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You’ve Got Me All Wrong 8 – The Purpose Of Your Life Is To Re-Create Yourself

UnbenanntA few weeks ago I picked up one of Walsch’s books and began to read the first pages. After I read the short list of the 25 core messages to explain the main message (in the title) I stopped reading. It was so inspiring and I my mind started spinning. Before I am reading on I want to share the flow of pictures and thoughts of some of those core messages which immediately filled me. Most of those core messages won’t appear new since we are talking about them over and over again. We all share them with our own words. Isn’t that an amazing proof that we are fully aware of God’s message? If you would like to read the previous parts, you can check out here part 1, part 2,  part 3, part 4, part 5 part 6, and part 7. Read more ›

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Visit my Zazzle Shop and get inspired by lots of daily items or gift ideas designed with my quotes!

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Love them for who they are not for what they do.PNG

With Gail’s permission!

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Visit my Zazzle Shop and get inspired by lots of daily items or gift ideas designed with my quotes!

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With Annette’s permission!

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We learn a lot abou ourselves when understanding others.JPG

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No Restrictions!😁

Inspirational Mouse Pad
by ErikaKind


Everybody is welcome with arms wide open!

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With Sue’s permission

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It Is Not The Religion – It Is The Interpretation!


Some time ago, I shared a video of the Dalai Lama on Facebook. That video felt like a perfect follow-up to my post We Need To Heal The Cause – Not The Symptoms! The Dalai Lama talked about religions and terrorism. He stated what burns in all the hearts of faithful people. It is not the religion that makes terrorists. It is the fanatic idea of power that misuses religion for terroristic acts.

Dalai Lama: Religious violence: “Once you are involved in bloodshed you are no longer a genuine practitioner of Islam”. (This video is only 1 minute.)

All religions were created in order to spread the message of love. They have the use of keeping people grounded, teaching God’s (whatever God) words and reminding them that there is more in and about life than we might see with our physical eyes. Each religion may have its own rules and ways of  how to reach God’s realm which may or may not fit for the individual. But the bottom line is that we all are brothers and sisters. Each religion teaches about compassion and respect for every being. A true man of God even respects other religious ways and practices because their general goal is the well-being of the soul and not to force others into one particular religion. No, not religion creates terrorists! Men create terrorists! Don’t pre-judge any religion only because there are some who misunderstood the message. Those are found in every religion. Mostly those are – as I said it in my other post – the ones who feel isolated. Instead of finding hold and reconnect with their spirits they use it as a tool of power.


Over the centuries the name of God was abused to justify the oppression and dictation of races, other cultures, and other religions. It was abused to justify wars. The meaning of religion got lost – the path to God. God is love – only love. Love never kills but supports life. Love never oppresses but puts the other one first. Love never judges but respects and honors the difference everybody brings into this world. May it be Mohammed, Jesus, or others, they all talked about compassion. They never left anyone out. As Jesus said: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” He did not mean little kids but the children of God that we are. He did not mean to convert them towards Christianity but to simply share God’s love which is all we need to feel the love within ourselves. When we feel the love within ourselves we are at peace with what is. That way we see that we all are one family. We see that we are coming from the same source and that differences are only in the outer appearance. Other than that we all bring something along that is for the benefit of everyone. Together we have all the abilities we need to make this life a complete experience, working hand in hand, sharing the gift of life, help each other to grow through our mutual inspiration, and spreading the nutrition of life – love!


I am not considering myself as part of any religion (anymore). But that is not because I am against religion. It is because there are “truths” I simply cannot agree with (first and foremost I am talking here about Catholicism). Then again I find so many wonderful teachings and truths in so many religions. That again shows me that all religions are generating from one message and are leading to one goal – Love! I created my own religion from all I feel like a truth from many different religions. All those truths are complementing each other and the picture I create from it is making sense to me. I think what really matters is that we do believe at all in something. That life is more about than only struggling through this physical lifetime. Even if you don’t believe that there is a greater force of unlimited wisdom then at least believe in yourself. That is already enough. Because all you need to know lies within you anyway!

As long as the interpretation of what we believe in is love, nobody cares about religious differences anyway!

In Love and Light

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With Sylvester’s permission.

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Intolerance With Aishwarya’s permission!

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The Line From Communicating To Justifying

The past two weeks were most inspiring regarding this topic. I encountered several examples both in my private and in my work life in many ways.

