When Tolerance Is Not Tolerable

How often do we hear that we need to be more tolerant? Tolerant regarding other people’s opinions, way of living, and decisions. And, of course, it goes further than being tolerant regarding different cultures or religions, races, and LGBTYQIA+. But is becoming more tolerant a good idea? It made me think about the meaning of tolerance.

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Do You Really Think You Know?

It’s so easy to judge someone
From your restricted point of view
But there’s a hidden iceberg
Behind what you think is true

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Life is rarely black or white. There are more gray areas than we can even imagine. There are solutions and options that we don’t even think of. So why do we often get so stuck in a rut and not deviate from it one millimeter? How can people be so short-sighted when they arrive at what appears to be a dead end. After all, there is still left, right, up, and back. But for that, one would have to turn. A person’s point of view results from what they have experienced and come to know so far. It is human to judge from one’s own perspective and knowledge. But no matter what age, it is not mature to think that the way in my head is the way things can work.

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Be A Mender


I just stumbled over this post which I wrote a few years ago. This is still (or again) so timely when we look at the gender discussions, and the aggressions and separations we create due to COVID.

Our world is a collection of varieties. Too often, we look at them as reasons for separation. That’s human in some way since we always look at the world from our own perspective. There is basically nothing wrong with that. We need that to develop individually. But there is this other side we must not forget: We all develop individually, and therefore we need a variety that everyone gets served. It is neither right nor wrong. It simply is. And what is, exists for a reason.

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You’ve Got Me All Wrong 8 – The Purpose Of Your Life Is To Re-Create Yourself

UnbenanntA few weeks ago I picked up one of Walsch’s books and began to read the first pages. After I read the short list of the 25 core messages to explain the main message (in the title) I stopped reading. It was so inspiring and I my mind started spinning. Before I am reading on I want to share the flow of pictures and thoughts of some of those core messages which immediately filled me. Most of those core messages won’t appear new since we are talking about them over and over again. We all share them with our own words. Isn’t that an amazing proof that we are fully aware of God’s message? If you would like to read the previous parts, you can check out here part 1, part 2,  part 3, part 4, part 5 part 6, and part 7. Read more ›

No Restrictions!😁

Inspirational Mouse Pad
by ErikaKind


Everybody is welcome with arms wide open!

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It Is Not The Religion – It Is The Interpretation!


Some time ago, I shared a video of the Dalai Lama on Facebook. That video felt like a perfect follow-up to my post We Need To Heal The Cause – Not The Symptoms! The Dalai Lama talked about religions and terrorism. He stated what burns in all the hearts of faithful people. It is not the religion that makes terrorists. It is the fanatic idea of power that misuses religion for terroristic acts.

Dalai Lama: Religious violence: “Once you are involved in bloodshed you are no longer a genuine practitioner of Islam”. (This video is only 1 minute.)

All religions were created in order to spread the message of love. They have the use of keeping people grounded, teaching God’s (whatever God) words and reminding them that there is more in and about life than we might see with our physical eyes. Each religion may have its own rules and ways of  how to reach God’s realm which may or may not fit for the individual. But the bottom line is that we all are brothers and sisters. Each religion teaches about compassion and respect for every being. A true man of God even respects other religious ways and practices because their general goal is the well-being of the soul and not to force others into one particular religion. No, not religion creates terrorists! Men create terrorists! Don’t pre-judge any religion only because there are some who misunderstood the message. Those are found in every religion. Mostly those are – as I said it in my other post – the ones who feel isolated. Instead of finding hold and reconnect with their spirits they use it as a tool of power.


Over the centuries the name of God was abused to justify the oppression and dictation of races, other cultures, and other religions. It was abused to justify wars. The meaning of religion got lost – the path to God. God is love – only love. Love never kills but supports life. Love never oppresses but puts the other one first. Love never judges but respects and honors the difference everybody brings into this world. May it be Mohammed, Jesus, or others, they all talked about compassion. They never left anyone out. As Jesus said: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” He did not mean little kids but the children of God that we are. He did not mean to convert them towards Christianity but to simply share God’s love which is all we need to feel the love within ourselves. When we feel the love within ourselves we are at peace with what is. That way we see that we all are one family. We see that we are coming from the same source and that differences are only in the outer appearance. Other than that we all bring something along that is for the benefit of everyone. Together we have all the abilities we need to make this life a complete experience, working hand in hand, sharing the gift of life, help each other to grow through our mutual inspiration, and spreading the nutrition of life – love!


