A Smile Is A Reminder


Lately, I had an interesting discussion with my business partner. He told me that on the way to work, he heard about a study on the radio. When you smile at someone, something begins to change in the brain cells of the other person. They are more responsive which has an effect on that person again who smiled in the first place. Also, there something changes in the brain cells which, in the end, makes both experience feelings of happiness. A smile does indeed connect, but it seems that is is a result of a switch the brain makes. And we know what an influence the brain has on our feelings.

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Daily Kind Quote

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In Love and Light

When A Moment Completes The Picture

Everybody has their backpacks to carry. Some people are unpacking freely, every stumble, fall, burden, or point on their agenda while others don’t feel the need to bless the world with the details of their private lives. However, only because someone doesn’t invite the world into their living rooms doesn’t mean their backpack is empty. Not at all!

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Keep Going – Really Always?


The past weeks have become more and more challenging. Highly inspired I started a new but big and time-consuming project (I am developing specific skincare products). Unfortunately, next to my job (which is also becoming more and more of a challenge), my therapy practice, duties everywhere, appointments, and the rare time that’s left to see my children, I try to squeeze this, too into the weekends and evenings. I have been feeling like a robot for weeks. Read more ›

#Haiku – Your Wellbeing Matters


Shushing your feelings

While pressure is building up

It is not worth it!

In Love and Light


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