There is a natural need within us that we want to be understood. We want to feel accepted for who we are and that means that people need to be able to see who we are. Oh, how can we be misunderstood when we are doing something out of a reflex due to our experiences of our past? As we ourselves do, others look out of their own eyes too with their own experiences in their mind storage. What they see, they put in relation with their own mindset. If a particular person means a lot to us or they play an important role in our lives, of course, we should let them know in order that misunderstandings cannot build a wall. If there is one misunderstanding that is not clarified many others can accumulate until one day that wall separates both totally. Read more ›

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With Sue’s permission:

Let's see love in each other

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Union and Separation -How Close!

I was not informed about anything else in the world until I came back home. I just heard about the horrible things that happened in Florida. That feeling of being united at the Bash shall radiate and infect more people. What we are creating in our community is not only virtual. It is real. Our loyalty is real! Tolerance, appreciation, and respect are real! And when we met we felt how very real it is. Perhaps we cannot prevent that something terrible happens again. There might always be a sick mind going crazy. But everybody can be an example of tolerance and love. I believe that the more people practice it the more will follow those examples and less bad things will happen in the world. One person alone may not be able to change the world. But many “one persons” can!

In Love and Light

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We are all deserving

In Love and Light

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Let them be...

In Love and Light

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Interpretation is food for inspiration

In Love and Light

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Look beneath the surface

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Weekly Review

Hello on this Friday! Friends, I tell you that week was packed! Packed with amazing discoveries, surprises, insights, and information! So perhaps you go to the bathroom quickly because reading this might take you a bit to get through. Let’s get it on!

Best of

vampire-castle-wallpaper-high-quality-w1nlMy post with the most views this week my vampire poem Immortality 


11357509244_0e8af7a4ff_oMihran, our amazing and multitalented musician has a new blog page called Mihran Piano. Please check this site out. He is not only playing the piano like a God, he also is a composer, producer, conductor, and I am sure much more.


english-keyNow something really fantastic! Ritu, my loony Luna Blog Sister of But I Smile Anyway shared an information about Grammarly. Grammarly is an editorial program for grammar. It is for free and works perfectly on Word. Ritu uses is over Chrome and I could also download it with Firefox. When I am writing a post or only comment it is always checking back continuously and underlines the wrong parts with the correct suggestions. Really fantastic in general but also for peeps like me whose first language is not English. Please check it out, it is amazing. Here is the link for downloading Grammarly.


crayons-galore1Karen of You Are Pretty Fucking Special wrote a very insightful and inspiring post about the wonderful fact that we all bring so much uniqueness into this world. Please check out per post A Winter’s Storm.


3939497-115976967_19-v1Not really a Best Of but something that is beyond stupidity and, therefore, I do consider it as a Best Of.  Did you ever change the password of your laptop and forgot it when you wanted to log in the next time? Happened to me yesterday… annoyed30 nerve-wracking,  frustrating, desperate minutes until I finally remembered. If I had no access to the data, songs, writings on my laptop anymore…. no… I have to stop here…


Thank You

5741425-115976967_29-v1Lisa of Life Of An El Paso Woman invited me for an interview. The ones of you who already follow Lisa know that she is an expert in this matter. That’s why her questions are concretely asked but not limiting at all. Thank you again for inviting me to your Saturday Evening Interview. 


Aria  Robert Goldstein surprised me completely with dedicating a beautiful aria to me from the Marriage of Figaro. He started dedicating pieces of music to fellow bloggers. I am humbled by his gesture. Listen to Never would I have expected that. Thank you, Robert! You are a masterpiece yourself.


dsc_39041On Wednesday Hugh of Hugs Views And News informed me that I was under the winners!!! He had a guest interview with Beverley A. Young  in January and “she kindly offered a mini numerology reading to three lucky readers”, as Hugh says. When I realized that I was jumping and screaming!!! I barely win which multiplies my excitement. Thank you so very much!!!


michael-jacksonLisa of Rebirth of Lisa posted about after a movie of Joseph Finnie was released. I don’t know the movie and for sure I won’t watch it but it must be discriminating, offending, and humiliating regarding Michael Jackson. I have been a fan of his since I was 14. Lisa’s post spoke from my heart: Two Words For Joseph Finnie … Beat it! Thank you for your loyalty, Lisa!



