When A Moment Completes The Picture

Everybody has their backpacks to carry. Some people are unpacking freely, every stumble, fall, burden, or point on their agenda while others don’t feel the need to bless the world with the details of their private lives. However, only because someone doesn’t invite the world into their living rooms doesn’t mean their backpack is empty. Not at all!

When new things come into our lives and we are welcoming them, do we at the same time sort something else out to make room? Perhaps some people do. But there is a natural tendency to add the new and focus on how to fit it into the current life-conditions. This goes on until the moment when “the room” is overcrowded and there is almost no way to breathe anymore. It is interesting that the option of setting something aside is not even considered until signs of overwhelm occur. Signs like restlessness, depression, aggression, frustration… followed by physical symptoms.

And here we go: I am one of those who embrace given chances (at least I need to try, right?) without thinking of the possibility to set other things aside. Furthermore, I am not the type of person who wants the world to know when I broke a fingernail or how my turtle breathes during its hibernation. This is not the reason I am on social media. Instead, I want to be a little ray to illuminate spots inside of those who need it to find their way through their own jungle of struggles… inspired by my experiences.

Let’s put both, adding action and an introvert personality, together:
Over the past 3 years, my life changed a lot due to my job situation and turbulences in my private life. Still, I wanted to keep up with what feels meaningful to me (like my therapy practice, my blog, my writing). Although I have my tools, the intensity and the time the negative vibes had to develop have left something. Weeks ago I enjoyed a singing bowl treatment (which I grant myself every 2 to 3 months, it has a fantastic effect on me). When the therapist put the bowl onto my heart chakra, the sound was silenced immediately. She stroke the bowl a few times with the same result. No vibration, completely blocked. I was a little shocked that what I knew but tried to wipe away was presented to me so clearly. It made me rethink my situation and all of a sudden everything transformed into a complete picture and makes so much sense.

I was more focused on finding ways how to make everything work which accumulated. My weekends have become even busier than my workdays. I did not let anything go but to keep the overwhelm at the base and to protect myself, I blocked even more which increased the feeling of being crushed – a viscious circle. I was aware of the signs when even I tried to ignore them (like intolerance, moodiness, stress, sleep disorders, constant restlessness, running out of inspiration …).
This is not who I am and this is not who I want to be!
Realizing this all, signs and hints have been bombarding me since. Posts from our community like Annette’s or Sue’s post confirmed and provided answers. I am still taken away by the clarity of the message. AND I am amazed to remember my own posts like There Is Only Love or No Love or my post from last Monday in which I was talking more to myself than I realized while writing.
I am fully aware that a progressed misbalance in my life has caused big parts of my situation and I have already arranged changes that will come into effect with the beginning of the new year. But after the singing bowl insight, I noticed that I have to take measures even before the change in order to bridge the next 4 weeks.

However, I decided to reduce my time on WordPress for a non-defined time. No, don’t celebrate too enthusiastically. I won’t disappear… lol! I don’t know yet in which way and how frequently I will be posting during the coming weeks. So far, I want to keep up my Daily Kind Quotes. That way I may be able to post more spontaneously with even shorter takes. I want to reconnect with mySelf, empty the trash can, and fill me up with new life and enthusiasm to provide the inspiration I want to spread through my writing.

I am not sharing this because I feel so sorry for myself or because I want anybody to feel sorry for me. I am sharing this again as information for my blogging friends and as an example drawn from life because perhaps there are others out there who feel trapped in a similar situation and who can relate to what I said here. Perhaps it gives them an idea of how to find ways to their solution. As I said, we all have our backpacks to carry whether others do or don’t know. How and when to deal with the content is an individual journey. But for sure, the way is in the heart!

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In more Love and Light than ever πŸ’–

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Beautifully written dear Erika… We need to be present in our lives to enjoy its gifts.. And sometimes we spread ourselves so thinly we begin to realise how little time we devote to ourselves…
I am pleased you are gifting yourself this ‘Present’.. Enjoy those Moments to BE….

Sending love and well wishes my friend.. and thank you for the link mention … Today I actually felt well enough to log in and answer my pending comments..
Love to you dear friend ❀

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Your post(s) have been like wake-up calls. I found myself in them over and over again. Everywhere those signposts which confirmed each other until I couldn’t ignore them anymore. And I am so glad. How blind can we be while we are having our eyes wide open.
Take care, Sue, and take your time to recover fully. Lots of love to you, dear πŸ’–

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There are none so blind with eyes that cannot see as the saying goes.. And yes thank you Erika.. I am taking my time my friend.. And will merge back here on WP slowly.. πŸ™‚ But Positively.. ❀

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Erika, I LOVE this post! Your first paragraph can stand on its own, but you complete the thought nicely. The sayings you use punctuate your points.

