What if… it works out?

It looks like this post turned out to be another sequel to my posts Back and Forth and The Necessary Eye Of The Storm. It seems to be an important subject right now.

I was talking about the comfort zone, about making decisions of going towards a new direction or going back, and about those decisions within a bigger decision process. I was talking about that in the end, every decision teaches us something necessary which makes detours or “trips” so important! 

I want to continue here with one of the crucial points that hold us back from going toward something new. The “What if…?” question is in our minds as soon as we don’t see the path in front of us! A new education, a new love, moving, a new job, starting a new business, simply doing something we haven’t done before and don’t know how it may work out.

You know what? Nobody knows how something works out they never did before. There is no experience only a vision, an idea, a feeling! The more unfamiliar something appears the bigger that “What if…?” can become. What if I get hurt again, what if I make a fool of myself, what if I have to confess I cannot make it, what if nobody likes me… What did all the great inventors and explorers do? If they had asked themselves that question we would still live in caves.

The difference lies in the point of view! When there is something new coming up why is the first reflex to find reasons why it won’t work? We may have no confirmation for the desired outcome but we don’t have it for the opposite either! But there is one thing we always have: our intention! My intention is the most important part of anything. Even though I already see that things are going to be difficult as long as my intention is directed to the outcome I want to achieve, it is possible or I will find ways to make it happen!

We get influenced all day by the news, people around us, commercials, … and much more. Mostly this happens unconsciously and we find ourselves inside of thinking patterns that are more limiting than supporting. But we don’t realize it. We believe that we are thinking reasonably in trying to limit “risks”! But what we forget is that even staying in the old can be a risk because nothing down here was created for eternity. Things change, people change, life changes, we change…! If we don’t push our circumstances then we are pushed by our circumstances. We mustn’t let our thoughts become the master over us. We need to be the master of our thoughts. I am that being that thinks my thoughts that way I can choose what thoughts to think!

Again, if I have no experience with something new, why should I start collecting all possible thoughts on why it won’t work out? Why shouldn’t I start finding thoughts about why it can work out? Why don’t we make the question: What if it works out? What if I find the most wonderful friends? What if I make a lot of money? What if I can start a successful new career? Now, what if both ways to ask generates more power, more curiosity, more joy, more enthusiasm, more excitement, more innovation, and more engagement? Which one of the two questions is the one that opens doors? Which one makes things possible? Which one inspires and intrigues others? Which one will be supported by others?

Yes, we may not know the path ahead and we don’t even need to. It is a new adventure and we can only find out as soon as we are on it. That’s the challenge and the learning experience. The more open you are the more you will know where to put your next step. Ask yourself the “What if…?” question and while asking yourself all the possible positive outcomes you burn the doubt and raise a passionate determination. That should be the only focus when we take that first step!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


As my former Pastor the Rev. A.R. Bernard used to say, “The only constant in life is change.” Change happens even if we refuse to change. Several years ago I had a nice, comfortable job with benefits making good money. I always thought that by increasing my learning via earning a college degree that would insure my career goals. Not so! By 2006 the economy in America began to collapse and I found myself unemployed for a year.

The thought of being without a job with no health benefits collecting unemployment insurance had not even occurred to me. It was a shock to my system. My thoughts did not bring me to where I am today because all that has happened has to do with the American political system and economy. Believe me when I say I thought I was going to be riding high on success and prosperity forever!! Nor did I ever think that I would have a stroke at age 49 and retina surgery in Jan. 2010 or be forced to live with some vision loss. Trust me that was not in my plans at all!!

Fortunately I did get another job Jan. 2008 as a low paid security guard which is not a utilization of my job, skills, talents or gifts but you take what is available or what you can get in order to survive. Also it is a Union job with health benefits which I must have so my health has changed with more medical challenges as I get older.

Provided nothing else drastic happens with the American economy I plan to retire sometime between 2018 and 2020.

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I am sorry that the plan did not work out, Deborah. So much happens which is out of our control. Change in the political system, health issues. For whatever reason it happens… it happens. We cannot control others or their actions. What is necessary is that we don’t stop finding ways to deal with what the uncontrollable lets happen. You are a great example. You are a fighter. Although the job situation changed due to outer occurrence and your health was challenged you did not give up and you stood up again. If you can even retire in a few years you made something many others can only dream of!!!


It’s the age-old concept of the self-fulfilling prophesy. If we expect things to go badly, they will. If we expect success, it can happen. We can envision the future and direct our energy toward making it happen. If we believe !! Great Monday inspiration you have here, Erika.

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Thank you very much, Van! Yes, it is exactly about that concept. And it works unconsciously. The way we reflexively think is what we believe and what we believe is the energy we radiate! So as soon as we realize that we reflexively think destructive we need to aks ourselves: Why? Since there are two options. And then shift to the constructive one.

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Thanks, Erika. We aren’t here for ever and we have to try while we are because perhaps wonder and magic are just waiting for us at the end of the road we haven’t taken yet. Have an amazing week.

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What a great way to state it, Olga! So right! We need to believe in the good outcome in order to keep it going and discover as much as possible of ourselves and of life!


Yes, Erika! I couldn’t imagine a life of not having this blog or writing my own novel. I wouldn’t have met such great people like yourself 😉 So I’m happy I stopped self doubting myself and decided to act on what I’ve always wanted. You’re a sweet burst of motivation this morning ☺

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Awesome, Anthony!! And I can only confirm your words. I see what has changed in your posts. Once we experienced and rediscovered the power we have, we won’t ever stop anymore using it, right? I am very happy that we are connected!!

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Great post and I agree so much, Erika 😀
Especially I love this sentence: If we don’t push our circumstances then we are pushed by our circumstances.
This is so true, so why not take the leading for ourselves?

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The What? The If? are the sensitive questions that trouble and irritate.
It Works Out ?
It Works Out !
There is a hell of a difference between the above two.
So the Question itself plays a very important role or a role that it should not play at all.
Just jumping into the well or water, one shall start batting the legs and hands and half of swimming is learnt, the rest is time; one has learnt swimming.
Erika Good One !
It Works!

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