Home Is In You


When I am coming home, I am entering an island. It is a place where I can tell the trouble and struggle of the day to stay outside. There I can be me. I make my home a place that mirrors me. It is decorated, painted, and furnished the way I love it. It is light and sunny, and cozy and comfortable. Of course, I need to go to work, do my shopping, go to appointments, and more. But even if I did not have to go outside I would not want to stay inside my apartment all day. I need to breathe in and get in touch with life. And once I return, I enjoy “coming home” even more.


Let’s look at this from a higher perspective. Home is not only a place, it rather is a feeling. As I said, the feeling of being fine with who I am. The feeling of being content and relaxed. We are home when we are content with ourselves and with life. It doesn’t matter where we are but how we are. That means “home” simply is a place of well-being.


We can lose that place of well-being may it be because of circumstances, decisions, new paths we walk, or changes in our lives. We feel lost, insecure, perhaps even depressed, and overwhelmed. We lost contact with ourselves – with ourselves. But like it is necessary for our lives to get our shopping or errands done, it can be necessary as well to leave our inner island and collect experiences for our development. I don’t say, it has to be. But as long as we are not aware that “home” is inside of us and not the other way around we might have to make those excursions. Every time, we return from such trips and find back on our path, we are more aware than ever before of where our real power lies. Being back in touch with our selves is the strongest feeling of being home and it is more intense and powerful than before we lost it. We feel unstoppable and able to achieve everything. Nothing can scare or weaken us.


All we need is to activate the love in ourselves. Love chases away fear and releases our innermost powers. Love makes us feel unbreakable. Being aligned with our love makes us feel comfortable, safe, content, independent, and happy. Being in our love means being home – no matter where we are, no matter with whom we are. But instead, we make the place we are at a home and we share that feeling of home with everyone we are with.

Sometimes we need to get a bit lost in order to realize
where our home really is
and what it means. 

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In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


I completely agree with you in this post, Erika. ‘Home’ is my safe place, and I always feel at my best when I am in it. I used to look at how other people kept their homes and ask myself how on earth they could feel so comfortable in them because it was so different from the way I kept my home. However, I guess it doesn’t matter how something may look; it’s how it makes you feel that is most important.

For me, clothes are much the same. One shirt can make me feel great when I wear it, yet another can make me feel as if something is not right. Instead of keeping that shirt on, I now change it to one that makes me feel good.

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That’s a point Hugh. Yes, indeed, clothes can make us feel better or not or they can give us a boost, support how we feel at that moment or (regarding the color) we pick exactly what we need in that very moment to feel “home” again.

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