You – The Candle In The Dark

I wrote this post while sitting on my patio with my laptop. I love working outside, enjoying the sounds of nature around me, smelling the scent of the coming fall, and feeling the warmth of the last warm days. I wouldn’t mind if it stayed like this until next spring…. haha. We had some very hot times this summer and I loved it. I mind the cold rather than the heat. But during the last few days when it got really cool in the mornings and evenings, I noticed something about me. I enjoyed the chilly feeling on my skin in some way. It made me think of taking a hot bath or cuddling in some cozy clothes again.

What I enjoy about it is the moment when getting from the cold into the warmth. That cozy moment when cuddling into a warm blanket. When you get inside and a cup of coffee or tea is waiting for you. I noticed that temperatures of 12 °C (55 °F) in the morning already give me chills after the 30 °C (90 °F) only a week before. During winter we will get down to freezing temperatures and 12 °C will appear very warm again. Funny, how subjective we experience this.

It all made me think of the duality we live in and from which we learn. How we notice the warmth so much more when it is getting cold and how relatively cold and warm can be. When we never lost something we might not be able to treasure all that we still have. Because when we had it all and lost it we will be so much more aware and thankful for all the new things that come towards us again. Nobody wants to live in darkness, most of all not the ones who experienced it. But aren’t the ones who did, those who know the real value of the light? Aren’t the ones who got ill the ones who know how precious health is? Aren’t the ones who got heavily tested and challenged by life the ones who are most compassionate?

The contrast makes us understanding, appreciative, thankful, wiser, and stronger. Through contrast, we learn what we want and what we don’t want (anymore). We need to experience both sides in order to understand both. Again, we need to feel the warmth and the cold in order to understand what warm and cold actually mean. And now there is something else: Even if I learned for myself about warm and cold somebody else can experience it completely differently.

The physical world makes it possible that everyone can experience themselves within the duality in their personal and unique way. This is amazing in many ways. First, there is room for each and every experience and second, there is not only one single truth regarding perceiving life. We are bringing our own light down here. We are coming from a place of light. It is a shining place. But when everything is so light, how can we recognize our own light? That is why we come down here. The seasons, day and night are a visible analogy to the changes we are going through. When it is getting dark outside we are switching on the lights or light candles. WE MAKE LIGHT – because we want/need to see! When we find ourselves surrounded by darkness figuratively the moment will come when we recognize our light again. Those are the enlightening moments. Each of those moments makes us remember our own light again.

Contrast is what we chose in order to evolve and to have the moments of awareness which are fueling us with more power and joy than any physical possession or achievement ever could. The gift of this physical life is the gift of awareness. We get chances and choices. It is up to us what to choose. We often know in advance that one choice may cause us to cross a dark valley before we are reaching the sunny side again. We might not take that choice and stay on that side of the valley. But sometimes we know exactly what is waiting behind the valley and we risk the journey. Once we have reached the other side we are not only treasuring that sun even more but we are also so much stronger. The contentment that we made and the experiences we gained on our journey are giving this new place that we chose an even deeper meaning!

There are dark episodes in our lives. But don’t be afraid of the dark. It is only temporary. This is not your real home just a place to discover yourself. You are coming from light and you are light. Each time you see the sun dawning again will remind you. You are the candle in your own night. This light is always with you. You cannot lose it because you cannot lose who you are. Let yourself shine. It not only connects you stronger to your origin but it also helps others to find their lights again.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


This thought is one that I’ve been hearing a lot this week, in various forms from various people. I must admit that I’m a little concerned about what may be heading my way and what all these messages are preparing me for. One thing is certain though and also brings a sense of comfort – each season helps us to appreciate the next and fortunately for us, seasons do change.

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Hi, Mewhoami (is that your name?) It is good that you see the repeating signs. Is there something that goes through your mind lately, ad decision, a wish or dream you are thinking about? Perhaps it is about insecurity and the message is: “Don’t be afraid. Nothing can go wrong. When you feel it then it is part of your journey to make particular step.” Just came to my mind. Stay open minded and you will get more signposts! Thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts, dear 💖


Another amazing piece of writing from you Erika.. And I can whole heartedly say you are right in your thoughts.. When we sink into our dark pits of emotional turmoil’s it pivots us downward.. and the only way back us up..
Balance is what we are all about.. Positive/Negative, Light/Dark. Good/Bad, Yin/Yang, Happy/Sad..
Without the other opposite/contrast we would not be able to experience happy without knowing what sadness was all about..
The world right now is going through another stage of this contrast.. We are being shown the opposite ends of the scale in many ways, to help release the opposite of oppression/tyranny we are showing our compassion/kindness…
Balance is being worked through all of the time.. Its not allowing our Fear to overtake the LOVE.. again two contrasts of opposites.
Keep lighting your candle dear Erika.. for the light glows brightly where ever you are.. ❤

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This is so true what you said. Right now, the opposites are so exteme when we watch the cruel things going on. But the balance is there. It is not only the dark side of humanity that shows up – as you said it is this amazing compassion and kindness that shows up too. We only must never stop seeing this. A wonderful add, Sue! Thank you so much for taking the time and leaving such an insightful comment again. 💖💖

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Yes we do not see the balance, but it is there in the many who sit watching these negative events…many see the world as a dark place, but that is only because we are shown a portion of it through the dark lens of the medias view.. What those promoting darkness not see is that multitude of good, compassionate selfless acts which happen every day. The Balance is there, we just need to keep making people be aware THEY CAN and DO Make a Difference with how they think and act.. 🙂 For we are all of us Part of the Whole.. xx ❤

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Exactly! Tragedy sells better. And as you say we need to focus on the good things that happen too OR how we are able to prevent such tragedies in simply looking beyond! We may never be able to have that complete overview but what we are already able to see is enough for making a dramatic change for a peaceful world!

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Yes I so agree.. The problem is we are spoon fed upon such negatives.. Indoctrinated thought patterns take a lot of breaking.. But many now are waking up and viewing the world from a different perspective.. There are more ‘lightworkers’ than we think.. 🙂


There was so much wisdom encapsulated in every line that you wrote Erika. Now that I’ve first hand experienced this whole thing I couldn’t do anything else but nod in agreement as I read through your post. It’s strange how all these experiences are relative and that made me think so is pain. What is hurting me at the very moment might not be that a big of a deal for you and vice versa but that doesn’t mean that pain is less real. We learn from these dark experiences and they are designed solely for us to shape us into the person we are eventually suppose to be ! A thought provoking piece by you Erika . You never fail to amaze me❤️

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I love a lot what you wrote! It is true. We experience so many things which may touch one more than another one. Simply because it is or is not part of “the plan”. In the end, it is not about what we experience but what we feel about the experience. That is what shapes us. We can make different experiences but feel the same or make the same experience and feel differently. One thing is for sure, the deeper we experienced the more profound the insight will be and so is the process of growth. You are so very young and already made such experiences. You are also so compassionate and sensitive. I am sure there is something important waiting for you. Thank you, Zee 💖


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