There is more than you might see!

There are times, we feel left alone by all the world and his brother. We feel harried, disappointed and under massive pressure from all sides. Some people seem to have it in for giving us a hard time. There are problems in the job or it is a time of big stress. Perhaps your private life has reached a point and you question where your relationship shall lead to. Maybe your worry about someone you love or someone who said goodbye. Sometimes you come to a point when you ask yourself: Was that it? Was that my life? Is there nothing waiting for me anymore?

There are certain times in which obviously everything is running out of the rudder. We start to question and are looking for explanations or we back out and look for an island where we can recover from all the turmoil. Right this island is necessary in order to get the distance for breathing and pausing. It is necessary for becoming clear if the current situation really concerns all parts of our lives. Sometimes one single part has such a high priority that the energy of this one flows into all the other parts of life.

In pausing you enable the possibility, to calm down the flood of thoughts and overturning emotions. Then oil is put on troubled water and you can see through the surface down to the ground.

In pausing, we disengage from the morass of excessive demands. We can distance ourselves from the problems and therefore from the energy, which is not equal to who we really are. In disengaging from the heavy energy, which threw us into that overwhelming whirlpool in the first place, we reconnect with the energy of our real being and therefore with its power and the zest for life. Then we let go of the identification of the problem(s) and that brings liberation and relief. If you can let go of something it can impossibly be a part of your life or even of your being.

You will see the silver lining again, be able to stand up strengthen and make your decision or accept a temporary situation because you know that it is going to pass. The different priority you got with the distanced view dissolves problems. Problems only occur when you call them problems. As long as we notice circumstances as what they are – namely changing and moving events – we remain at the necessary distance in order to not let them become a burdening part of our lives.

Always keep in mind: This life is not your real life or your real way of life. It is an episode you need for your personal evolution, for experiencing yourself, for the joy of bringing things to life, and for applying your abilities to everyone. You can only do this in this physical world.

Pause for a moment and see clear, that you are more than all the problems you carry around. Realize that you can take off everything you carry around – in remembering who you really are.

Click on that link, calm your thoughts, and widen your heart:

In Love and Light!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Yes, stepping back or taking a pause to see clearly is a necessity. Sometimes things become so cloudy and overwhelming and it’s the only way to regain perspective again. Wonderful post, Erika!

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