Dreams – Reminders Of Your Soul


It is not always easy to do that. Daily life, obligations, and responsibilities do have a legitimation in this too! But too often we are scared to even think about following that voice which creates such beautiful and alluring pictures in our heads.


Yes, it definitely causes changes in daily routines and it costs quite an effort because it will push you out of your comfort zone. It requires effort and time, maybe it even requires taking risks. But sometimes there can be little things done which may not be the complete realization of that dream but at least an aspect of it can be lived and fill your heart. For example, you want to be a volunteer in a foreign country or in (former) war zones to help in hospitals or to support the delivery of goods but you have children at home and don’t want to leave them (because a) they do come first and b) risking your life when there are little children is not reasonable). At least, you can do similar things in your area, volunteer at shelters for homeless people, in retirement homes or in orphanages for the first time to bring some more joy to their lives and help out the staff.


Mostly what makes us swipe away our dreams is fear. It is the fear to fail, the fear to make people laugh at or question us. But the origin of those fears is the fear of taking responsibility for making decisions. It is easy to blame others for the effects on us of their decisions but once we make our own decisions we know that we cannot blame anyone else anymore. We have to stand tall for any consequences. For some people, this feels too overwhelming and they hide behind excuses like I am to busy to squeeze this in, I am too old to begin an education, I am too stupid to understand, it is too risky, what would my family say, I have never done this before… 55-If-You-Dont-Build-Your-Dream.png

People who don’t even give it a serious try often end up in bitterness about lost chances to give meaning to their lives. And in order to protect themselves, they blame the circumstances and other people. How often can we hear a frustrated parent say that because of the kids they could not go for their career? It is definitely not their children’s fault but instead in their frustration it is an excuse about their inability to take responsibility for their own lives. InspirationalQuotes3.png

Pushing away the thoughts or our dreams may help in the short run to keep us from moving. But they won’t sit in silence. Your soul won’t let your mind get away with it. It will keep calling and leading you to situations and people that remind you of your dreams over and over again. It will become harder and harder to push those dreams back and at the same time, the frustration about not going for it will grow. If I don’t feel ready yet then it is ok. It may need some more psychical strain, more unhappiness, more signposts until I start moving. There is always a first time, things I don’t know can be learned, and Rome wasn’t built in a day. Nobody expects things to come into being in the twinkle of an eye. But when a simple thought of living that dream can turn the flame in me into a bonfire then it should make me think.   


Yes, often we need to risk that we may be stressed, that life may become busy, that obstacles and problems show up on the way, and often we need to sacrifice one thing in order to make room for another thing. But as long as I know what I am doing it for isn’t it worth it? The choice is mine whether I take the challenge or not. It is up to me to at least taking clear and determined steps towards the realization or of looking back one day and confess that it was me who kept me from living my dream. Because what is often forgotten: Not making a decision is also a decision! Do yourself a favor and give it a try. I am positive that you won’t ever regret living the purpose of what you have come here for spreading the colors of your beautiful soul.

Dreams are reminders of your soul
of what you are able and meant to be or to create in this lifetime.

Credits: AZQuotes|sourcesofinsight.com|lifehacks.io/life-quotes|www.positivityblog.com/quotes-on-dreams|quotezee.blogspot.com|ThinkPositive.com

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Such a great and true post, Erika 😀
We can dream and then we need to find out, how to realize those dreams, even if it demands time and more time than wished for.
I’m also on the way to live my next dream or actually two of them. I hope to live more close to you in a time in the coming year. Another one is about my blog and a new shop there. This one doesn’t demand so much of preparing.
We need to live our dreams not to have so many regrets later.
Much love to you ❤

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I think it is important that we never run out of dreams. They help us to still evolve and to give meaning to our lives. I love your dreams and I am crossing my fingers that soon you are living closer. We will definitely meet then. Yay!!

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Wholeheartedly agree, Erika. In the end it is the individual that has to live with whatever decisions he/she makes. Every dream is valid because it was planted inside us before we came into being. Someone very close to said “whatever it takes” and when you get to the other side of that you will see all of the wonderful and beautiful things that had been in place for you. Thank you for this power surge post!

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Thank you very much for your comment, Sylvester. Yes, every dream is there for a reason. They don’t happen accidentally. That already should provoke us to look closer and see them as a compass where to take our next step. Some dreams may cause a lot of changes and some may require an extra effort. But for sure, once we look back we can see that it was absolutely worth it! Thank you again 😊


You’re very welcome Erika. The dreams are there for us not only to just dream them but to realize them and it is up to us to make every effort to see that those dreams come to realization, I talk from personal experience. just being in that awareness of knowing that it is all worth it should increase our hope, determination, and faith that we will make it on the other side. 😊

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An excellent message there Erika! Walt Disney was spot on with that thought because anything is possible. We often just need to find out how.
Another thing I learned a long time ago is that “laying blame is allocating responsibility”, Given that there will always be reasons for things to happen (or not), it follows that responsibility must be accepted. Laying blame on young children is ludicrous because they cannot accept the responsibility. Similar, blaming “the traffic” for being late is nonsense for the same reason (allow more time next time!). Finally, blaming the weather for being miserable is nonsense because, again, it cannot take responsibility (change your attitude to one of wonder, or smile at the opportunity it has provided for some indoor projects!). 🙂

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Yes, you strike a chord with your comment. I am always rolling my inner eyes when someone says, they are not feeling good when the argument is because of the weather. Really? You make your happiness depending on the weather? Gosh! Look at what is and make something of it. As you said here. It is so easy to blame others for a bad mood or for our failures. We should rather see what we can do to break out of that dependency. It is interesting that often people are lamenting about their situations but still stay there because at least, they know it… They are too afraid or lazy to check out what could be beyond the horizon…
Thank you, Colin. I hope you had a nice Monday!


Oh, my, you never know, but I hope for once you are not right… lol
Thank you, Mark. Yes, a busy week ahead but it was a good and not too hectic beginning, at least.


What an inspiring post, Erika, packed with truth after truth. There is so much that “could” possibly stop me from achieving from dreams, yet, if I don’t at least hold on to those dreams even when life doesn’t have the open doors for them, I could possibly loose the opportunities for those dreams to manifest when a time does come for doors to open. I loved loved this post! In the meantime, I’m doing all I know how to do to insure my dreams do come true. Yet here again …. Life could throw a curve ball. (Been there!) We really just don’t know. Faith. And lots of determination …. Thank you! xo

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Oh, yes, yes, yes, Amy. I love what you said here. We may have dreams (even very strong ones) but cannot find a way to realize them at that moment. Anyway, we need to hold on to them in order that we don’t miss the signposts as keys for when the specific door shows up. Ever dream realized is such a motivational push to go for more dreams to realize. Definitely, it needs faith and determination and simply the inner conviction that even if I am the only one believing in it, it is worth going for it.
Huge hugs, dear Amy 💖


It is such an indescribable feeling when what you feel like a part of your being can be lived and expanded into the world. I thought that “bonfire” comes close… lol


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