When Tolerance Is Not Tolerable

How often do we hear that we need to be more tolerant? Tolerant regarding other people’s opinions, way of living, and decisions. And, of course, it goes further than being tolerant regarding different cultures or religions, races, and LGBTYQIA+. But is becoming more tolerant a good idea? It made me think about the meaning of tolerance.

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Since we still have this terrible war in the current conflict in Eastern Europe going, I would like to continue playing songs for peace and unity in this world for a while.

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Do You Really Think You Know?

It’s so easy to judge someone
From your restricted point of view
But there’s a hidden iceberg
Behind what you think is true

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Life is rarely black or white. There are more gray areas than we can even imagine. There are solutions and options that we don’t even think of. So why do we often get so stuck in a rut and not deviate from it one millimeter? How can people be so short-sighted when they arrive at what appears to be a dead end. After all, there is still left, right, up, and back. But for that, one would have to turn. A person’s point of view results from what they have experienced and come to know so far. It is human to judge from one’s own perspective and knowledge. But no matter what age, it is not mature to think that the way in my head is the way things can work.

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Be A Mender


I just stumbled over this post which I wrote a few years ago. This is still (or again) so timely when we look at the gender discussions, and the aggressions and separations we create due to COVID.

Our world is a collection of varieties. Too often, we look at them as reasons for separation. That’s human in some way since we always look at the world from our own perspective. There is basically nothing wrong with that. We need that to develop individually. But there is this other side we must not forget: We all develop individually, and therefore we need a variety that everyone gets served. It is neither right nor wrong. It simply is. And what is, exists for a reason.

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Who But I Is Entitled To Tell Me Who To Be?

waynedyer1-2x.jpgEverybody has their dark spots, their quirks, their challenges, their achievements, their successes, their joys, and their weak spots. Some people act in their quirks and with that can hit another person’s weak spot. Sometimes it is not even easy to say what exactly it was that brought inner turmoil to the other one. It may be a change in the energy of the counterpart which makes the said things feel differently. And maybe only those two persons feel it. Now, what to do? Read more ›

A White Rose for Erika and Her Sisters

There are no words to describe how deeply Robert’s act of kindness and thoughtfulness touched me. I forward and dedicate Robert’s wonderful lines with the meaningful symbol of that beautiful rose on top to everyone… Love and Light to all 💖

#Haiku – Show Respect


She picked up that stone 

A witness to history

We are only guests

In Love and Light

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