Gratitude – The Power Tool

“What shall I be thankful for? My world is only illness, disappointment, and work. I am abused and money is always rare.” It doesn’t always sound bad when asking some people what they are thankful for. Sometimes it even appears many people are actually defending themselves against finding something in life they could be thankful for. It would destroy their negative picture of the world. And this is exactly the origin of their black perspective. Concentrating on the injustice in the world, the own frustration, fear, suffering, or addictions doesn’t let anything else appear. Although it is there it is not recognized.

I think everybody once found themselves at a place where they doubted that anything would ever change. Perhaps only in some areas of life or maybe overall. From there a vicious circle can be developed and it can only be destroyed with a changed point of view. Only the intention to see something else than the unwanted is already the turning point. And with the tool of gratitude, we are able to change our complete perspective.

Sit down and write a list or make a list in your mind. Gratitude begins with you, with the basic needs, with the things we take for granted which we may have gotten blind for but which we would miss the most if they were gone. Gratitude includes the people around us, our family, friends, and also those who are challenging us (because they are most responsible for our development. Next is our environment, our own abilities, and talents, the things we love doing and the ones we love doing for others. The feeling of gratitude reaches deeper into our own world of feelings, those we perceive and those we forward. The deeper you go the more you connect with the core of your being. All of a sudden you feel how your heart opens up. How frustration and sadness are dissolving and make room for a wave of joy. It is a deeply felt joy which spreads like a wildfire and light that interfuses our inner being. At one point you may feel something like comfort and security – a feeling like home.

The gratitude grows as well for that memory of a forgotten feeling of wholeness. You feel the gratitude for that fueling power and the insight of being this power and love in your very own core.  Also, there is gratitude for the being you really are. That being you connected with again which keeps your body alive. And you become thankful for eventually realizing this amazing grace. You become thankful for life – for the simple being! Because you feel that you are unlimited.

What happened with the problems? Perhaps they dissolved because they were a problem because of the way you looked at them. Perhaps they are still there but they have changed their priority. In the state of gratitude, we take the focus from what we don’t want and lay it on what we appreciate. We connect with the energy of beauty and happiness. We get to see, recognize, and remember things that were long forgotten or hidden but are still there. We can see what has always been there and always will be and that our emotional world is not defined by outer circumstances but by the personal view of the world.

Gratitude is the key to contentment,
to zest for life,
to health,
and therefore to real happiness.

When you feel grateful you feel God in you!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Just another amazing post Erika.. and agree with it entirely .. So so many things in my life I found to be grateful for..
Some days I just walk out my door into the garden, breathe in deeply, as I look at the flowers and I send up that silent thought of gratitude.. Even for that breath, as a wave of pure peace envelops me to be able to stand, to see, feel, and hear all of Nature that surrounds me..
We have so much to be grateful for..
Yet like you said at the beginning of your post, so many are stuck within their ruts of woe is me.. and can not see clear past the gifts that they have been given… It often saddens me that so many are stuck within the negative groves, and like a record player are such within their patterns of thoughts and behaviours..

You said
“The deeper you go the more you connect with the core of your being. All of a sudden you feel how your heart opens up. How frustration and sadness are dissolving and make room for a wave of joy.”

So true..
We are at times all of our worst enemies.. Seeing that what we think, is in fact what we create in our lives, shifting our perspective to some who are do deeply ingrained within their negative groves is not easy . For it takes effort to lift their spirits out of the doldrums of life..
I always look outside at others, to see just how good life is with me..
I am not starving in Africa,, I am not in a war-torn country, . I have all of my senses, and have so many gifts to be grateful for..
I am sure when we really look ‘Deeper’ those who are depressed and feeling low, too can find lots to add to their list of gratitude..

Many thanks for sharing Erika.. always love your indepth posts.. Sending huge hugs and much love your way
Sue ❤ xxx

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Oh, Sue, thank you so much! You added such wonderful thoughts and energy. I hear you regarding what you said about going into your garden. I feel this too. going outside, taking that deep breath which already is a reflexive reaction of deep gratitude and appreciation.
Yes, there is always someone with more problems than we are. We definitely have our challenges and life can hit hard. But right then we mustn’t forget that there is so much more which is so necessary to look at right because it helps us to overcome the challenge. Most of our problems are homemade and only a construct of thoughts. Once we change our thoughts deliberately just magically we change our perception, attitude, and eventually our lives!
Thank you so very much, for your amazing comment, Sue 💖

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I agree fully! We need to practice it seriously for a while but believe me. It becomes easier with each time because that feeling gratitude generates makes you feel like owning the world… which means you have it all. The feeling of contentment is priceless. It will become a reflex and habit after a short while and the awareness you walk through your day will be growing constantly… again, more to find you can be thankful for. Thank you so much for this comment. It was an inspiring blessing that touched and opened the heart!!


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