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There are so many wonderful peeps on this blogosphere who have always been big lights for me. These days their lights appear even brighter and bigger. Because they are those who share their strength with a grounded but at the same time, a higher perspective. They are understanding with those who do struggle during these extraordinary times. They refuse to let unnecessary negativity that others may spread influence their moods. That is the strength we need.

Yes, these times bring up insecurity. No one of us has ever dealt with something like this before and everybody is affected individually. But it is of no use to weaken the energy unnecessarily with serious(!) self-pity about being bored and not being able to go to the gym, the theatre, the beauty salon, for not having their hair and nails done, or not having their usual coffee chats with friends. Sorry, for not having much understanding when I think, for example, of the people in the refugee camps, of those who are dealing with serious depressions, of those who lost someone, of those who lost their jobs or fear of losing them, or of those who have serious fears of losing their livelihood. That is one reason why I stay away even more from Instagram, Facebook & Co. these days. It is irritating me which is not helpful. It’s about more than personal inconveniences. But don’t get me wrong, boredom is welcome. It only should be encountered with innovative and constructive ideas on how to create something meaningful from it. These times are an opportunity for mankind to make a long-overdue leap in its evolution of humanity, and everybody has a responsibility in it. The signs are lying in front of our eyes. Three of them are standing out for me:
  • Clarity
    These times might bring more clarity in everybody’s lives than at any time before. We have less distraction and therefore are more concentrated on our current life situation, relationships, or jobs. The personal values and needs will crystallize better. There will be more clarity about the people we are with, about the things we are used to doing (do we miss them or are they bothering even more?), about the own attitude, about how people view us, and much more. And there will be clarity about the following insight.
  • Oneness
    More obvious than ever, we are shown that this world is one, and whatever needs to be achieved for the better, needs the whole world. Only one country alone cannot make it. Even if that country is virus-free, it may be surrounded by countries that are not. That still affects that one country’s economy strongly. Also, it is an example of how to heal our planet. It is not enough that only a few countries are taking action. It needs every country because pollution doesn’t stop at the borders. These times may shift the need for personal possession or strive to the need of collective wellbeing. And that leads to the next insight.
  • Contentment
    The lockdown in many countries has stopped the hamster wheel for many. Or the constant striving for being faster, more wealthy, having more possessions or titles, being busier with a filled agenda (here we go again). No, in the end, it is contentment. And we only reach it when we stop doing what we do to impress others or prove something to them. We reach it in finding a way of being content. by evolving and developing in a natural way. Not striving to achieve more than others to satisfy the ego (because that causes stress and pressure and makes sick). But instead doing what we do because it fills us with joy, letting this joy inspire us, and lead us to great development. Isn’t it the most wonderful thing when sharing what you love to do while bringing joy or support to others?

All the three examples show the global connection, the butterfly effect, and the collective influence. In the end, both points are coming down to one: Love as the energy for and the solution of a healing and balanced life. We can use these insights and proofs to change systems and to generate new businesses. Both already happens out of a natural need. But with growing awareness, this can be done even more consciously as a concept for the future and not only to overcome a crisis. Yes, if I want to be fine, I do have to start with myself. But only regarding my inner concept of understanding everything that happens in a greater context. My actions then have to start with thinking of ways, how to support the wellbeing of others. Because how others are doing will always affect me too.

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In Love, Light, and Health

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Thank you so much, Nico. There is so much in this special time and (like in every indivicual life situation) we need to find the grip to turn it into something good and constructive. I know, I don’t need to tell you!

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