You’ve Got Me All Wrong 6 – You Are The Creator Of Your Own Reality


A few weeks ago I picked up one of Walsch’s books and began to read the first pages. After I read the short list of the 25 core messages to explain the main message (in the title) I stopped reading. It was so inspiring and I my mind started spinning. Before I am reading on I want to share the flow of pictures and thoughts of some of those core messages which immediately filled me. Most of those core messages won’t appear new since we are talking about them over and over again. We all share them with our own words. Isn’t that an amazing proof that we are fully aware of God’s message? If you would like to read the previous parts, you can check out here part 1, part 2,  part 3, part 4, and part 5.

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You are the creator of your own reality…
using the Three Tools of Creation: Thought, Word, and Action.

When I read this, immediately all kind of pictures, thoughts, memories, and insights closed hands in my mind. At the same time, I thought that there is nothing to add or explain. Actually, it is all said in those three words: Thought, Word, and Action.

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Isn’t it amazing how we are led through and taught by life through the consequences of what we send out? The way we think about life generates emotions. Those emotions activate us to label things and/or act according to our thoughts and emotions. The consequences of this all creates the experience we make. So when we don’t like the consequences, we need to ask us the following questions:

What is it I don’t like about it?
What did I do in order to cause this consequence?
What can I change in my action to experience a different consequence?

If we know what to change in our actions we need to go deeper and question our thought pattern. Some are so deeply rooted in our belief system that they pop up reflexively without us even noticing them consciously anymore. We only react to what our mind sends from its “experience folder”. But right those thoughts are the crucial point. Finding that “false” program is the key to a changed reality.

Bildergebnis für if you change the way you look at things the things you look at change

We may have been taught and convinced to have a particular view on specific matters or a general opinion about ourselves, life, people, the world. Whatever we believe is the base which puts all repeated experience into a folder in our minds which seemingly confirms how right we are with our opinions. But actually, we only experience the same things because we act the same way. Changing only one of those thoughts means changing the way we act. That again already causes a change in the experienced consequences. It is the beginning of a chain reaction because we start to question so many other former convictions we have held insight. So, changing one point of view can break down our complete belief system. In the end, this is THE breakthrough. Because breaking down old walls which kept us in a prison of misunderstandings and kept us from “seeing” also breaks the walls inside of us and lead us back to ourselves. From there we build up a completely new belief system which matches who we are… we become authentic.

Bildergebnis für Wayne dyer how others treat me

Of course, we also co-create realities. We all influence each other with our opinions, words, actions. But still, how I react to whatever others do creates my reality. I do create my own reality. Because reality is subjective and depends on how we look at life. I cannot blame anyone for my perception. The way I look at life causes my actions and life’s reactions. By putting the cart before the horse I can go back to the beginning of everything, switch the channel and be the star in a different movie.

Remember, it all starts with a thought.
Change your thoughts and you will change your life. 

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In Love and Light

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