Paxmal, Walenstadt (CH)

YYesterday, we short noticed took a trip up to Paxmal. It is located above the city of Walenstadt at around 1’260 m (4134 ft) above sea level in front of the mountain chain of the Churfirsten, Switzerland. It is a monument built by Karl Bickel (1886 – 1982) from 1924 – 1949. Bickel recovered from tuberculosis and promised to set a monument for peace. Amazing how this man built that monument all by himself, fulfilling his promise.

It is a magical place, and the view from up there is priceless. The road up to the parking lot from where we walked the last part is adventurous and reminded me of the roads, I mentioned regarding our trips in Corfu. First I would like to share some photos from the walk to the Paxmal and the beautiful landscape.

And here we are at the Paxmal:

This is another place that took us only 45 minutes to reach by car, and then it was only another 15 minutes of walking. Of course, you can reach this place by hiking up there or even by bike. It was a new place for us to be explored which is so close.

Thanks for joining me on that trip. I hope it energizes your start into the new week a little. Have a great Monday!

In Love and Light

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Oh, Erica, what a wonderful excursion you undertook yesterday in front of the Churfirsten:) I had never heard of Paxmal or Karl Bickel and feel enriched by your sharing this experience with “us”. Many thanks and a good day.
Very best regards Martina

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This monument has been at that place for so many decades, and I only heard about it a few months ago. I was so excited to go there finally and it really is enchanting and so special. I can hardly believe that one man built this all with his own hands over 25 years. Amazing. I am very happy, I could show you something you have not seen yet. Maybe it takes you here one day. If it does, please, let me know 😉


LOL, no it’s not. But I thought it was the perfect foreground… hehe. Oh, we had lots of water all summer long. Much more water than we wanted and needed. We had several floodings, most of all in July. But finally, the weather stabalized and September looks like a great late-summer month. As you said, everything looks very green and lush.

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