Dear Kitty for the Brotherhood of the World Award

New Blogs I Follow

Mihran Piano

In My Cluttered Attic

Just a thought

590136_1383599017.9532_updOlga of Just Olga shared a link with me in one of her comments. It touched my soul! Thank you so very much, Olga! It is exactly what I try to spread with my books, this blog, my workshops, … (They even used same phrases which astonished me.) We are not our bodies, our profession, our possession. We are not even our thoughts. We are the being that gives this body the ability to live.  As it is said in the video: We are all the same, simply coming in different editions. I’ve never heard a better explanation. This video will give you goosebumps.

In Love and Light

Song of the Day

The last day of the year and parties all over the globe. My daughter and her boyfriend are celebrating in my home town, Vienna. They are planning to go to the Silvester-Mile which is in the city center and over crowded the later it gets. (On a side note: Dec. 31. is called Silvester in the German speaking areas, because it is the name day of Silvester.) Read more ›

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We are the colors of the world

In Love and Light

Song of the Day

Yesterday I was chatting with a friend and during this chat this song popped up in my head. It is one that always has season …. especially these days… don’t you think?

Happy Saturday! Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

Don't judge others

In Love and Light

Let’s build a chain of love!

The post of my wonderful blog sis, Ritu, inspired me to this post. Not much words, just a symbol we could pass on and share.

Let’s show the world that there is more light in this world than darkness, more love, tolerance, compassion, and respect than hatred and resentments.

Let’s take each other by the hand and build a chain of love, solidarity, and unity!


I closed the comment section but ask you to share instead.

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

With Rich’s permission:

All minds are beautiful

In Love and Light

We Are The Seeds Of Love

The song I posted last Wednesday as my Song of the Day inspired me to this post. It made me think of the need of tolerance, of acceptance, of compassion, respect, and empathy.  When I prepared that post I did not expect the wonderful developments here in Europe. Read more ›

Song of the Day

During the past weeks loads of refugees are trying to enter Europe in many ways. Lots of tragedies happen on the open sea when boats overloaded with people sink. Meanwhile every day I hear in the news that trucks are stopped or found on Austrian highways. Trucks cram-full with people trying to start over new in a better place of these world. So many trucks were opened and they only found dead bodies or people totally exhausted. Once there was an accident with one of those trucks and the people who survived strayed around not even knowing where they are. Such stories always bring tears to my eyes. Why must there be a cause that people flee in first place and why are there so many people around who don’t care what happens to those refugees they ship around like goods? How can money be so much more important than a human life? Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

Who is allowed to define who is equal.

In Love and Light!

Song of the Day

I heard this song yesterday on the radio and knew I had to post it today. The song moved me a lot because that is what we experience here every day. I know I repeat myself but what we find here on this blogsphere is still a miracle to me. We live a concept which is the recipe of peace and healing. We are experiencing a gathering and connection of spirits with different origines and different kinds of lives. We not only want to be part of other people’s circle but also want to have others in our circle. We experience the magic and power of oneness. When it is possible to live this concept in the small then it is possible to apply it in every part of our lives and in the world itself.

I choose the original video for this song. It leads into the matter in a wonderful way.

Love can build a bridge
Between your heart and mine
Love can build a bridge
Don’t you think it’s time?
When we stand together, it’s our finest hour
We can do anything, anything
We’re believing in the power Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

You can change a life

In Love and Light!

Truth is Subjective! – Blog Tour Award – One Time Post

Carolina from Yesterday After nominated me for the Blog Tour Award. The rules say that I have to write a one time post on a specific Monday given by the person who nominated me. This Monday is today! Thank you again Carolina for the nomination and I hope you like what I write: Read more ›

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In Love and Light!

Self-Love: The Art Of Accepting Compliments!

This post was inspired by a post of a friend I read last week. It was about the problem of accepting compliments. I had a lot of problems accepting compliments until I was 39. I was convinced I wasn’t worth nice words. Yes, everybody is worth nice words… but not me. Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

They teach us to teach them...

In Love and Light!

Daily Kind Quote

The simple being!

In Love and Light!

Daily Kind Quote

Differenece is inspiration!

In Love and Light!



In Love and Light!

It is not about you!

