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Basically, when asked, everybody knows for themselves what really matters in their lives (most of all those who were already reminded through life). Taking a serious look at our lives we distance pretty soon from luxury problems which cause us to complain reflexively. Who cares about a closed gate or standing at a red light, a rainy day or a missed bus when you consciously think about the meaning. Those things are temporary “problems” which mostly don’t have a deeper impact on the future.


Probably when thinking of what really matters in a person’s life it comes down to some few things: health, food, home, family (no particular order). Yes, we all think of financial security too but for some reasons often we feel almost guilty mentioning it. But in fact,Β  depending on where someone lives this may be a basic need for sure. However, we are pretty much aware of how little it needs to be content.

Humbleness means, being content with what you already have and grateful for everything you receive.

I used to make lists of gratitude once a week and it was amazing to realize how much I found and how deep I went in seeing the seemingly smallest thing appear as the most meaningful. What means possession if we cannot share it? What means success if we are out of dreams? The inspiration for writing this post comes from a diagnosis one of my relatives received about 4 weeks ago – a young family member. You can be aware of what really matters in life but when you have the issue thrown into your own four walls then you really know! The gratitude for every single good news within the shocking diagnoses shows how humble we actually are.


Yes, I have my “needs” if even they may be luxury. It only comes from the way I am used to living. But it is not really something which killed me if I didn’t have it anymore. So, I enjoy and treasure this life but I am in the awareness that it is not a given right but a gift. However I am feeling at this very moment, or wherever I am going through there might always be someone in a worse place than I am. The humbleness of the concerned person in my family is beyond comparison. That person shows us what it means to accept what is combined with grounded confidence that this is only a temporary issue. What a role model!


When receiving disturbing news many feel like paralyzed in their shocks. They feel helpless and are desperate. But even though not being a doctor or not there in person, everybody can do something actively. It is important to understand the role we should take at that moment. If we are not directly involved we need to give our support by simply being there, by either listening or radiating the strength those directly involved need, and for taking action if we can do something actively. That means that I have to be strong in the first place in order to be strong for those who need it.

joel-osteen-quotes-309.jpgBy all means, however sad that situation may be, it is not about me. It is about the concerned person(s). It cannot be that I call myself a victim. I have to step out of the self-pity mode and tune in the support mode. Being fearful only weakens. It would make constantly think of what I don’t want to happen AND it only pulls those even more down who need my help. Perhaps we don’t know how things are going to turn out but since we cannot control them we need to build up that confidence in us to radiate it and transmit it to those who need it. They need to feel that they are not alone in their struggle. They need to have a pillar to hold on to when their knees are shaking, a hand that pulls them up again or someone who walks for them if they need a break. Most of all confidence needs to be radiated to that particular person.


We never know how much time we are given on this planet. And we don’t know for how long we can live our lives in the way we want it to live. It doesn’t need to be a disease, an accident, or the death of someone that can turn life upside down. The loss of a job, a natural disaster, a separation, or a deep personal disappointment can cause this too. If it happens then it may not only be realized what really matters but also the gifts which are still there. Even in the most challenging situation, we don’t lose everything at once. It is in looking at what we still have and in finding the strength, the life force, the will power, and the look ahead from those gifts and from all the other things which really matter.

If the circumstances don’t push us to be strong for ourselves
then let’s be one of those gifts
or one of those things which really matter
in the lives of others.Β 

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In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Thought provoking as always Erika, we don’t know what life will bring and for how long. The gifts we’re given help guide us I guess and sometimes these events bring us to realise things we had that we had long forgotten.

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What really matters is to use quality time together with the souls, as we love and care for, Erika.
Material things are always possible to find again, but beloved souls don’t come in copies.
Great and thoughtful post, dear Erika.
Wish your nephew all the best and I have included all of you in my daily practice too.
Much love to you and I hope, that you had a good time with your family, even if the reason was different ❀

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And you are one of those beautiful souls which really matter, Irene. Thank you for this touching comment. It truly touches a certain spot in the heart which feels this truth strongly. And thank you for including my nephew. I am so proud of him.
Irene, you words are so meaningful. Would you allow me to share them?


What a very important post today, Erika. This life is temporary and we have to be thankful for what we have and not worry about what we don’t have. With gratitude comes blessings. I think about this all the time, that there is someone going through a tougher time than I am no matter how much I perceive what am going through. It does not mean that I am strong, it only means that I am not seeing my situation as hopeless. The material things in life have value in a particular moment but overall there are more important things and we shouldn’t burden ourselves worrying over things that are out of our control. We should be for each day we are given and the opportunity to receive a blessing in that day. Gratitude and hope should be firmly fixed in our hearts. Thank you again, for very uplifting post and I will keep your family in my prayers.

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Sylvester, your comment summed this wonderfully up. I love how you said that it isn’t a sign of strenght but of still seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And that is what keeps us going witout complaining, lamanting, or dissolving in self-pity. I also think, we need to be careful in seeing the own sitation as so challenging because we don’t know how many there are out there who are in a much more difficult situation.
Thank you very much for including in your prayers. This is highly appreciated!


Again, I thank you for this post and I have some co workers that are going through very
trying moments. There is no need to demonstrate that we are strong and can handle any an all things. As you said, we need not to sink into complaining and self pity.
You’re very welcome, Erika!

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I am sorry to hear about your co-workers. There are more people affected (in different levels) than one may think. Those who are directly concerned very often deal better with this than some people around them.
Again, thank you, Sylvester!

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We need to keep our eyes on the light. Either for ourselves or for others to strengthen them on their journey. And we need to keep in mind that even when we are struggling there is always someone in a worse place. My nephew is an amazing strong boy.


Spirit told me I was going to die, and even gave me the year.
Suddenly all those things I thought was important, no longer were.
I began to see things that had meaning, of those I had been blind to.
I began to share, where before I didn’t care.
I began to empathize, instead of holding it inside.
But most of all, all around me was these many others, struggling, in fear, experiencing such tragedies, that my heart went out to them.
I had been lost to them in my worries of myself in the world.

But now I had found me, and out of that darkness came a light, a light of love that I only now can truly share with another.

I send much love and light to those that are struggling in your heart Erika, may they, and you, at the least, find that light, and at the most, share it between you in your journey ❀️

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Mark, this makes me speechless. First of all thank you for your thoughtfulness. I am totally humbled. And second, your first paragraph are so right on target. The meaning of how priorities and views change, so wonderfully summed up and described.
Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It radiates so much peace and at the same time power and comfort.

Thakn you from my heart πŸ’–

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It is a painful journey Erika, but underneath it all is a beauty like no other. Each step brings that light closer to the surface and a heart beating clearer.
I was responding to your post as it too was a call to stand in our own heart space, be at peace from this world and give of the love we have found. Those actions attract like and at the least give some comfort to others as well as ourselves.
And I most certainly do hope that your young relative finds that place as they go through a very tough trial.
And thank you for sharing your space ❀️

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Mark, you are touching my heart with your comment. Yes, absolutely, we are called more than ever to be aligned with our hearts – be in our hearts – in order to only radiate the love that is needed to reach those in need and actually everybody. Because that way we can heal our planet too. Healing begins in ourselves.
Thank you so very much for your kind and loving thoughts which I can feel clearly through your words. Your words have such deep meaning because they are coming right from your heart’s spaceπŸ’–

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