of souls. The energy one soul sends out, flows through that chain. When we want peace on earth we need to be aware that we can only achieve it when the last light shines its love! By then let us all shine even brighter in order to make up for what might be missing now. It needs every little bulb! Only light brings light!

I want to close this post with a story I recently read on Geoffle’s blog at TanGentle. It is such a wonderful very short story about that connecting love chain we are all a part of.

Whatever you do – let it be love!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


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Such a profound and wise post dear Erika, so true.. I wish all could understand as we do.. So many are caught up within blame.. Yet many do not look to themselves to see how the One affects the ALL.. We are each of us responsible for our thoughts and actions which contribute to the ocean tides of awareness and the reality of experience..
many thanks for sharing your wisdom.. Loved your insightful posting dear Erika..
Love and Blessings Sue..
And I enjoyed catching up with you this evening.. Love and Light
Sue ❤

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I am completely humbled by a comment from someone like you, Sue! As you wrote it in your wonderful poem too. We need to start with ourselves. We need to be the change we are longing for. We need to be what we want and not only ask others to be it! Much love and light to you, dear Sue!

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