Has there ever been someone in your life who is bothering you and you don’t know why? There is something you need to know! It is not about you. Read more ›

Holes in the Sky

After watching Insurgent yesterday I want to share a beautiful and touching title of the soundtrack as my Song of the Day. I still think about the movie and recommend watching it.
Here are some quotes from the movie:

Read more ›

Your heart is bigger than you might think!

your heart has unlimited room

In Love and Light!

How to get rid of the chains of the past!

This is a post which I originally posted on June 2 2014. I had a handful of followers at that time. I thought it would make sense to bring those posts up for all my wonderful friends in my meanwhile so big community. I hope you like it:

At times everybody is confronted with burdening memories of the past. I am very sure that there is no exception. It is not always a clear memory, but sometimes a behavior we cannot get rid of but which is in our way. Often we know that these attitudes, sadness, anger, feelings of guilt, frustrations and sometimes helplessness originates in the past. Read more ›

Song of the Day – It is in our hands!

The first song I heard today is a song that is one of the most uplifting and motivating songs to me. It not only tells me that I have my world in my own hands, it is also the perfect song to the topic which showed up yesterday in several posts. Together we are strong. Together we can cause changes. Together we can make this world a better place where everybody is not only accepted but cherished for what they are. This is the world we all want to live in: All cultures and races united without judgement between genders. This is my wish and I won’t ever stop to spread and ignite love and tolerance in order to make steps towards this goal.

Let’s take each other by our hands and pass this love and power. We don’t need to fight – we need to love! Read more ›

I will never be without me!

You will never be without you

In Love and Light!

I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not!

My dear friends!

Since I am blessed with so many new followers I would love to introduce my book I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not!  to you. Read more ›

We Need Difference!

We need difference

In Love and Light!

Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul!

In 1984 I saw my first Bond movie in a theatre. It was Octopussy with Roger Moore. I don’t remember the story well but I will always remember the theme song by Sheena Easton For Your Eyes Only. Read more ›

Difference is not meant to separate but to unite!

During the past weeks I read more and more posts and comments in which people write about their struggles with feeling different. Whatever different means. That can be because of a certain look,  body shape, a medical condition, a point of view, the way they live, mental issues, their visions, … There is so much we can call difference. Read more ›

Life is your lucky bag!

Be open minded and recognize your former agreements with others

In Love and Light!

Your reality is beautifully unique!

We are perfect in our individuality

Make your heart a place of retreat

Dedicate one room of your heart to others

The Power of Love lies in our actions!

The power of love lies in what we do for others

Give what you want to have in your life!

What you send out is what you get in return

You are a rainbow!

Wanna be filled with all the colors of the rainbow

You are light!

Give hope

Together we are strong!

We are not competitors

We can have heaven on earth!

If the voice of our heart had first priority

Be a day maker!

Be a day maker

Chained Hands!

Another song is joining my page. And here is the background story to it:

Do you know this? Someone dear, a relative or close friend is about to head into disaster. You can literally see and feel it. But you can’t do anything but watch him suffer. I experienced this a few years ago.


My best friend, who I know for over 30 years moved from Europe to the States. After many years we got in touch again via email. He told me that he had a hard time dealing with depression and panic attacks. I also was in a state of frustration and desperation. Within one year we made it to help each other out of the dark and put each other on our feet again. We were able to build up a new perspective, and a passion for life only in sharing our stories, our thoughts and experiences. I was finally able to believe in myself again. We really got to know each other very, very good.

Then he fell in love with a woman in his neighbourhood. The way this relationship started made me immediately think that she might use him. But he was so happy – finally! And I really was happy for him too. But after all his tellings the picture got clearer and clearer. She was an alcoholic and still pleasing her ex-husband. He made himself dependent from her behavior and her love, excused everything and let himself be treated like a doormat. It threw hem apart. On one hand he was so desperate about her behaviour and still hoped that she might change in the direction of his wishes if only he played the role model for her. But she did not care at all. Honestly, I had already felt that when he first told me about her.

I did not tell him about my bad feelings. Since he was so blinded from all this love (which started on physical attraction, and is never a good base for a relationship) I knew I mustn’t say a word. Whatever I would have said, would be judged as jealousy. And he would have turned away from me. If that had happened, he would have been alone after this relationship crashed. And I was convinced that this will  happen.


