Don’t Excuse Your Purpose – Live It!

Do you know how healthy you are? No, that is not turning out as a post about healthy food. I am the wrong one for that. That’s Colleen’s realm. What I mean is, do you know how long you will be healthy, strong, and able to approach your plans, visions, and dreams? Do you know how much time you are given in this particular lifetime?

There is this touching story about that man who caresses the beautiful silky nightgown of his wife which he just found in a drawer. She kept it untouched for special occasions to surprise him. In the end, she never wore them and he never saw them on her … We don’t know what happens in one year, heck, we don’t even know what happens in the next moment. That doesn’t mean that we need to panic and start hectically to accomplish everything at once. It shall simply say that we need to stop postponing things.

Yes, sometimes there are different priorities. But what I am talking about here are the things we could do but don’t. It is more convenient to find an excuse instead of making the effort to get something started. It can be out of laziness. Very often it is out of a lack of self-esteem – the fear of failing, the fear of being questioned, the fear of being criticized. We use excuses like I am not smart enough, I am too old, I don’t have the time, I never did it before.

So what? If we never do something we never did before, then we never do anything! What is progress? It is evolving into something that wasn’t there before. We are here to evolve. That is the meaning of life. During life our bodies are developing, our minds are developing, our personalities are developing, and so shall develop the life we live!

We all have skills, talents, abilities, and dreams. The combination of it all is what waits for you to be brought into the world or developed within you. You are 70 and always dreamed of learning Mandarin? Do it!!! Don’t say, I am too old. What do you have to lose?

One of those excuses which makes the least sense to me is to resign from something out of respect for others. For example, parents who cannot let go of their children: “I cannot travel the world for one year because it would break my mother’s heart when I am gone for so long.” “I cannot accept that job because I had to move to another city which would hurt my parents.” I can get mad when I hear something like that. No parents must make their children feel guilty when for living their own life. From day one on parents needs to be aware of the fact that they raise their children in order to prepare them for life. A child has to be supported in finding its own way in this world. Of course, it is different when parents are sick and in need of help.

It is your life. Don’t wait until you look back and realize that you don’t need excuses anymore because the opportunities have already gone. It is the worst thing I can imagine I could do to myself. Because in the end there is no one to blame but myself.

Don’t be afraid of leaving your comfort zone and breaking out of your old life. You can never fail. I repeat: YOU CAN NEVER FAIL!!! Because whatever you do today brings you further than you were yesterday. Every insight is a step up the stairs of your personal evolution.

Wear those silky nightgowns and enjoy them. Make others smile with who you are. Enjoy your life by filling it with who you are and expanding that person you are. You don’t know what the next day brings. Use the time you are given. Make this education, join this class, do something that you always wanted to do, and take the first steps towards it. Even if you don’t know how to accomplish it. There are people to ask, there are books to read, and there is the internet. Rome wasn’t built in a day. There is no deadline. You only need to start and move forward step by step. Some steps are happening faster and easier, and some need more time.

Entering this new world within your life will open up new options too. You will find even more fulfillment than you had ever imagined. All the new things you encounter leave something that inspires and shows you more things to explore. You will discover much more about yourself and you will feel as if life had just begun.

You have come into this world to live your purpose – in order to live a fulfilled life and in order to serve others with it at the same time. This life is a giving and receiving. Life is for a living! We only live when we feel ourselves. We feel ourselves the best when we dilate our inner world into the outer world.

Fill your life with meaning and start today! 

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Thank you so much, Marissa! I would say you and your husband are great role models in opening up ways for your children to inspire them finding and living their purpose!


An excellent perspective for sure! I would like to expand it a little to expressing emotions more openly and regularly. If you love somebody, then tell them the next time you see them. If you have an issue with children, peers etc., resolve it. There is nothing more sad to read about than somebody who had unresolved issues with a person who was just killed in a traffic accident. Will your child be alive tomorrow? Quite likely… but there are no guarantees, so do you really want to take that chance. Never put off until tomorrow something that can be done today!

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Such a lovely post full of inspiring thoughts and insights! It is so true we are always waiting until then, when is that? the silky nightgown really made it a thought to remember! I also tell my kids I will be sad but GO GO GO and I encourage them to leave me even if it hurts. They know my feelings for sure, they will grow and be better people, new experiences and then we will all be happier, healthier! Lovely post! xx

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Yes, exactly, Lynn! I completely agree! I had to swallow when the time came that my daughter moved out but I am so very proud of her and I would never have it any different. It is another development in the life of a person when they have to let the kids create their own life. And we can be a bit proud of ourselves when they are able to make it!

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My Purpose and dream is to be a great sister and caregiver to my brother Stephen who has Autism. At the end of my days I want St. Peter or Jesus to say to me, “Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the Joy of thy Lord.” For then I shall receive my just reward and all the desires of my heart.

Sadly people like my brother Stephen with developmental and intellectual disabilities are shunned and considered outcasts. All our immediate family have passed away but some of my cousins consider me, my brother and my long deceased mother pariahs.

Maybe. Just maybe our purpose on earth is not to acquire more goods or things but to accept and help people with disabilities and their caregivers.

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I love it, Erika! One of my favorite quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. is “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” What if you don’t really know where you’re going? What would you suggest?

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It is an uncomfortable feeling for sure. But don’t stress yourself with the need of knowing. Faith is the most important attitude to have in those times. Move one step in front of the other and be attentive. You will get to know. As Wayne Dyer says: Be open to everything and attached to nothing. You are guided for sure. There is never a step into a nothingness. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Not knowing where to go is mostly a sign of a complete new beginning. Everything needs to reorder. Look at what feels good for you, try things out that speak to you, listen…. and you will be led to new places which fit the new you!

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Oh, Krista, I am sorry to hear that. I hope that everything calms soon or gets back to normal soon. I wish I could do more but at least I send you genuinely felt hugs 💖 Always feel free to email when you feel like it. 💖

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