When A Moment Completes The Picture

Everybody has their backpacks to carry. Some people are unpacking freely, every stumble, fall, burden, or point on their agenda while others don’t feel the need to bless the world with the details of their private lives. However, only because someone doesn’t invite the world into their living rooms doesn’t mean their backpack is empty. Not at all!

When new things come into our lives and we are welcoming them, do we at the same time sort something else out to make room? Perhaps some people do. But there is a natural tendency to add the new and focus on how to fit it into the current life-conditions. This goes on until the moment when “the room” is overcrowded and there is almost no way to breathe anymore. It is interesting that the option of setting something aside is not even considered until signs of overwhelm occur. Signs like restlessness, depression, aggression, frustration… followed by physical symptoms.

And here we go: I am one of those who embrace given chances (at least I need to try, right?) without thinking of the possibility to set other things aside. Furthermore, I am not the type of person who wants the world to know when I broke a fingernail or how my turtle breathes during its hibernation. This is not the reason I am on social media. Instead, I want to be a little ray to illuminate spots inside of those who need it to find their way through their own jungle of struggles… inspired by my experiences.

Let’s put both, adding action and an introvert personality, together:
Over the past 3 years, my life changed a lot due to my job situation and turbulences in my private life. Still, I wanted to keep up with what feels meaningful to me (like my therapy practice, my blog, my writing). Although I have my tools, the intensity and the time the negative vibes had to develop have left something. Weeks ago I enjoyed a singing bowl treatment (which I grant myself every 2 to 3 months, it has a fantastic effect on me). When the therapist put the bowl onto my heart chakra, the sound was silenced immediately. She stroke the bowl a few times with the same result. No vibration, completely blocked. I was a little shocked that what I knew but tried to wipe away was presented to me so clearly. It made me rethink my situation and all of a sudden everything transformed into a complete picture and makes so much sense.

I was more focused on finding ways how to make everything work which accumulated. My weekends have become even busier than my workdays. I did not let anything go but to keep the overwhelm at the base and to protect myself, I blocked even more which increased the feeling of being crushed – a viscious circle. I was aware of the signs when even I tried to ignore them (like intolerance, moodiness, stress, sleep disorders, constant restlessness, running out of inspiration …).
This is not who I am and this is not who I want to be!
Realizing this all, signs and hints have been bombarding me since. Posts from our community like Annette’s or Sue’s post confirmed and provided answers. I am still taken away by the clarity of the message. AND I am amazed to remember my own posts like There Is Only Love or No Love or my post from last Monday in which I was talking more to myself than I realized while writing.
I am fully aware that a progressed misbalance in my life has caused big parts of my situation and I have already arranged changes that will come into effect with the beginning of the new year. But after the singing bowl insight, I noticed that I have to take measures even before the change in order to bridge the next 4 weeks.

However, I decided to reduce my time on WordPress for a non-defined time. No, don’t celebrate too enthusiastically. I won’t disappear… lol! I don’t know yet in which way and how frequently I will be posting during the coming weeks. So far, I want to keep up my Daily Kind Quotes. That way I may be able to post more spontaneously with even shorter takes. I want to reconnect with mySelf, empty the trash can, and fill me up with new life and enthusiasm to provide the inspiration I want to spread through my writing.

I am not sharing this because I feel so sorry for myself or because I want anybody to feel sorry for me. I am sharing this again as information for my blogging friends and as an example drawn from life because perhaps there are others out there who feel trapped in a similar situation and who can relate to what I said here. Perhaps it gives them an idea of how to find ways to their solution. As I said, we all have our backpacks to carry whether others do or don’t know. How and when to deal with the content is an individual journey. But for sure, the way is in the heart!

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In more Love and Light than ever 💖

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and to shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world in order to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted, and become the blessing for all of us you were meant to be.


Thank you for yet another insightful post, dear Erika.
Take good care of yourself, no one else can do this for you. Use the needed time for you alone.
I haven’t tried this with the singing bowls, but it sounds very interesting. I think, that I could use some unblocking too.
Send much love to you ❤

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When I went there for the first time, I was more curious. I had not expected it being so effective. You can feel what is going on in your whole body and mind. You can feel the vibration and what it makes in your system. The feelings which are coming up and drifting off or the grounding you feel coming back. If you try it then please let me know about your experience, Irene.
Thank you so much for your lovely words. I know you understand very well what I am talking about 💖

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Thank you Erika and I will try it. I just need to know a little more about it. Is it important, that I am able to talk about what happens, with the person who do this? I ask, because my Spanish is not that well and I would like to do, what is best.
Otherwise I will need to find one, who also speak English. Thank you for your help ❤

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Actually not! I am asked by the therapist what my needs are or what I feel I want to have solved or where I feel a problem to be solved. But if there is nothing urgent I tell her to simply do how she feels like. Those have always been the best sessions.
Actually, the therapist needs to do it intuitively anyway. So, I would simply tell them to do what they are guided to do.
They might tell you after the treatment what they recognized or you may have questions about what you experienced. Then the language could be an issue perhaps.💖

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Thank you for your answer Erika. Then I will do, as I also did with other treatments like massage, healing, Reiki and Reflexology, where I also let the therapist work by their intuition. I just need to find one, as I can understand. Some people talk more clearly than others and accent means a lot here ❤

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It is not always easy to make a specific decision most of all when it goes along with a big change. But once the decision is made to move forward determined without looking back, it is already so liberating and uplifting. Thank you, Michael, and have a wonderful evening yourself!