But other than saying something I tried to shut my mouth unless I was asked. Then the situation got even more difficult since his girlfriend got extremely jealous of me. Now I even had to deal with listening to all the mean things she said about me and at the same time about his struggles with her and how challenging it was for him. Also I was more and more kept as a dark secret, which hurt me to know end. I know, I just could have quit the friendship. And at times I really was close to do so. But no, I knew that he would need me one day. And I saw it the longer the more as a THE lesson for me. Actually there were two lessons in it:

I learned to be there for someone unconditionally without expecting anything. Just being there, watching and catching when needed. I knew that he didn’t understand how I felt. If I would have told him I would have set even more pressure on him. And I would have lost his friendship for sure, which would have made it impossible to help when things got really rough.

The second lesson I learned was, to accept and respect the path a person choses to go. Whatever I think is right, doesn’t matter at all, since it is not my path, not my situation, not my life and not my consequences I have to deal with.

Yes, it hurt big time, to be kept more and more underground although I helped him out of his deepest depth. But after a while I was able to control my ego, step back and see this whole thing as one of my biggest chances to grow out of myself. And I made it. My patience and newly developed ability to not take it personally got rewarded, when it came to the separation with his girlfriend.


Letting each other walk our paths individually and becoming the net in the moment of falling into the big aha for the other one made our friendship grow even closer. Another great development is, that after learning this lessons for myself I am not dependent on my friend’s attention anymore. We are connected in a special way – and this connection has existed long before we knew about it. Something connected beneath this physical world cannot be destroyed by anything or anyone in this physical world. It was hard but I don’t want to miss it. It brought the greatest liberation.

My song Chained Hands tells this story. I finished the song last year. We just made an excerpt and I am happy to present it as another song on my page Songs!

In Love and Light!

Simplify your life!

Simplify your life

In Love and Light!

Cherish the difference!

We don't need to understand other people's world

I love you to like it, I’d like you to share it!

In Love and Light!

40 things we forget to thank our best friends for


I just took a last look at facebook for today and found an amazing post by Gregory Joseph McGuire. You can also check him out on twitter.

When I stumbled over this post: 40 Things We Forget To Thank Our Best Friends For  on facebook I felt the deep need to post it. It is my spontaneous thank you to all of the lovely people I have alreade met here and on all the other social media platforms. It is a new world I am about to discover and I love it. Writing must open hearts. At least open hearts are what I find here on WordPress. Check out the post and know that it has touched me as much as each of you touches my heart in your wonderful individual way!

Thank you!

In Love and Light!

Ignorance – a helpful Characteristic!


During my work out I heard the song Naughty Boy – Lalala. It reminded me to a chapter of my book The Principle of Duality – The Duality within different Characteristics. In this chapter I write amongst others about ignorance and other characteristics which have a negative touch. Hearing that word most people might think of a negative intolerant behaviour. Actually it simply is a characteristic which too often appears in a negative way.

Of course not being interested in anything that differs from what we do or think (or have thought and done all life long) is a very unhealthy way of being ignorant. It prevents us from learning and from widen our horizon. It keeps us from seeing things in a different perspective and therefore from getting ideas to solve problems. It also may keep us from new visions since we do not allow any inspiration. Inspiration is the gentle touch from outside that keeps our imagination in motion.

But there are always two ways of living Ignorance. As much as it can keep us from developing, it can also be a very helpful tool for our development. I often write about: Be, who you feel you want to be. Nobody can make you think or do anything unless you agree. Even Buddha said: Don’t believe anything you hear or see, not even what I tell you unless you identify yourself with it.

Ignorance is important. Because we don’t ignore enough we often tend to make ourselves a slave of other people’s expectation, of our surrounding, of society, of culture, of our history, and so much more. Because of not ignoring at the right time, people are being abused and treated like doormats. Or since they believe what others tell them who they are, they get self-doubted and depressed, because it doesn’t match their picture of themselves. But they ignore their own feeling rather than the opinion of others. This way not ignoring is also unhealthy!

Ignorance is important when used at the right time. When you start something new listen to other people’s advises, but ignore them as soon as they get in the way of your project. You are a profoundly loved being, ignore any comment that says anything different. You are a worthwhile and important part of this whole game, ignore anyone that says anything else.

