Life is rarely black or white. There are more gray areas than we can even imagine. There are solutions and options that we don’t even think of. So why do we often get so stuck in a rut and not deviate from it one millimeter? How can people be so short-sighted when they arrive at what appears to be a dead end. After all, there is still left, right, up, and back. But for that, one would have to turn. A person’s point of view results from what they have experienced and come to know so far. It is human to judge from one’s own perspective and knowledge. But no matter what age, it is not mature to think that the way in my head is the way things can work.

A few weeks ago, I realized how unexpectedly fast my own business is developing. It is a joy to see that what I hoped for is working. I still have so many plans in my head and heart, BUT I am also employed. I came to a point where I had to decide if I should continue as I am and thus keep my business artificially small for a few more years, or if I should take a chance and dedicate myself fully to making my dreams come true. I was convinced that there was only an either-or, black or white, hop or drop. And I decided to go for my own business. I knew what this would mean for my business partner and the company. We are a very small team, and I am on the board of management. If I were to leave, it would create a void that would not be easy to fill and certainly not quickly. I don’t want to go into detail here, but it could go as far as going out of business.

As expected, my business partner was shocked when he heard this. Although he knew my business and had seen it grow, he was completely puzzled when I said I was leaving the company. It wasn’t just about the work but about losing part of an A-team that was perfectly in tune and trusted each other blindly with mutual appreciation. Still, he didn’t try to convince me to keep everything as it was but spontaneously tried to find compromises to make both parts work. He knows what my business means to me. But I was not open to that at all. I just wanted to have the freedom to go only the one way I had in mind and focus only on that undisturbed. I expected relief when I was finally determined and brave enough to take that step. And yes, I was relieved when I had the conversation behind me. But was I also satisfied?

Not at all! Something felt very wrong. After talking it out, I realized I was about to lose something I didn’t want to lose (yet). So now, even though I clearly had the picture in my mind of finally doing exclusively what my heart was attached to, something told me that this path was not the right one. It wasn’t guilt creeping in. It was just that such an abrupt change was too soon. I realized that I cared about all of this more than I thought I would. But I didn’t recognize that until I was about to lose it. If I were to leave, it would mean that part of the soul of the company would disappear. I hadn’t considered that part of my soul might be left behind as well. Now it was me who was thinking about compromise.
The next day, I suggested a drastic reduction of my presence instead of completely leaving. We agreed in principle and only have to figure out how to handle it since I would no longer be participating in the day-to-day operations. NOW I am satisfied and everybody is feeling good about this option.

Long story short: Perhaps sometimes we feel like hunted animals and run desperately in a particular direction. But it is us, chasing ourselves through our imagination. The stress and pressure we put on ourselves blind us to any option. But there is always an option. Maybe the mind tells us left, but the feeling says, out there are more options to bring holistic satisfaction and fulfillment. All it takes is stepping back, and looking at everything from a distance. Sometimes it is not one way but one that only appears when we are open to compromise.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


A beautiful story about loving grace, Erika and allowing a pause for you and your business partners to think things through. There are usually other options and in listening to your inner balance you could see them. This is lovely and a gift that you have shared. Thank you. ❤ xXx ❤

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Thank you very much for your beautiful and always so loving words. It was a very long journey until I got the courage to speak it out. The pressure needed to build up unitl I could no withstand anymore. That’s me… lol
But the insight that resulted from this all rooted much deeper and is taken more consciously. Thank you very much again, Jane💖

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You totally nailed that. I think showing vulnerability is a huge step in one’s development. Being open to sharing these experiences and feelings is a wonderful feeling of freedom. I felt this when I realized that fear is only a construct of thoughts that I create myself. Then I wrote “I’m Free”!

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Loved your explanation here Erika,
It takes courage to make those choices and even more courage to look at those same choices and dissect them into seeing both sides, And understanding there are always ways of working things out if we are willing to compromise and share, see another’s point of view, and you saw by your actions just how it would perhaps create destruction to that which you had put your heart and soul into creating with your firm..
Not many people are willing to listen to the ‘Other Side’ So many are so full of what ‘They Want’ and forget life is not always about ‘ME’ but about ‘US’
You respected your firm to then do a double take and revaluate the circumstances…While your firm was willing to Listen to you and your needs,
When we listen to our hearts, usually all things will come together naturally … If you hold that ‘Knowing’ within your own heart, that your passion for your own business will expand, and you and your firm will see it then the right time to expand and part ways..
We need to learn this lesson you spelt out so well here Erika.. That of Compromise, for its when we learn to meet each other half way, We find that Middle Ground to work in Unity together..

Much love my friend.. ❤

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You explained here so well that in giving we will receive or what we sow we will reapy, what we send out we will get back in turn. Yes, making a compormise means giving and taking at the same time and in a percentage that works for all parties. It is crazy that some people need more courage to stand up for their needs while others are struggling with the opposite. So, we all are led to the challenges we need to learn what we need.
Thank you very much for taking the time and leaving such a beautiful comment, Sue💖


So true Erika…. Each play their part in this dualistic world… I am reminded by the Conversations with God series… It takes some getting ones head around it all, But when you see positive and negative is energy and all is striving to balance.. ❤

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I think this is something many of us already experienced. We feel trapped in a situation and desperately begin running until we get lost in the woods. Then climbing a tree can give the view we needed. Maybe, sometimes we need to get a little lost, only to realize that a higher perspective is needed and brings the necessary individual solution.
Thank you very much, dear Sis 💖

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Thank you, Jan. It sounds like you can relate to that situation very well, when even probably in a different context. It can be so difficult to find the right way and not to stand ourselves in the way. Often we don’t even notice that we do. Again, thank you very much, Jan!

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Erika, thanks for sharing your “life moment” story and how you came to a compromise for yourself and business. I love the banners that support you decision and thought process, especially the first and last ones. Thanks, Keith

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I think this is an example many can relate to. Sometimes the task is not to start something but to end it. And then there is the big HOW. Thanks a lot, Keith. I am glad you liked the post and the quotes I picked to support the message 😊

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You have chosen what you believe is the right path in this moment, not what is most convenient or comfortable. All paths will connect to what you want/hope for in the end. Thanks for sharing, today, Erika.

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There is more than only one way. There is either or and then again it needs a compromise. We simply need to be patient with ourselves and don’t think we only have one direction for our decisions. Thank you very much, Sylvester.


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