Several thoughts permeate. I do not need to know all pedestrian or personal details of others’ lives. There is a tendency for the reader, listener to overreact or overrespond. Conversely, I don’t want to share mine either. This is s key reason I am not on Facebook. It just does not suit me,

Back to your beginning, I love the message that don’t assume someone’s backpack is empty because they do not share its contents. The quiet grandfather has an abundance of history and stories, if you sit down for a chat and don’t rush him. Just because someone is not glib, does not mean they don’t have a lot to offer.

Thanks again and well written. Keith

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We are completely on the same wave, Keith. Neither I want to look into other people’s private life nor do I want others to look into mine. I can fully relate to your thoughts about Facebook. I use my account only for posts on my author’s page. I don’t use the private one and I am tired of reading other people’s detailed life updates.
I love the the grandfather comparison. I would even say, the more silent someone is the more may linger behind those doors. The difference is that they think about what they share without leaving the doors constantly open.
Thank you for the wonderful comment, Keith!!


Erika, there is a fascinating book by Susan Cain called “Quiet” about introverts and introverts who can choose to be extroverts when needed for business, speeches, etc. This is where I read this. Large companies are multi-businesses. The CEO needs to know where to invest more, where to invest less, where solid, but steady performance lies, and so on. They need to be able to analyze or understand analysis around these and other subject. The rah, rah types are less valuable if they cannot do this.


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I totally agree! As you said here, the introvert ones may even have the better strategies since they are going deeper before they are pushing the gas pedal! A good businessman is not the loud one but the one who takes well thought action.


It’s quite a journey to find ourselves after going through such a time Erika. We will test the old, discover the new and finally accept what we have become because of it. In the meanwhile letting go of what no longer works for us.
And as you have said, we will distract ourselves with whatever we can hold onto as we go through this. And that is a protective, coping mechanism to give us a break, simply because we are so tired from 100% thinking, thinking, thinking as we go through it.
I ask people going through such a time (as an example I’ll use going through a divorce), how they felt after twelve months, how they are feeling within themselves,and they say ‘much better’.
But if I ask them another twelve months later they say ‘heaps better, I thought I was ok at the twelve month mark but there was still much to resolve even then’.
Our biggest dilemma in going through something is to just allow ourselves that time. Hard as that is when the emotional pain is constantly knocking on our mind. And the way we approach it can help or hinder that process.
We need that rest and the quickest path is to resolve what is causing it. But in the meantime ‘time out’ should be integrated with listening to something as the mind can’t focus on listening AND be thinking away like crazy. That is also where those lovely friends come in, you know the one’s that drag you kicking and screaming off to do something when all you wish to do is sit at home and ‘think’, you know, that buzzing of constant tiring chatter that never seems to stop. Trust me, your friends are a God send, pains though they are, but love they are built on.
And especially if our problem has reached a point where our anxiety has become crippling to our day to day function. This post of mine Anxiety/Panic Attack Help! will give a explanation of anxiety and exactly what body processes trigger it and what can be done to counter them and bring back some peace into our lives. And it works, most people don’t realise that this can be halted even though they are still going through their problems. It can actually bring them back to a calmer place so that the problems can be dealt with on a much better level.
I hope that your journey is not requiring the above Erika and that your heart is full of that inner love to guide you through what it is you are facing.
Much love and light for your journey, may it, you and your lovely friends, guide you with much love ❀️

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Mark, I just read your post and I am amazed by the precision you described the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. I touched all the three. Thank God, I found a way to change something in my life to break out of the constant inner dialogue with which I was thinking me into a hole. The interaction of body and mind is amazing. When you calm down one the other one goes along with it.
I experienced it all the growing pressure and the relief after making a decision and going for it. I am also most thankful for having some people around me who knew about every little detail and whith whom I could talk. Their view on everything and understanding for how I was dealing and how I was trying to find a way out was amazingly supportive. It strengthens the broken self-esteem and activates your inner power in order to be able to step back, watch everything from a distance and take action with re-energized.
But, yes, as you said in the beginning a break is necessary and it comes naturally since we need to stop running in order to sort things out and walk on liberated with a clear view and strong steps.

Mark, I am deeply humbled by your comment. I want you to know that I appreciate it a lot that you took the time. Your words are full of power and understanding which touches me deeply. Thank you so much. Lots of love to you, dear friend πŸ’–

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My pleasure Erika. And I am glad you are in that better state so that life can be lived instead of dragged through πŸ˜€
In the midst of mayhem can be crazy but a little ray of sunshine within it allows some peace to take a breath, adjust how we see something, and take another step forward.
May your steps in the sunshine be many dear lady ❀️

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Yes, I payed my dues I guess but took that proverbal break inbetween, as you mentioned it. It is the necessary pause to make us distance, reflect, and realize what happened, where we are, and where we want to be… And… That it is a choice!
Your comments are wonderful confirmations and me me understand even better the whole process. Thank you, Mark, for your wishes and I wish you the same. I am happy, we are connectedπŸ˜ŠπŸ™

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