As I always say: Only the individual itself knows and feels what’s right or wrong for themselves. Only the individual knows and feels where the next step has to be made – or if they want to pause for a while. Only the individual knows and feels its individuality. Ignore any statement that puts you in a bucket of generality!

Ignore anything that feels weakening. Only what feels strengthening is a match to who you are and to where you need to go.

Ignore everything that does not match YOU!

In Love and Light!

Roots and Wings for our Children!

Hand in Hand with our children!

How other people treat me is their path…

… but how I react is mine! – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


Last week I posted a picture quote with Wayne Dyer’s sayings. I thought I do my next post in relation to this quote.

I have to admit that I was raised very strictly and I was supposed to fulfill certain expectations. Also I was bullied when I was 9 until the age of 11. I did not understand why others were treating me that way and why who I am was not sufficient. Behind my wall I felt secure … but also lonely!

In  my mid 30s I got sick of feeling so isolated. When I slowly started my journey I tried to look at me, at the people around me and life itself with an observing distance. That way I detached myself from the identification of the opinion, approval, offending but also compliments of others. I understood that everything someone says is totally subjective and results from the way that person thinks, feels, likes, hates and experienced life before. Through my growing self-esteem and belief in myself I automatically did not take things personally anymore  – at least not everything. I definitely saw that right because of who I am I mirrored aspects of others which they did not like about themselves or were jealous about. Out of my missing self-esteem I used to believe that something was wrong with me when people tried to convince me in not very nice manners that what they do is the ultimate truth.

When I got aware that truth is something personal I was able to free myself from the fear of not meeting other people’s expectation. I did not tie myself to their approval anymore in order to be accepted and respected. But I did not do it in an angry or insurgent way. No, this insight made me spread so much peace inside of my. I realized that I have been always free of other people’s need to make me something. It is simply none of my business. And it is up to me whether I agree or disagree. Who shall keep me from feeling and thinking what I decide to think or feel? Everybody is entitled to live from the perception of his or her life. That makes them react in an equivalent way. What encounters them in the outside world are the button pushers of their inner bucket list.

I made peace with people however they treated me in the past because I truly know that it generated from their own state of mind. How can I ever take it personally when it is their world? And how shall they understand my world? We don’t need to understand other people’s world but the fact that every world is unique!

I learned to forgive! But I learned an even more important lesson: I learned that there is nothing to forgive. Everybody does what he or she thinks is right. The best we all can do is, to do what we think is right! And I am grateful for the people who challenged me the most because their affection on me made me grow and lead me to the point I am today! I had to walk though a dark valley before I understood. But once I did, the liberation and personal growth resulted in a firework of liberation!

Of course I am still a human being, that can be stinky, nasty, ironic, angry, sad….. and I don’t want to miss that at all ;-)! Life is a game. Let’s play it with all we are and let others take over their part in our life in order to help us reaching the next level.

So how others treat me, is their path! Now it is up to my state of mind and my world how I react … if I react at all! It is my path, what I make of happenings and encounters. The consequence of my reaction is the next development in my life. It is up to me – always!

In Love and Light!

Enjoy Life! – Inspiring English Poems


Enjoy Life! is a collection of 24 English poems referring to a variety of situations we might face during our lives. The poems show that we all have to deal with similar topics – some wanted and some unwanted. But also in the unwanted things we can always find a door out of the struggle or pain into a world not being discovered without the challenge.

Enjoy Life! is available at Amazon as an ebook and you can download it on your Kindle.

I give for the sake of giving!

I give for the sake of giving 15

Trip to the Big Apple!

In July my husband, my two older kids, and I spent 2 weeks in the United States. We spent time in New York City, went to Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, took a few days for visiting our friends and former home in the Buffalo area, and took the chance to see Boston again after 15 years.

We had a great time and I want to share it through some pics with you! I start with our trip to Manhattan where our vacation began!


The most touching moment for me was visiting Ground Zero. We went to that place 15 years ago, when my son was 3 months old. We took pictures with him within the WTC. 2 years later it came to the catastrophe. Seeing the memorial made me sad but also spreads hope and power that every breakdown leads to a new rise – when we only stick together and change our point of view! Let’s take every crisis as a chance of evolution!

20140717_104415Ground Zero today!

20140717_1053469/11 Memorial – Platform of the former North Tower. The names of the victims are engraved around both platforms.

20140717_105823Platform of the former South Tower!