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When we find ourselves overloaded, it becomes necessary to unload, discard and do a bit of rearranging. We need to do what is in our best interests maintain a healthy outlook for our goals and dreams. Wonderful, sobering and relatable post, Erika. Take good care of You and don’t allow the environment to dictate You.

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What would I do without your support, Sylvester? You always have the best words at hand. At one point we must confess to ourselves that we need to drop some burden in order to not get stuck but to keep up a healthy way of going through life. Otherwise, we are of no use for anything. We could not fulfill our purpose because we are held back by things of which we have already grown out.
Thank you very much, Sylvester!


We can try to be the end all, do all, be all, but at some point we will basically burn out from spinning in circles. In order to maintain that healthy way of life we have to trim the burdens that trouble us. You’re very welcome and have my unconditional support always!

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You’re right. I think most of us have, at some point or other, kept accumulating things and trying to juggle too many balls at the same time. It’s better to let a few of them drop than to have all of them come down on our heads and crush us. Take lots of care, Erika, and thanks for the inspiration.

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Aren’t we so similar in this subject? You hit the nail on the head with your comment. This analogy with juggling more and more balls is a fantastic imagery. Often we even ignore those balls already falling on our heads until it really hurts. Thank you very much, Olga 💖


this is so good for all of us to take to heart. you have, and continue to, help so many with your words and personal insights. cut back where you need to, and we’ll be here to read and support you in any form. ❤

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My, thank you, Beth. I love doing it and I could not be more humbled to hear that it makes some sense what I am doing. Only what you said here is already so fueling again. I am very happy to be here with you and all our other friends. Maybe there will simply be a change in my blogging habits due to changed conditions and circumstances. I just missed adjusting… lol!
Have a lovely day and feel hugged, Beth 💖


Dearest, Sister, whatever you choose to do only shows how very much you love yourself! I am honored and blessed to be a part of your life, as much as I am to have you along with me on my journey. Thank you for this post as it confirmed so much that has been running through my head of late. Especially the meme that talked about it isn’t what I am going through, it’s how I think about what I am going through. Always here for you! ❤

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You said something very important here. This all has so much to do with self-love or with a lack or misunderstanding of it. I don’t know how often I even posted about it because it is so clear and although we know we overlook it.

It amazes me how many of us are at a similar point or are turning similar thoughts about it. What you and others posted very reminders and hints as this post here may have stroke a chord in you. I believe that this is only the peak of the iceberg and the beginning of a really big revelation. One dropped layer makes the other layers weaker and our inner light can burn down those remaining layers better piece by piece. It is exciting.

Thank you for your wonderful and daily dose of inspiration, Annette. You truly are an angel 💖


Wonderful perceptions here Erika. I am a great believer that a vacation from work should be minimum 3 weeks (at least for me). The first week is a gradual letting go of the work issues. The second week is the total break from work matters and therefore an actual vacation, and the third week is when one starts to refocus on what needs to be done at work. i.e. a 3-week break gives you a 1-week vacation from work.

We should treat our lives in much the same way in that if a break is needed from any circumstance, we ensure that it is a real break, and not just a poor imitation!

Our backpacks accumulate many things as we journey through our lives. Some things are hidden from sight in little pockets, others are buried in the bottom of the backpack. While those items may well never be seen by others, we (the backpack owner/carrier) should never pretend that they are not there. i.e. not stepping back to review circumstances, or not taking breaks as needed, or not addressing matters that are clearly impacting our journey … is simply going to cause more stress.

This was a bit of a writing ramble but, hopefully, some of it will make sense to you!

Do whatever you need to do. Hearing from a “healthy Erika” once a month (e.g.), is much preferred over a stressed Erika once a day! Take care.

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Everything you said here makes big sense, Colin. I think the same about every line and I like how you went even more into detail with the backpack. Sometimes we put something in a side pocket and forget where it is. It is still there, we carry the weight, and we ourselves don’t recognize it. Sometimes those things are even better observed by others from the outside. This is such an interesting subject and your comment gave it even more depth.
I love my blog, I am so very thankful that I have the opportunity to share and spread what I hope may be inspiring or even helpful for others. But the purpose would be missed if I forced myself to keep it going while the quality lacks. Being totally gone would not be healthy for me either but giving myself the freedom to not keeping up with a plan/schedule I once made, is like breaking a chain I felt tied to. And that is a general decision – not only for my blog.
Thank you very much for taking the time for reading and commenting. I appreciate this a lot, Colin. Have a nice day 😊


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