What if… it works out?

It looks like this post turned out to be another sequel to my posts Back and Forth and The Necessary Eye Of The Storm. It seems to be an important subject right now.

I was talking about the comfort zone, about making decisions of going towards a new direction or going back, and about those decisions within a bigger decision process. I was talking about that in the end, every decision teaches us something necessary which makes detours or “trips” so important! 

I want to continue here with one of the crucial points that hold us back from going toward something new. The “What if…?” question is in our minds as soon as we don’t see the path in front of us! A new education, a new love, moving, a new job, starting a new business, simply doing something we haven’t done before and don’t know how it may work out.

You know what? Nobody knows how something works out they never did before. There is no experience only a vision, an idea, a feeling! The more unfamiliar something appears the bigger that “What if…?” can become. What if I get hurt again, what if I make a fool of myself, what if I have to confess I cannot make it, what if nobody likes me… What did all the great inventors and explorers do? If they had asked themselves that question we would still live in caves.

The difference lies in the point of view! When there is something new coming up why is the first reflex to find reasons why it won’t work? We may have no confirmation for the desired outcome but we don’t have it for the opposite either! But there is one thing we always have: our intention! My intention is the most important part of anything. Even though I already see that things are going to be difficult as long as my intention is directed to the outcome I want to achieve, it is possible or I will find ways to make it happen!

We get influenced all day by the news, people around us, commercials, … and much more. Mostly this happens unconsciously and we find ourselves inside of thinking patterns that are more limiting than supporting. But we don’t realize it. We believe that we are thinking reasonably in trying to limit “risks”! But what we forget is that even staying in the old can be a risk because nothing down here was created for eternity. Things change, people change, life changes, we change…! If we don’t push our circumstances then we are pushed by our circumstances. We mustn’t let our thoughts become the master over us. We need to be the master of our thoughts. I am that being that thinks my thoughts that way I can choose what thoughts to think!

Again, if I have no experience with something new, why should I start collecting all possible thoughts on why it won’t work out? Why shouldn’t I start finding thoughts about why it can work out? Why don’t we make the question: What if it works out? What if I find the most wonderful friends? What if I make a lot of money? What if I can start a successful new career? Now, what if both ways to ask generates more power, more curiosity, more joy, more enthusiasm, more excitement, more innovation, and more engagement? Which one of the two questions is the one that opens doors? Which one makes things possible? Which one inspires and intrigues others? Which one will be supported by others?

Yes, we may not know the path ahead and we don’t even need to. It is a new adventure and we can only find out as soon as we are on it. That’s the challenge and the learning experience. The more open you are the more you will know where to put your next step. Ask yourself the “What if…?” question and while asking yourself all the possible positive outcomes you burn the doubt and raise a passionate determination. That should be the only focus when we take that first step!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Hi Erika,

This is very inspiring! I have often spoken this phrase to myself and leaped in. I have not been successful each time but you know what? I have a great satisfaction of having tried, of not getting scared of the circumstances and situations and now I have no regrets because I know within my heart that I did my best. I grabbed all those opportunities that life had offered and learned to face failures with a wry smile.

Thanks for those quotes, which reinforce the facts of life. The last one is my favorite…thoughts make us what we are! 🙂

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Hi, dear! Thank you so much for reading and for sharing your own experience here. It is true. It doesn’t always need to work out but at least we need to act as if and try it out. Only then we can be sure about it. Otherwise we will always think back about the “What if … I had tried it?”. Yes, I am totally with you in that! Thank you very much again 😊

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Wise words dear Erika.. and we are all too often our own worst enemies as we set ourselves up to failure often before the venture has started..
I look back now on my youth.. and I see how much more we lived in the NOW of our moments, Like Eckhart Tolle says.. Live in the Now..
Yet we are stepping beyond our Now and jumping to the future already thinking our now discussions are not going to work out so we set them up to fail..

I have been re reading Wayne Dyers book of The Power of Intention. Its a bedside book I pick up and read a chapter each night.. You know how inspired I am by all this man stood for in his life.. And to re read this book has inspired me again to stop thinking negative outcomes.. ( as I view the world especially right now ) or we shall indeed create them into existence.

So what you wrote here Erika, of the What ifs.. goes right to the heart of us Humans.. and how we often are programmed to think of the worst outcomes, instead of seeing the successful come into being..

Another wonderful write up my friend laced with positive quotes..

Much Love and Blessings in ALL your Intentions.. May each and every one be a Huge Success..

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Sue, I am humbled every time you leave a comment. The time you take for reading and for commenting so detailed… I touches me so much.
Yes, it is a mystery that we often think of the worst case first although there are so many more options. And you are so right, it has to do with living in the future and fearing something we have no control about because the future doesn’t exist! It is a time we will never experience. We only have the now! So why worry about somthing we don’t know anything about.
You inspired me a lot with talking about reading Dyer’s book again. I read it too and it would be amazing to start reading one or all of his books again. To me he is an angel sent to spread healing and I feel it right now strongly!
Thank you for your amazing words, Sue 💖
(I see, you enjoy those emojis… lol)

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This is so apt for me at the moment Sis. I am normally a creature of routine and habit, sticking to what I know….BUT I also have another side thst is a little ambitious and determined. I will stray out of my comfort zone to find out what is on a different path. 🙂

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How did I miss this one?? This is really good, Erika! The way I see it is that we sometimes have to take risks in life in order to get what we really desire. I really needed to read something like this today. You’re so inspiring! ❤ Thank you!

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See, and that is reason you read it today and not yesterday! The perfect moment for you! Yes, I see it the same way. We need to risk something and believe that the chances that it works is not limited only because haven’t done it before! Big hugs, Lisa!

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I’m in a place right now that I find myself seeking a something new to fill in a chunk of time yet I don’t know what that new something is. I just know it exists. Eagerly I wish to step into this new but how do I do that when I don’t know what it is? I used to have a friend who said until that time arrives, chop wood and carry water. In other words, just carry on and a way will be made. Loved your post, Erika. I haven’t seen you in a while and I hope all is OK. I’ve been very sporadic here on WP and really contemplating on quitting. Not sure of that either. Much Love to you this day! ❤

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Hi, Amy! I think it is a wise advice your friend gave to you. The less we bother ourselves with knowing something that is not available yet only drives us nuts. Whatever needs to happen until we are ready to receive the information, we will see it better when we simply stay open-minded and allow it to happen.
I haven’t been on WP on the weekend. Only for writing and scheduling and for replying to comments. My life has never been busier. I don’t think of quitting but of taking an unlimited time-out until all has settled again. By know the pain level doesn’t seem to be high enough… lol! I hope you can soon see through and perhaps a simple break for a while would already give you some more room to breathe 💖

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I’m so used to busy this lull is driving me nuts. That and my life just doesn’t seem to fit anymore. I’ve visited this place before but this time is a big one. Thanks for taking the time to write. It means a lot. 💖

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That was a statement that spoke to me: Being used to busy! I hear you well. It is not even about being busy but what you are busy with. There must be more fulfilling and you feel that there is something and the feeling grows!
Sure, Amy, always 💖

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