Home Is In You


When I am coming home, I am entering an island. It is a place where I can tell the trouble and struggle of the day to stay outside. There I can be me. I make my home a place that mirrors me. It is decorated, painted, and furnished the way I love it. It is light and sunny, and cozy and comfortable. Of course, I need to go to work, do my shopping, go to appointments and more. But even if I did not have to go outside I would not want to stay inside my apartment all day. I need to breathe in and get in touch with life. And once I return, I enjoy “coming home” even more.

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A Walk Through My Neighborhood


Last Monday was the first sunny day after a week of rain and low temperatures. In addition to it, it was a holiday too. So when I pondered whether I shall clean the windows or go for a walk the decision was made easily and quickly… lol! Read more ›


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What’s Paradise


What else is paradise

But a place where I can be me

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Song of the Day!

I heard this song on Thursday in the mall. The single was released in 1979. I remember that it always touched my heart as child, as teenager, and whenever I heard it. I never really listened to the lyrics – it simply touched me. And when I heard it in the mall a wave of melancholy went through me again. Now that I read the lyrics it moves me even more because I understand why it moved me all life long. Read more ›

Trip to Williamsville!

Now I finally get to my beloved area we lived for more than a year in 1998/99. To me it was the most wonderful year in my life. Only my little family and I in a country I always yearned to live for a while. My dream came true and it turned out better than I could have ever thought in my dreams. Of course there where times I felt a little sad when I thought of traditions with my parents and sisters which I could not keep up that year. But that did not matter at all because all the other impressions like our new friends, the new traditions we built up, we all integrated in the daily life, my daughter going to pre-school and speaking fluently English with 3 years, our first son born over there…. what a year! We are still in touch with our friends and also with the director of my daughter’s pre-school. She was so sad when I told her that we are going back to Europe and my daughter would leave.

I am happy and so very grateful to have this year embedded in my memories. Because of this move I lost my roots and have come to know that there are so many places on earth where I can live happily. I found another home over there and would have no problem to go back and stay!

My son and my daughter in front of the townhouse where we lived 15 years ago.20140724_094403

My daughters former pre-school.20140724_105356


Her former director. Linda was so happy when we just dropped in!IMG_4109


Clarence Hollow – beautiful park next to Williamsville.20140724_124131

Watermill Park in the historic part of Williamsville20140724_132938

20140724_133202 IMG_4118 IMG_4121 IMG_4124

Mister Cool. I remember that ice cream truck driving up and down our street. It was always pretty exciting when we heard it coming from far playing its melodies.IMG_4126

I hope I could give you an idea why these little part of the world has become a big part of my heart!

In Love and Light!


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