I am not considering myself as part of any religion (anymore). But that is not because I am against religion. It is because there are “truths” I simply cannot agree with (first and foremost I am talking here about Catholicism). Then again I find so many wonderful teachings and truths in so many religions. That again shows me that all religions are generating from one message and are leading to one goal – Love! I created my own religion from all I feel like a truth from many different religions. All those truths are complementing each other and the picture I create from it is making sense to me. I think what really matters is that we do believe at all in something. That life is more about than only struggling through this physical lifetime. Even if you don’t believe that there is a greater force of unlimited wisdom then at least believe in yourself. That is already enough. Because all you need to know lies within you anyway!

As long as the interpretation of what we believe in is love, nobody cares about religious differences anyway!

In Love and Light

The Line From Communicating To Justifying

The past two weeks were most inspiring regarding this topic. I encountered several examples both in my private and in my work life in many ways.

There is a natural need within us that we want to be understood. We want to feel accepted for who we are and that means that people need to be able to see who we are. Oh, how can we be misunderstood when we are doing something out of a reflex due to our experiences of our past? As we ourselves do, others look out of their own eyes too with their own experiences in their mind storage. What they see, they put in relation with their own mindset. If a particular person means a lot to us or they play an important role in our lives, of course, we should let them know in order that misunderstandings cannot build a wall. If there is one misunderstanding that is not clarified many others can accumulate until one day that wall separates both totally. Read more ›

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Let’s build a chain of love!

The post of my wonderful blog sis, Ritu, inspired me to this post. Not much words, just a symbol we could pass on and share.

Let’s show the world that there is more light in this world than darkness, more love, tolerance, compassion, and respect than hatred and resentments.

Let’s take each other by the hand and build a chain of love, solidarity, and unity!


I closed the comment section but ask you to share instead.

In Love and Light

We Are The Seeds Of Love

The song I posted last Wednesday as my Song of the Day inspired me to this post. It made me think of the need of tolerance, of acceptance, of compassion, respect, and empathy.  When I prepared that post I did not expect the wonderful developments here in Europe. Read more ›

Song of the Day

I heard this song yesterday on the radio and knew I had to post it today. The song moved me a lot because that is what we experience here every day. I know I repeat myself but what we find here on this blogsphere is still a miracle to me. We live a concept which is the recipe of peace and healing. We are experiencing a gathering and connection of spirits with different origines and different kinds of lives. We not only want to be part of other people’s circle but also want to have others in our circle. We experience the magic and power of oneness. When it is possible to live this concept in the small then it is possible to apply it in every part of our lives and in the world itself.

I choose the original video for this song. It leads into the matter in a wonderful way.

Love can build a bridge
Between your heart and mine
Love can build a bridge
Don’t you think it’s time?
When we stand together, it’s our finest hour
We can do anything, anything
We’re believing in the power Read more ›

Self-Love: The Art Of Accepting Compliments!

This post was inspired by a post of a friend I read last week. It was about the problem of accepting compliments. I had a lot of problems accepting compliments until I was 39. I was convinced I wasn’t worth nice words. Yes, everybody is worth nice words… but not me. Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

Differenece is inspiration!

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In Love and Light!

It is not about you!

Has there ever been someone in your life who is bothering you and you don’t know why? There is something you need to know! It is not about you. Read more ›

Holes in the Sky

After watching Insurgent yesterday I want to share a beautiful and touching title of the soundtrack as my Song of the Day. I still think about the movie and recommend watching it.
Here are some quotes from the movie:

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Your heart is bigger than you might think!

your heart has unlimited room

In Love and Light!

How to get rid of the chains of the past!

