Letting Go – My Take


Yesterday I shared Neha’s new collaboration invitation:
Calling all Creative Minds/Poets/Artists to a Poetic Collaboration – “Letting Go”

When I saw the topic I thought immediately of an older post in which I shared a poem about Letting Go. Letting Go is not only releasing something that weighed heavily and kept you from living. The process itself is a progress in your own development and growth. It means you have already grown bigger than the suffocating cocoon. That’s why you are ready to break its shell. Letting Go is a process of becoming! 



The bullet that left a shattered heart
Was hard pain when it hit
Looking at all the mess around
Made me break down and weep

But after the tears had dried again
I looked at each single shard.
Some were old and dirty
Some were shiny and pure art

I brushed the dirty ones all clean
And cleared out what was overdue
I looked how they would fit right now
And put them altogether new

With this new established heart
A new day can begin
What was will never be forgotten,
It forced the growth – was not in vain

The shards are all my memories
Which made me who I am
Don’t want to miss a single one
I’d do it all again

Whatever might look as an ending,
Is never meant that way
The night may look dark and so scary
But there’s always another day

We need the silence and the darkness
To focus on our light
‘Cause we are like the dawning sun
After a cold dark night

The bullet helped me to evolve
To bring the process to an end
That’s why the one who shot the bullet
Has now become another friend

In Love and Light

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Hi, thank you for stopping by! I am glad you found this post right when it spoke to you so much. Such confirmations when we are in that process can already help to at least stop oppressing our feelings and let them flow which again supports the process. Thank you very much for your comment!


Wow.. So loved this Erika.. so well written

“I brushed the dirty ones all clean
And cleared out what was overdue
I looked how they would fit right now
And put them altogether new”

Yes each aspect of our lives, those splinters that pierce, Those shards as you so right describe them all need individual attention.. Some dig beneath the skin and lay dormant for years, ( I found another one recently, which was unearthed after a recent bereavement as you know ) digging them out, letting them go and moving forward is what life is about..
I feel Erika we are in those last throws of Letting go, as many things now are coming to the surface for our final clear out..

Love and Blessings and thank you again for confirming to me, as we go through this processes of clearing out and renewal..
❤ xxx Hugs Sue xx

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It’s so true and the physical analog is so perfect. Sometimes we need to open the wound again in order to dig the splinter out to let it go for good! So often we don’t even notice that something is still inside waiting for the moment we hit that part and make it painful again. You have a way to describe this so well. Thank you for your wonderful words, Sue 💖

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And I totally understand that. I immediately knew with which perspective you looked at it… and as we see there was another earthly day for you too which we are all so very thankful for 💖💖

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