Stop Judging and You Begin to Free Yourself

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We are talking a lot about unveiling the ego and letting go of its destructive grip. It is much easier said than done. For years, the ego has grown as part of our own development. Of course, it depends a lot on the inner steadfastness we had in our younger years and on how much influence we let happen. Also, it depends on how long we got influenced, and at the time, the ego has gotten to grow from us feeding it with our convictions and experiences which were created through the eyes of the ego again… a pretty vicious circle, isn’t it?

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There are many ways the ego shows up when even in disguise. One of them is judging others for their opinions, their look, the way they live, the way they move through or deal with life. We can tell pretty quickly when we only start comparing us with them. We either judge them or ourselves. Even apparent tolerant people can have those reflexive thoughts inside. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t. It is human and THE source for many lessons. It shows up not only in personal situations but also at work when watching the news, in politics, on vacation,… The problem with this judging attitude is that in the end, we are limiting ourselves more than those we judge. What we judge in others is what we don’t grant ourselves.


To be free for opportunities, options, chances, we need to leave the little box we put ourselves. We need to leave the place of insisting on getting our little rights. We need to learn to listen to others and consider us in their situation. Would we still think the same way? And even if not, take it as another possibility which has not been visible for us yet. When we deliberately decide to set our own point of view aside and align openly with the other one, all of a sudden the energy changes. They feel respected and taken serious. As a result, they feel comfortable in your presence that makes them more willing to cooperate, or at least the more likely open up for a compromise.

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Not judging others gives me the same freedom to be me as I grant my counterpart. I experience less stress and pressure to fit in or to fulfill other people’s expectations. I can be me, and from there, walk the path which has been meant for me (with probably fewer detours). Who I am, and all I am connected with through my spiritual origin flows through me, through all I do, through all I say, and leaves a trace of awareness, love, and inspiration. When I stop judging, I liberate myself from a limiting construct of belief patterns. When I stop judging and instead look at who I am and what is (not what I imagine is) I see chances, beauty, and numberless little miracles. I see the miracle I am, the miracle life is, and the miracles life provides. I see miracles that I can effectuate by letting my being happen. Breaking that spell, judgment inevitably casts, means opening up for possibilities. It means reconnecting my spiritual origin with my source, with God. And with God all things are possible.


In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Lovely. When we are more in tune with ourselves to notice when things like judgement come up, we can make a different choice. However, we must be willing to enter the difficulty of noticing those parts of ourselves that we may want to avoid. Difficult. Yet, what I’ve noticed on my path is that noticing is the first step, and is so important to an eventual different choice. Hard, yet so worthwhile. Thanks for the lovely post. Be well.

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So say something so important: We have the choice! Regardless of what is, what was, and where we are, we do have the choice to think, speak, and do what we decide to. No excuses! We may not have the control over what happens around us but we do have the control how we react to what happens around us. No excuses! Great input, Jeff. Thank you!


Judgement is a huge life lesson for the entire world right now. This is a beautiful post filled with wisdom. Not only do we judge others, but judge ourselves with harshness. All of the quotes shared here resonate with me and I take them deep into my heart! Thank you, Erika!

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Yes, it is a very big lesson to finally learn. I think judging others comes from judging ourselves. Once we accept ourselves the way we are and respect the difference we make, understand that we are not failing but making experiences, we will stop judging others too. As Mark said, we understand others better once we understand ourselves. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving these wonderful words, Jan!

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I don’t think there is anyone completely non-judging others or themselves. It is human. But the insight alone helps to at least, change that reflexive thought. I would say, the real blessing lies in the decision not to judge – time and time again!

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With God all is possible. The moment we stop judging others including ourselves, we enable a spirit of understanding. We shed all these expectations and standards we try to live up to and begin to simply live life as our create being with room to grow. Kick the ego to the curb! Wonderful post to start the week off with, thank you!

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Yeah, right! When we stop judging we are cutting the cord to any expectations or useless obligations. We stop living up to the approval of others and simply enjoy the unfolding of the individual beings we are.


Yes, that’s exactly it. We are human and we may never completely escape that reflex but we are responsible for our thoughts and once we recognize a thought we don’t want we can still change it instantly! Thank you, Keith!


Beautiful Ericka, the lessons of the heart 😀
That was the one thing that I found. While ever I avoid my fear and not face it and understand it…it controls me by those inner judgments of myself. Our response to living in fear are those judgments of ourselves of ‘I’m not good enough, I can’t do this or that, or avoidance of many things’ and the negativities we hold of feeling unlovable or useless in many different ways.
But then we project those very things that we are. If we are angry, we project anger. If we are happy, we project that happiness. And if we judge ourselves, we project that judgment. It is human nature, we cannot give but what we are.
Don’t get me wrong, we most certainly can make our lives much better by being positive and giving from a good place. And this we will attract back to us in like manner. But if that inner fear has not been dealt with it will still come to us to face and understand, it is the most important part of our lives to understand. In understanding our own hearts, we will understand others. In understanding our fear, we will understand others fear, and much empathy will be understood because of it and the judgment will stop. Simply because we are no longer holding that lie (judgment) against ourselves because we can now see that it was only because we didn’t understand that pain within, that belief that we were unloveable by those we loved and looked up to. In seeing it for what it is we let it go and can finally see it in others that haven’t dealt with their fears and no longer judge because now we understand why.
All judgment is…is that judgment we have of ourselves, not fully understanding our pain, not realising that we are hurting by others judgment because we are hurting from our own. And giving judgment is also a protecting wall so that others cannot see our pain, reacting to circumstances that make us feel uncomfortable…because of our pain.
Oops, got excited. Great post my friend, keeping that positivity as our aim and self love as our target. May it ever set us free 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏼 🦋

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This is so profound what you said here, Mark. Indeed, we need to experience the judgement, fear, negativity, happiness, or whatever we sent out as something that comes back. On one hand to see how our surrounding mirrors what we send out and on the other hand to understand others in their learning process. You exeplained that we wonderful words. Thank you so much for taking the time and leaving such an insightful comment, Mark 🙂 💖

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Thank you kind lady, and well said. Eventually we will break free of the fears we hold…but they have great purpose in helping us find that love within that we don’t think we deserve or are worthy of. In understanding our ‘conditional love’ on this world, we will eventually understand ‘unconditional love’ to finally set us free of it all 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏼 🦋

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Absolutely, Mark! We need to look at our fears that way. They have their reason too. They are there to be overcome and by that we find out so much about our amazing self and treasure it that much more. And that is so true. When we understand what conditional love means we do understand the meaning of unconditional love which is the key to it! Wonderful exaplanation, Mark 😊

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