“You’ve Got Me All Wrong” – There is no such thing as right or wrong


Last week I shared first thoughts about God’s message to the world, forwarded through Neale Donald Walsch’s books. I was so inspired by the 25 key messages as an explanation of the core message in the title that I stopped reading and started writing. I want to share the flow of pictures and thoughts which immediately filled me. I won’t go through all the 25 key points Walsch listed because some of them are constantly part of our discussions here. This proves that we all already hold THE truth in our hearts. In order to complete the big picture, we only need to listen to God and trust that what we feel as a message IS His message. 

“There is no such thing as right or wrong.”

This world of oppositions seems to teach us that some things are right and some things are wrong. This happens due to our own experiences, to the way we are raised, to cultural and religious traditions, to the influence of media, … a lot of aspects! But instead of seeing them as rules we should see them as suggestions.

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We are all individual beings with individual abilities, dreams, skills, motivation. We are all in different life situations and circumstances. It may be that some of those suggestions fit for thousands or millions of our brothers and sisters. And some only fit a few or even none. Not even those who share those “suggestions”. Some are only forwarded dogmas which we take as a law and don’t even question it although our inner self is more than uncomfortable with it.

Bildergebnis für right or wrong quotes

Right or wrong is a completely subjective perception. Understanding that helps to develop a deep tolerance and acceptance for other people’s decisions and – perhaps even more important – for our own. You may be put under pressure when you start following your own truth because those who successfully controlled you by now are not happy that you don’t agree with their laws and truth anymore. But that is not your problem AND they are basically not wrong anyway. If it feels true for them, then it is ok. If it doesn’t feel true for you, then it is ok. The process of awareness starts when we understand that.

Bildergebnis für right or wrong quotes

Right or wrong is not written in stone. Those are individual experiences due to the above mentioned unique being everybody is. Actually, we could substitute the word “right” for “it works for me” and the word “wrong” for “it doesn’t work for me”. Right or wrong is a process of within our own progress. What was wrong years ago, can be right today. But that doesn’t mean it was wrong back then only because today we have a different perception on it. The way we look at things represents our own state of awareness and whatever we think or act from that state is exactly the place we are meant to be in order to make those steps to get we are meant to arrive.

Bildergebnis für right or wrong quotes

The better we are able to follow our own truth and only accept those “suggestions” from outside which feel right for us we will forward faster. And that way we won’t see “setbacks” negative but as part of our personal evolution.

“There is no such thing as Right or Wrong, there is only What Works and
What Does not Work, given what it is you are trying to do.”
– Neale Donald Walsch –

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In Love and Light

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