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“How can a person overcome the horrible things that often happen in our world?”

This question was asked by my friend Nicodemas, of NicodemasPlus ThreeHe asked the question in a comment to my post IGNORANCE – WEAPON AND SURVIVAL TOOL: FEAR. I don’t know if I met your expectations, Nicodemas, but this is what happened to be written:


Every day, many tragedies happen: accidents, diseases are diagnosed, children die, parents die, attacks destroy innocent lives, natural disasters take lives and possessions, child abuse, torture, and much more… a lot of heartbreaking happenings. And with good cause we ask, why does this need to happen or how can people be so cruel? I already wrote a lot about everything happening for a reason and that many good souls play the role of the victim and the offender in order to teach each other and the grieving people. It is important to know that in order to be able to step back and look at the whole situation from a higher perspective. Although it is not the topic today it is part of it.


Now how to deal with the tragedies in the world? We mostly cannot do a lot or even nothing when sad things happen. And this is the crucial point that makes us feel so helpless. But you know what? We can do something! Everything in this world is directed by energy. When something bad happened we can feel like paralyzed, aggressions against injustice can come up, or we feel resentments against the cause of the tragedy. But in aligning with the same energy that caused the tragedy we even strengthen something we don’t want. Thoughts of hatred and revenge cause strong feelings which have an amazingly powerful creative energy. On one hand, it is separating instead of uniting and it causes a counterforce on the other hand.


If we don’t want bad things to happen we need to go into the direction of good things, think good thoughts, act in kind ways, share compassion. When we fight terror with war it causes, even more, acts of violence and terror. We can only break that circle in incorporating the opposite energy. Energies of hatred and revenge nurture hatred and cause more revenge. What we need to create is balance. Again, I am coming to ignoring what I don’t want. We need to ignore the need to fight back and instead turn around and look into the direction where peace and compassion reigns. When sending love instead of hatred the fuel is taken out of the bad energy and the sails are set towards a different direction. The more people stop reacting to the game of terror and retaliation but instead care for the victims, pray for them, or do something good as a balancing act, I swear, we can change and heal the world.


And now here I am:  “How can a person overcome the horrible things that often happen in our world?”

  • Share compassion
    But don’t mix it up with pity. Feeling pity weakens. Feeling compassion strengthens. There is an easy way to approach compassion instead of pity:
  • Refuse to Judge 
    When you don’t judge you are focused on what can be done and not on what was done!
  • Ask yourself: What can I do to raise the energy?
    It doesn’t matter if you cannot do something which is directly related to the current happening. You can share food, help out a neighbor, make an anonymous gift, donate clothes or money, join a charity, or simply send out love and light. Any act of kindness raises the collective energy.

We cannot change what happened but WE CAN be part of a change. This gives our lives meaning and it unites! There may always be horrible things happening caused by individuals or groups. But nevertheless, we mustn’t be discouraged but keep up the loving attitude with our eyes towards the benefit for those in need. The worse things happen the more important it is. And everyone can do that in their own little world or even in the big world. It is easier to deal with tragedies when we do something that brings balance and which shows the victims and their families that they are not alone.


We have an order to live this life the best way we can and we have to do it for ourselves as well as for everyone else. Be what you want to see and you will have the power to heal yourself and bring healing! We are on a mission!

In Love and Light

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