When A Moment Completes The Picture

Everybody has their backpacks to carry. Some people are unpacking freely, every stumble, fall, burden, or point on their agenda while others don’t feel the need to bless the world with the details of their private lives. However, only because someone doesn’t invite the world into their living rooms doesn’t mean their backpack is empty. Not at all!

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More Than Advice We Need Understanding

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A day can start well. You are looking forward to what it has in store for you and you are unburdened and open for everything in a positive way. But all of a sudden a single incident can throw you off your feet. You find out that you may have been tricked, used, or manipulated and you are really mad. The worst thing someone can say in that moment is: “Calm down, I am sure, it will all work out for you.” Most of all when it is the person who caused your irritation. Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

Tears help.JPG

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In Love and Light

#Haiku – He Will Deal With It


When times are heavy

There’s someone who takes over

Let go… and let God!


In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

Look up and see the sky

In Love and Light

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