IMG_3791The new one: One World Trade Center (as they call it)



IMG_3794It is even taller than the former Twin Towers. Amazing architecture!

I truly hope, that mankind will learn soon, that you can only achieve something when you use the weapons which correspond to the result. War can never bring peace but activates hatred and more fighting! We have to send out peace in order to calm everything down. We have to be tolerant in order to get respect. We have to be empathetic in order to be understood and accepted the way everybody is. We can make this world to our heaven. We’d only have to behave like it!

In Love and Light!

I accept myself and everybody else…

I accept myself and everybody else

We are one source!

Look into the eyes of any person

Win my book!

I just learned that Erie Gay News announced a contest for winning a copy of my book I’m Free. Click here to learn more and sign up! This is one of the best platforms I could wish for: Be who you are and live YOUR life!

I am so happy and wanted to know my dear followers first!

Have a wonderful week in Love and Light!



Spend happiness

Every day make at least one person smile

A list of Gratitude


One of my chapters in my book “I’m Free” is about Gratitude. I found out what an enormous powerful, transforming effect gratitude has. It is one of the easiest basics to change your life into a direction of love, happiness, contentment and success.

A while ago my best friend and I used to share a thank-you-list once a week. I was always looking forward to those Friday mornings. No matter what happened in my life, while doing that list it was like connecting to a source of light. Even during the week, when something special or delightful happened, I already put it in my Friday list. I got much more aware of the many little gifts life sent to me. Accordingly I turned my attention automatically to the nice things in life and developed happiness as a basic condition since I saw by how much beauty I have always been surrounded. It is like the phrase in the song “Amazing Grace”: Was blind, but now I see!”

The great things about a thank-you-list are that you turn your attention to the brighter side of your life. You will get aware how much beautiful things your life actually contains. The tougher side will lose priority. You disconnect with the energy of your problems and will find solutions or some problems simply dissolve since you no longer care that much.

I encourage you to do a list of gratitude and – if possible – share this list with someone who also needs some uplift and a different perspective in life. It is OK when you do it for yourself, but through sharing you get more motivated to find what great things exist in your life. Writing this list will lift you up in a higher energy level.

You don’t need to do a whole list. You can start with a single subject that really matters to you. You can also start with the things that seem obviously normal, like being thankful for having the sun dawning every morning or having your dog being excited when it meets you, or whatever. I tell you, once you have started you can’t help it but to dig deeper and find more and more blessings in your life you probably took for granted before.

If you like the idea of doing a list of gratitude once a week you could post it and share it with your followers. You will inspire them to do the same and therefore you will support them to brighten up their day. Let’s spread light!

Here I go with my list:

I am thankful:

  • For my three children and the joy and difference they have brought into my life.
  • That each one of them has shown me a different world I have learned of.
  • For all they challenged me with to be induced to discover myself in a new way.
  • For my husband that supports me all the time.
  • For all the struggles we managed and have come over in order to invent our relationship new.
  • For my friends, their trust in me and the trust I experience.
  • For the trust of all the people who read my books and come into my practice.
  • For the possibility to share this list with so many people today.
  • For the list itself, since it was an important part of the process to change my life for the better.
  • For the love I may give.
  • For the love and blessings I experience every day.
  • For I have a home and a beautiful garden.
  • For it is summer – my favorite season – and my garden is blooming.
  • For the knowing that I myself changed my life from dark to light, only by changing the way I looked at it.
  • For my guinea pigs and my tortoise.
  • For the beautiful area I live in.
  • For doing what I love to do – writing and talking about the powerful creator we are.
  • For all the tears I shed and every hurt, since it caused me to change something in order to cherish the change even more today.
  • That I am the master of my life.
  • That it is up to me how I want to experience what happens in my life.
  • For everything that happens (nice or sad) in my life, since everything is a step in my personal evolution.
  • That everything that happens in my life is sent with love in order to help myself evolving.
  • That everything that happens is in perfect order and in a perfect context.
  • That everything happens for a reason and never accidentally in order to lead me to the next step of self-development.
  • That life simply happens and gives us the opportunity to build something new of it.
  • That I can be whoever I want to be!
  • That I am here on earth to rediscover myself and to experience who I am.
  • That my life has changed from pressure and fight to an exciting adventure.

In Love and Light!

Your truth is always true!

There is no general truth - perceiving life

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