Healing Yourself Starts With Aligning With Your Self


When the energy can flow freely through the body it provides every single fiber in our body from head to toe with all it needs to be strong, happy, and healthy. Then you are in balance, healthy, and in peace. Then you don’t worry but simply take every step that is necessary to take through this journey. Then your physical being is aligned with your spiritual being. But seriously, who of us is in that state constantly?


We are getting sick and sometimes seriously ill. We are fighting inner wars, struggling with past experiences and future fears. We are experiencing feelings of unworthiness, unhappiness, of being treated unfairly, and much more. And all of this even the slightest appearance of such feelings causes blocks in our energy flow. We all have individual weak points where the blocks tend to show up first. For some, it is the throat (do you always speak up? Is there something that wasn’t said yet – perhaps for years?). For some, it is the stomach or the abdomen (what are you not able to digest or cannot let go?), the head, the back, the teeth, the heart, the lungs, … When a physical symptom appears we only recognize the blockage which already persisted in our energy flow.


We are great in keeping it going, in oppressing our own needs when “it doesn’t fit on our agenda” or when we are afraid of changing something because it causes inconvenience or discussions. But this is only the slow and silent beginning. We keep up that attitude and we are ignoring more or more often of our needs or of what we actually are called to do. But the inner voice won’t stop reminding us. We recognize it when we are discontented or frustrated or when we feel helpless in certain situations because we actually don’t belong there. But we are so used to being there that we don’t even consider that we could or should change something. We keep up living a life which is not in alignment with who we are. The blockages are getting more persistent and spread into more areas and we notice more physical reactions. But instead of researching where they come from we silence them with medication which is ok to support the recovery but there is no healing before we healed the cause. Illness often is the only way to real health and to the revelation of misunderstandings in the way we think.


It is not the convenient way to step back and look at ourselves from a distance in order to find out where the cause of our health problems lie. We may have been leading a life for decades which we did not even notice was so far away from the life we are supposed to live. That’s why the energy that comes from our Self couldn’t reach us as long as we weren’t connected with our Self. We cut ourselves off. It is not easy to stick with our most inner beliefs and with what we feel inside is right although we cannot prove it. But only when we align with that spark inside which has given life to this physical body life’s energy can flow unrestricted through every cell in our bodies.


Yes, it may cause dramatic changes but they only appear dramatic because we drifted into a different direction for so long and yes, it can be a long way back with many little steps of solving blocks on the journey. Probably we won’t get it done completely but the more we allow ourselves to let our spiritual being guide us the healthier we are, the more in peace we are with what is, the happier we are with what we are doing, and the more we understand what living means.


Never forget that the natural state of who you are is well-being.
So if you don’t feel well you are not aligned with who you really are.

Credits: Pinterest|www.lovequotesmessages.com http://www.askideas.com| quotefancy.com|blogs.psychcentral.com

In Love and Light

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Author, Poetess, Singer, Mom, Life Explorer, Business Woman, Therapist Remember who you really are and conquer the world the way you always wanted!


“Happiness is a choice not a result of something you do. Of course when you get what you want you feel good, but the truth is that you don’t get what you want until you’re already feeling good. You only get what you want when you’re in alignment with the universe. And the key to align yourself with the universe/source/god is LOVE.!”

Take a moment right now to breathe in deeply. Listen to the sound your body makes as it inhales oxygen. Feel the air filling up inside of your lungs.

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Yes, happiness is a choice and it results from our decision to feel good. Once we decided to feel good we will see and encounter more things to feel good about and so on and so on… it is a law!
Thank you, Mihran!!


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