Don’t Forget the Rooms of Power in Times of Struggle!

A house has several rooms. When we stand in the living room this might be the world for that moment because we only see that room in which we linger. We also know about the other rooms but they have no priority at that moment. When we need something from the kitchen or the bathroom we go there and then the kitchen or the bathroom has all the attention at that moment although we know about the living room.

Also in life, we set priorities. We linger in that room of thoughts and emotions which seems to be the most important one at that moment. When we are having problems we even refuse to leave that room. Yes, we know about the other wonderful rooms we could go to in an instant like the wonderful family we have, the blessing of a regular salary, a place to live, enough food every day, health, seeing the sun each morning, hearing the birds twittering, or whatever nice things we might have in our life we usually enjoy and are thankful for. But one single problem can make them become invisible and unimportant. Although the beautiful things in life haven’t changed, and have the same size and the same glamour, we don’t feel them as much as this one single problem – no matter how big it might be. This way we cut ourselves off from life’s energy, we get small, fearful, and weak. We only had to change the room in order to remember the many beautiful things. But we think that we have to give that problem all priority. I don’t say we shouldn’t take problems seriously. But actually, problems only become problems because we label them a problem. When we look at it from a little distance it only is a task or a challenge we have to work ourselves through. That decision to call something a problem is a big difference between struggling with something and just working it out. When we call something a problem we start running in circles and desperately seek solutions. We identify with it and connect with its energy. That way we will never find a solution. Wayne Dyer puts it: You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.  When we just see it as a happening we keep our distance, don’t identify ourselves with it, and therefore are open to a variety of possible solutions.

Life happens and through the interaction between all of us and our co-creations, we can’t control what goes on around us. Things fall into place. Although we might not have done anything to it we might become dramatically affected by some happenings; most of all when it comes to a loss of a person or a job. Even if a part of life changes we still have the other parts – we still have the other rooms. In times of turmoil, it is even more important to remember those many other rooms which are still there. Right then we need to go there and remember what we still have. We draw our energy from it in order to gain the strength to face the challenges of life.

Don’t ever cover your bad emotions about the struggles in your life with positive thinking. This will only make it worse. But dive into the positive parts of your world to get some distance, to get reminded of what you are still blessed with, to fill yourself with power and motivation, and most of all to see that your problems are only one momentarily part of your life – but not the whole content.

In Love and Light!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


There are so much lovely points in this post, and you can weave them together. What a great post.

It sounds like today we mentioned about house. It is the pretty metaphor to our life indeed. Yes, we are the house owners and there are so many rooms for visitors. Lets welcome them and send them with love and care.

When they disappear from our rooms, tidy them and prepare for the new visitors.

When they come, interact with them. Be the friendly house owner. Whatever happens, let it be. ; )

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No matter how many ways we and others explain the truth, it is the only one truth anyway. However, I enjoy listen to many ways you and others explained. it is like I enjoy various styles of music.

Always appreciate your thoughts and quotes as well ; )

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Right, we all have our unique way to perceive and to pass on what we experience. This makes us see the same situations from different perspectives. As I quoted it once: We are not competitors but supporting each other in our evolution.


It’s true. One bad event can obscure the positive things in life. It’s like clouds covering the sunshine. The sunshine is still there, but we have to find different things to do until the clouds dissipate. I think that the issue is perspective and how we need to compartmentalize our feelings and emotions. A wonderful post, Erika!

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Now the day is even slower! The excitement is building. Perhaps Tidbit Tuesday’s will now find a 2nd home on your blog. 😀

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In my opinion, defiant power struggles between parents and children have become more common in recent years. I believe this is a direct result of the glorification of power we see all around us: on television, in music, in politics, in the movies. In our culture, kids are taught from early on that power—and brute force—will get them what they want. As a result, we see a lot of kids who don’t know how to solve social or functional problems constructively. A social problem is “How do I get along with others?” And a functional problem is, “How do I meet my responsibilities without getting into trouble?” So if your child has not learned to solve these types of problems, he’ll refuse to do his chores by throwing a tantrum.

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