This is a post which I originally posted on June 2 2014. I had a handful of followers at that time. I thought it would make sense to bring those posts up for all my wonderful friends in my meanwhile so big community. I hope you like it:

At times everybody is confronted with burdening memories of the past. I am very sure that there is no exception. It is not always a clear memory, but sometimes a behavior we cannot get rid of but which is in our way. Often we know that these attitudes, sadness, anger, feelings of guilt, frustrations and sometimes helplessness originates in the past. Read more ›

Song of the Day – It is in our hands!

The first song I heard today is a song that is one of the most uplifting and motivating songs to me. It not only tells me that I have my world in my own hands, it is also the perfect song to the topic which showed up yesterday in several posts. Together we are strong. Together we can cause changes. Together we can make this world a better place where everybody is not only accepted but cherished for what they are. This is the world we all want to live in: All cultures and races united without judgement between genders. This is my wish and I won’t ever stop to spread and ignite love and tolerance in order to make steps towards this goal.

Let’s take each other by our hands and pass this love and power. We don’t need to fight – we need to love! Read more ›

I will never be without me!

You will never be without you

In Love and Light!

I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not!

My dear friends!

Since I am blessed with so many new followers I would love to introduce my book I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not!  to you. Read more ›

We Need Difference!

We need difference

In Love and Light!

Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul!

In 1984 I saw my first Bond movie in a theatre. It was Octopussy with Roger Moore. I don’t remember the story well but I will always remember the theme song by Sheena Easton For Your Eyes Only. Read more ›

Difference is not meant to separate but to unite!

During the past weeks I read more and more posts and comments in which people write about their struggles with feeling different. Whatever different means. That can be because of a certain look,  body shape, a medical condition, a point of view, the way they live, mental issues, their visions, … There is so much we can call difference. Read more ›

You are light!

Give hope

Chained Hands!


Do you know this? Someone dear, a relative, or a close friend is about to head into disaster. You can literally see and feel it. But you can’t do anything but watch him suffer. I experienced this a few years ago.

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Ignorance – a helpful Characteristic!


During my workout, I heard the song Naughty Boy – Lalala. It reminded me of a chapter of my book The Principle of Duality – The Duality within different Characteristics. In this chapter, I write amongst others about ignorance and other characteristics which have a negative touch. Hearing that word most people might think of negative intolerant behavior. Actually, it simply is a characteristic that too often appears in a negative way.

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How other people treat me is their path…

… but how I react is mine! – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


I have to admit that I was raised very strictly and I was supposed to fulfill certain expectations. Also, I was bullied when I was 9 until the age of 11. I did not understand why others were treating me that way and why who I am was not sufficient. Behind my wall, I felt secure … but also lonely!

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Trip to the Big Apple!

In July my husband, my two older kids, and I spent 2 weeks in the United States. We spent time in New York City, went to Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, took a few days for visiting our friends and former home in the Buffalo area, and took the chance to see Boston again after 15 years.

We had a great time and I want to share it through some pics with you! I start with our trip to Manhattan where our vacation began!


The most touching moment for me was visiting Ground Zero. We went to that place 15 years ago, when my son was 3 months old. We took pictures with him within the WTC. 2 years later it came to the catastrophe. Seeing the memorial made me sad but also spreads hope and power that every breakdown leads to a new rise – when we only stick together and change our point of view! Let’s take every crisis as a chance of evolution!

20140717_104415Ground Zero today!

20140717_1053469/11 Memorial – Platform of the former North Tower. The names of the victims are engraved around both platforms.

20140717_105823Platform of the former South Tower!

IMG_3791The new one: One World Trade Center (as they call it)



IMG_3794It is even taller than the former Twin Towers. Amazing architecture!

I truly hope, that mankind will learn soon, that you can only achieve something when you use the weapons which correspond to the result. War can never bring peace but activates hatred and more fighting! We have to send out peace in order to calm everything down. We have to be tolerant in order to get respect. We have to be empathetic in order to be understood and accepted the way everybody is. We can make this world to our heaven. We’d only have to behave like it!

In Love and Light!

A list of Gratitude


One of my chapters in my book “I’m Free” is about Gratitude. I found out what an enormous powerful, transforming effect gratitude has. It is one of the easiest basics to change your life into a direction of love, happiness, contentment and success.

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