There Is Only Love or No Love


A couple weeks ago, Keith and I talked about how negative feelings like hate and fear can eat you up. This made me realize once more that only love fuels us with energy while negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs only weaken. But why is this?


First of all, it has to do with who we really are. Our real being has nothing to do with flesh and bones. It has nothing to do with what we achieve, which profession we have or how we live. It has not even anything to do with what we think. Our real being is energy, is spirit, is the immortal part which lives in our bodies and keeps them alive. This spirit was not made by men but by a higher force (call it God, Universe, or whatever you like to call it). And that higher force is the ultimate idea of love and life. Can I prove this? No, I can’t (probably Gregg Bradon could). I can only say that it feels like basic knowledge but not coming from the brain but from a place beneath the brain. Perhaps you have felt this connection between you and others on several occasions. You may have been astonished because you had no explanation but it was real. However, if you like to follow this thought then let’s go further.


When a child is born, it has the DNA of their parents. The same happens on the spiritual level. We are what we come from. We have the same composition. In my book, I’m Free, I compare this with a cake. The whole cake has the same composition as a crumble of it. Let’s see our selves like a slice of the universal cake. Energetic crumbles are spread all over the universe and even filling bodies. But still, this energy has always been part of the big cake. So, how could we be different from that higher force that created us? That again means, that what we really are is the purest form of love. Now add to that the mind and its ego and you have the human remedy. In fact, it makes things complicated but we need it to make a physical experience and to remember through experience, who we really are.


But why is it now that love strengthens and anger or fear weakens? When I am making soaps I need to melt the solid fats before I mix them with the liquid fats. That needs to be done that both parts have the same texture and reach a condition in which they are compatible and merge. Now, when who I am is love then only love can merge with me, can fuel me, nourish me. Resentments, hatred, unforgiveness, self-doubts, resignation, unhappiness, don’t have the composition which the True Self has. It only needs a lot of effort when trying to merge with them because their energy and the energy of who I am is not compatible. It won’t ever work and that’s why they are weakening instead of strengthening. The only result is growing weakness, unhappiness, frustration, bitterness, and it gets more and more taxing to tie them to me. In the longer run, mental or physical diseases can manifest from it.

The opposite of fear is not courage – it is love. 
The opposite of self-doubt is not self-esteem – it is love.
The opposite of weakness is not strength – it is love.
The opposite of discontentment is not contentment – it is love.
The opposite of illness is not health – it is love.

Of course, those other opposites are not wrong. But in the end, they are nothing but aspects of love. In reality, the Negativity and Positivity are two ends of the same energy. Both ends cannot exist at the same time. Like darkness and light cannot exist at the same time. We cannot feel love AND fear or love AND discontentment. When we are filled with love there is no room for resentments. So, there is only love or no love. We need to let our inner being shine in order to let love and (therefore) life flow through us. Whatever caused the mind-filter to block the energy of love, it is and has always been there. We only need to align the mind with the heart and we will feel the unstoppable and healing power of who we really are.

Let’s sum it up:
Love is the only food our soul tolerates.
Otherwise, it will be starving or poisoned.
Choose love for your own sake. 


In Love and Light


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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


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I just took a look at your post. Sorry, I forgot my password and could not log in for commenting. I hope this here works for you too
I agree, there are many types of love. Although when I look at the obsessive or erotic love it is not what I would name as love but more as a craving or ego thing.
I was blessed to listen to three lectures of the legendary Wayne Dyer. Once he said that there are three types of love:
Human love: a love that changes and varies and is basically conditional
Spiritual Love: a love that varies, but never changes and is mostly shared between children and parents
Divine Love: a love that never changes and never varies. It is the ultimate unconditional love.
Thank you for your inspiring comment and post, Joanne!


Thank you Erika for stopping by and for taking the time to comment. I totally agree with Wayne Dyer’s perspective on love. He is such a legend and he has accumulated so much knowledge and wisdom. Amazing that you were able to hear the man in person! Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a blessed Christmas holiday🎄. I checked my wordpress settings and revised it to allow people to comment more easily. A few people mentioned the same problem you encountered.

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It was a very interesting post with many points to ponder about. Thank you for letting me know. Regarding Wayne Dyer, only when he entered the room something about the energy had changes and listening to him already felt healing.
To come back to the topic. In the end, I really think that there is only one real love which is the pure unconditional look atnhow everyone or everything is without judging or expecting something in return. Love for the sake of love. And everything else are modifications for helping us to understand what love really means and what it is about.
Sorry for this long reply but you see, I love this topic 😅


Thank you for the hint, Joanne. I will for sure, since love is what makes us all alike becaudse love is who we are. I just need to ask you for patience. I am just about to make more time again for catching up with my own projects after 2 crazy years. Reading books again is oke of my goals after I caught up. 😄


I will Joanne. If you are interested then of course, you can check out mine too. It is about realzing who we really are, rediscovering our powers, and as a result letting go of fears and limitations. And of course, love is the bottom line of this all😊


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