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For months, I let me become completely absorbed by my circumstances, my jobs, and what I needed and wanted to get done in the rare time which was left. I learned my lesson. So, I have been making more room for my-Self again. I started working creatively with my hands as I used to. Right now, I am working on my own 100% natural skincare line. As you noticed, I am posting more about essential oils and body care again which will be a part of it.  I am experimenting with soaps, body lotion bars, bath bombs, hand lotion bars, researching the net, attending courses. I developed my own label and next on my list is a completely revised website which will be a huge project itself. So, it is still a long way to get there but that doesn’t matter. What do I want to say with this all?


I got back to what my heart wants. That way my Self is expanding again and filling my whole being with joy. I feel like I am creating to bring joy and healing to others. In following this course, my life becomes so much more meaningful again. But what is more important, it leads me on the path where I really belong and where I find the answers which are still missing even though I am not consciously looking for them. When I researched the net for soap recipes I stumbled over a blog here on WordPress and followed. The blog is called Herzwärts. (The blog is written in German but I wanted to share it anyway for those who are able to understand it.) What I did not know was that the woman behind the blog; Nicole,  is posting about much more. When she posted about Auswirkungen der Hochsensibilität (Effects of Sensory Processing Sensitivity) it was like a thousand lightbulbs went off! I never considered me fitting into this. I have not even heard about it before. But all of a sudden, everything in my life made sense. Sensory Processing Sensitivity is not a mental illness, it is a state of being with a higher sensibility which recognizes and absorbs more of the energies around you. In general, everything or at least more that happens around such persons is perceived. That can be overwhelming and stressful. Also, it can be confusing since it is not easy to differ whether the bunch of emotions you feel are yours or not. That’s why it is often impossible to even put in words what is going on inside. It is a big relief and liberation to finally have an explanation, because now I understand why others don’t understand me. It is not ignorance or antipathy but we are simply feeling in different dimensions. This post is actually not meant to be about this matter, so if you are interested to learn more about Sensory Processing Sensitivity please read here on Wikipedia:


Anyway, what I actually want to say here is that once you give yourself the allowance to follow your heart you are automatically led where you are supposed to. You find solutions you had not expected. Our inner struggles may be hidden so deeply that we don’t even know they are there although they are still affecting our lives. Sometimes we cannot understand what happens with us and why we are caught in particular emotions or in repeating challenges and struggles. As soon as we dare to follow our inner call we are automatically connecting with our true nature. Only opening that door a little bit, already makes a difference, because we already feel more of the unique energy-field which was only created for us which leads us immediately.

I am concluding this post with a message I received during meditation. I know, it was not only meant for me. So, I am happy to pass it on to those who need it these days:

Each experience opens up new paths.
Each new path leads to new experiences.
So, you need to walk that path.
Fear holds you back, fear blocks your mobility, fear keeps you from continuing your journey.

But fear is only a thought – not a truth
Loneliness is only a thought – not a truth
Dependency is only a thought – not a truth

We are never alone. All of us are independent beings and at the same time always connected with each other.

Your heart is strong. It knows the truth. Let it speak. Let it lead you in order that you can walk your path fearlessly but light-filled towards your experiences. You are never alone.

You are your own solid rock.

All is well.


In Love and Light


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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


I couldn’t agree more!! It is not always easy and sometimes we are not sure whether we are following th heart or the mind… but looking back we always find out!
Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it very much, Sneha😊


I am late arriving here Erika. And it is wonderful that you are following the passion that feels so right in your heart.
I once worked alongside side a lady who practiced aroma therapy. She used essential oils in her healing work. And it had powerful results.
We have no idea the amount of layers we have built around us, that blocks our energy.
I know you BN pathway will seem much lighter for following your heart.
I understand you totally regarding your inner feelings you can not put into words.
Often we never try. But even our silence is misunderstood.
Wishing you every success in your new venture Erika.
A happy Tuesday to you my friend.
Much love 💚💖💕💜🤗

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I am sure you understand what I am talking about here and yes, you are right, our silence can be misinerpreted, too, as can our words. Let’s simpy “follow our hearts” and we are at least true to ourselves.
I love my essential oils. The effects are amazing in using nature and only nature!
Thank you for your comment. It is never too late and I appreciate it every time, you drop in.
Have a lovely day💖

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This is profound, Erika! I was riveted by everything you said. I understand everything you wrote about. I am that Sensitive you are speaking of and over years of learning, have finally begun to communicate with people from my Heart regardless of who they are. I no longer hold back. I am able to recognize what is theirs and what is mine. NOT easy to do. I follow my Heart in everything I do. Even though life flows by doing so, there are still times when the “looping” happens or repeating circumstances happen to alert me this too needs to be changed. It’s all about standing up to fear and saying hello to Love. I know that I know I was meant to be where I am today and I know that I know my life will lead me to every single dream of mine. When we really live by the Law of Love, Miracles happen. I am SO happy for you, dear friend. Keep expanding and experiencing what YOU can do and who YOU are! BIG (((HUGS)))!!! 🦋🦋🦋


Wow, Amy, you too speak from and to my heart with your comment. For too long we feel like aliens and try to explain ourselves or beg for understanding and cannot understand why others don’t since we don’t consider us so different, right? But still we always know that something is different. Over time we learn to accept and appreciate what we have but once it even has an official name it makes it easier to. I totally get you and your photographic skill is such a proof of your sensitive being. You do see more behind the visible.
Thank you for this wonderful comment, Amy💖

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Thank you so much, Simon. It is exciting and so liberating to see how life all of a sudden opens doors and gives you insights which opens more doors. Life is amazing!


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