Suffering Part 1 – The Torture In Our Heads

When we are suffering we feel bad. Depending on the reason we feel sadness, pain, fear, torn apart, helpless, lost, ignored, dependent, punished, frustrated, depressed, physically ill,… the list could go on and on and on…

There are so many reasons why we suffer from something that happened in our lives. The biggest problem is that we are tending to search for answers and for explanations. At least I am a master in the need for understanding. If someone acts differently towards us and we don’t get an answer then the dangerous circle of thoughts starts twisting in our minds. We stop perceiving but start assuming – a killing virus. We start interpreting every little piece we find in order to put it together into a picture. We feel such a need to understand in order to find peace. That’s the breeding ground for misunderstandings, further interpretations, and ongoing misunderstandings. The picture we desperately try to complete is getting more and more distorted until we are completely confused and devastated. We don’t get the answers we hope for but lots of irritation. When we finally step back and let go of the need to analyze everything we all of a sudden see the misunderstanding. We only interpreted our own experiences and our own way of thinking. Why do we expect others might think as we do? As long as we only look out of our own eyes how shall we ever understand another person, a situation, or a greater context? How shall we ever get steadfast when we don’t trust because we try to have everything under control? Whatever is meant to happen will happen. It will happen in the perfect way. But with our impatience, we can stretch the duration, make our life hell, and think ourselves to pieces only to find out that nothing of everything was ever true.

In order to unmask the big misunderstanding and fight within us we need to understand how our mind handles happenings. Our mind has only the experience of its physical life. There is no higher awareness coming from the mind. That’s why we need to bring it in alignment with our soul’s voice. I joined a workshop with the incredible Neale Donald Walsch two years back. This is what I drew from it:

The mind:

  • An event happens and our mind calls up stored data from similar events in the past in less than the twinkle of an eye. These data might be factual data or even only judged (imagined) data.
  • We create our truth out of those data. This truth can be a fictional (distorted), appearing (observed), or actual (ultimate) truth.
  • This personal truth generates thoughts. Depending on our individual truth they can be constructive or destructive.
  • Our thoughts create our emotions.
  • The emotions we feel create the perception and are responsible for HOW we experience what happens.
  • The experience and how we think, speak and act out of it create our reality.

Now let’s switch to our soul:

  • There are no events for the soul it perceives it as a judgmental-free being.
  • From simply being arisen a new perspective of awareness and consciousness.
  • This leads to perception.
  • A simple perception again leads to a profound belief.
  • A belief generates a certain behavior out of the perspective and perception of the soul.
  • The experience is turning out soulful.
  • At the end stands a reality that arises out of the conscious connection with the soul.

Which path feels better, lighter, effortless, or simply flowing? But we came here to make a human experience and we need the mind in order to complete this experience here on earth. The secret lies in aligning mind and soul. Therefore we need to first listen to our soul, trust in its inexhaustible wisdom and have faith. When we know what the soul wants we are in peace and act solely out of the loving being that wanted to walk on earth for some years. Now we can tell our mind what the soul decided and let it support the soul with its physical skills to make this physical lifetime a soulful, compassionate, joyful, and fulfilling experience.

When you find yourself twisting and turning, finding explanations and lacerating yourself with imagined truths (interpretations) then pause. Try to find the time to sit back, get still, and listen to the voice of the soul. Exchange a happening for the simple being and feel the relief. We have the tool to find peace within us. We have the tool to get rid of our thoughts’ chains. Our soul is not only always with us. We are this soul. Don’t ever let your mind tell you anything different.

In Love and Light!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


I love how beautifully and perfectly ended the post Erika. That was so deep and meaningful. An in-depth analysis of Human Condition. I liked how you broke it down part by part. Carefully elaborating every single feeling, every single thought, the processes and everything else in between. Hope you so skillfully separated mind from the soul and managed to describe what they both go through when suffering or grieving.

Such a wonderful wonderful post Erika. Something that will be on my mind for a long time.

Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us all. Much love to you,
Zee ❀

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Also it’s sad to see that some people have been so negative about this post, I’m sorry about that. I just want you to know it’s a great post and you have an absolute right to express your opinions and thought. IT’s not necessary that everybody agree with it.

You handled it really well which strangely made me very proud of you. Go get them you beautiful human being ! πŸ™‚

We love you Erika ❀

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Thank you, Zee! Everybody has an opinion and is intitled to have it. This one was the first negative comment ever. But it did not cause me one sleepless minute to be honest. I deliberately let the comment in. Thank you for your wonderful and encouraging words. Friends like you make me see why I love doing this. Big hugs, Zee πŸ’–


You are such a gem, Zee!!! Be glad you are not here now. I would squeeze you so strong you coulnd’t breathe. Much love to you, my dearest young friend!


Hahaha, I wouldn’t have mind the hug one bit Erika ! You are such a great person to have around this blogosphere and I’m sure you are just the same in person ! ❀ ❀

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Oh, Zee! I am speechless by your words. I am blessed that I may share all of these thoughts with you! Only this way it becomes my greates joy. Thank you for taking the time and reading it and go that much into detail. I am so happy you liked it. Much love to you, my sweet Zee!


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