In Every Ending Lies the Seed of a New Beginning


I think we all agree that probably the only constant in life is change. Whether we want it or not, whether we provoke it or not. Change is the mother of development. It constantly gives birth to new occasions and possibilities as tools to evolve. Change may not always be welcomed and often it cuts our world apart which we were actually fine with. But “being fine” is rather part of our comfort zone and stagnates our development. If we are not willing to leave our comfort zone then life will “help” us to do so.Β  Or it will prepare the conditions for us when we are ready to make the step over the limit line. Because life makes no sense without development. Of course, we seldom feel ready when drastic changes happen. But when they happen we can rely on that we are ready for whatever may come and for whatever we have to learn, improve or develop from it.


It may be hard when seemingly good things end. The paradox is that it is also hard when inconvenient things don’t end but we still hold on because we are so used to them. Like a job, we don’t like (anymore) but we are too afraid to quit because of the insecurity of finding something better, or something at all. Even losing that job may throw us into desperation. But once we have no other choice but to realign we will find options we had not seen otherwise. We have changed and are ready for more. Life breaks things apart for us to put it together in a way that fits our changed being. It goes along with the Law of Attraction. Since we send out different waves, life responds differently. Circumstances change, fall apart or simply adjust.


Change means, ending something or adding something. Sometimes, it is necessary to end something which stands in the way in order to let something new in which has been already waiting. If we are aware of that new, that plan, vision or path we feel like walking then we are in control of that change. But very often we are not even aware that new things are already in the pipeline for us to be discovered and lived. That’s why life needs to take action. It may feel unfair, more than challenging, life-threatening, scary, or simply very sad when something is ended without us agreeing. We may not understand the lesson, (perhaps we never will) but whatever happens, happens in a greater context. And there is ALWAYS something in it for us. Nothing is ever taken without leaving at least the seed of something new.


Comfort zones and the purpose of life may basically not go along with each other. Change is needed to bring revelations, healing, chances, transformation, growth. If we don’t move things, things move us. BUT this has nothing to do with contentment. I would even say that contentment paired with the awareness that nothing is constant is the highest form of a processing development.


Yes, at times we may find ourselves surrounded by dark clouds and see no way out. We may believe that the world ends and its meaning may be lost. But it is mostly in our darkest hours when we naturally reach deep inside of ourselves, reach out to others or consider new options when the seed sprouts. When we cannot walk anymore we grow wings.


In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Great Post Erika. I can think of nothing worse than reaching life’s end and be thinking “I wonder If I could have ………..?”, or “I wish had tried to ……………….”, or ” If only I had …………..”, or “What did I do with my life?” I have volunteered in many fields, and all we challenging; all were an education; all gave me immense satisfaction. I have tried many things, some of which were complete disasters but some were very successful. It took me until I was in my mid 20’s to “get the message”, and then I stepped out of my comfort zone … and have been revisiting that discomfort zone on a regular basis ever since and still doing it. I can reflect on my life with considerable satisfaction, but the show isn’t over until the curtain goes down right? πŸ™‚

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I think you mentioned something very important here. Stepping out of our comfort zone we are facing challenges and risk failure and disasters. But it makes us feel alive and it gives us satisfaction which can never be felt while staying in our comfort zone. We are building mental muscles over and over again while digging through that limitline. It makes us stronger and proud of ourselves.
I think exactly the same. It feels the worst when looking back and regretting that I did not do what I could have but it is too late…
Thank you for this great and inspiring comment, Colin!

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Huge inspiration with this post, Erika! Change will happen and at times it is necessary. As you wrote, being fine is part of living in that comfort zone and if we truly want to live we have to cross that limit line. Awesome post!

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That is exactly the point. The comfort zone might give us security but over time it keeps us from living and from fulfilling our purpose! Thank you very much for your great comment, Sylvester.

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You’re welcome and this a post that needs to be kept in reading distance as a great reminder to break the boundaries of our comfort zone.

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I am happy you think so. Nothing develops from comfort zones. It may be pushing us to our limits but then at least we know where they are!


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